List Of Bpjstku Applications

List Of Bpjstku Applications – Peduli Lindungi is an official government mobile application used for digital contact tracing of COVID-19 in Indonesia. The platform was developed by the Ministry of Communications and Information in collaboration with the Ministry of State Enterprises (SOE).

First, this is my final UI/UX design project at Purwadika School of Digital Technology and is not related to the government or Peduli Lindungi. The final project was the design of a minimum viable product (MVP) for the Peduli Lindungi mobile application. In this situation, I tried to develop Peduli Lindungi by adding location information features.

List Of Bpjstku Applications

List Of Bpjstku Applications

As we know, the epidemic of COVID-19 lasted about one year and eight months, especially in Indonesia. A second wave of the epidemic in Indonesia occurred in July and August 2021. Therefore, people need to stay at home and strictly reduce outdoor activities At the same time, the government will continue to promote the corona vaccine for the entire population. In addition, to support the ongoing lockdown and mass vaccination program, the government launched the Peduli Lindungi mobile application, which tracks people when they go to public places and helps people get passports to get vaccinated.

Portfolio Showcase Ui/ux Design 2021

Interestingly, based on the results of a survey conducted by Badan Pusat Statistik Indonesia (Indonesia’s Central Bureau of Statistics) in July 2021, many people cannot go out during the severe epidemic. I felt anxious and running The situation at the time The results of the online survey I did also reinforce the fact that people feel vulnerable to Peduli Lindungi during a rare and epidemic situation.

I used design thinking (empathy, specification, visualization, prototyping and testing) to problem solve this project.

The first step to solving problems is to research and get a lot of knowledge from users. The purpose of my user research is to:

The method I use for this research is desk research from survey results conducted by the Central Statistics Office of Indonesia. Quantitative research using foreign surveys and comparative research in foreign countries from similar applications

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The research was based on the results of a survey conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics Indonesia between July 13 and 2021 of nearly 200,000 respondents. According to the survey results, most people in Indonesia feel lazy and 40% feel anxious and hurried because they can’t go out during the epidemic and PPKM. For more information on the surveys, please check the results here

The research was then conducted using an online questionnaire of 40 participants, most of whom were women, working in a private company. As shown in the table below, most of the participants rarely use the Peduli Lindungi mobile application. It is used when viewing and/or looking at digital passports in public. This can be another goal of this project that people use this application regularly in the future.

You can also see the online questionnaire I made on this link (talk).

List Of Bpjstku Applications

In the search below I compare similar applications abroad The first application is called Dovefila in Italy To find the number and length of lines in this app store. The second app is called Crowdless from the UK It’s similar to the others, but more elaborate; Information and other functions

Download Lapak Asik Bpjstku Advice App Free On Pc (emulator)

Focus on the perspective of the people who will use the feature; Create a specific and goal-oriented user story The user story for this project is:

As a happy and thoughtful person living in Jakarta, I want to go to a restaurant with my close friends, but I don’t know if the restaurant is crowded and follow the health rules.

User motivation; necessity; understand the constraints and how to use a design; Designed using the User View or Journey View model

User scenario created by me (template source: SAP AppHaus • Every great experience starts with a great story)

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This step is important because I have to wrap my head around the painful area. Therefore, in the definition phase I use familiar maps and user personas to analyze and synthesize the information and insights gathered earlier.

I developed both types of target personas based on previous research and research results. A key person is a senior employee of a fintech company. He wanted to meet his close friends, but he was not sure about the situation of the epidemic today. The second character is a private banking company with bronchial asthma. So we want to ensure the health of the government during the pandemic.

In this step, I brainstorm ideas to create useful design solutions We apply the How We Work (HMW) methodology to generate the best opportunities or solution ideas The solution will guide the next design phase to describe what the prototype should contain

List Of Bpjstku Applications

I then created user flows to understand and predict user mental models to create products that support product positioning. This user flow describes the user’s movement through the platform and maps each step taken

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This user stream is the home page; search page; A happy flow that guides the user’s movement from search results to information pages where details about their destination are found.

We have also created a troubleshooting flow that guides users through their journey to resolve issues when the system cannot find their destination information.

Effectively organize the content of the prototype; I designed information architecture Refer to all features and information on Enhanced Peduli Lindungi

The goal of this phase is to design solutions for the pain points discovered in the initial research. First, I created a wireframe and wireflow using Wimsical to show which interface elements would be presented on which page.

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Here is the color scheme; Buttons, Icons, Distance Typography I designed the design system and UI elements for this advanced Peduli Lindungi app that includes carousels and icons. After envisioning and creating a prototype in Figma, I created the design system myself

Here are the high-fidelity design prototypes I developed Experience all of these new features/MVPs; Please check the template attached below

According to the existing / last buffer; QR code scanner redundant buttons compared to others In addition, multiple CTA buttons/menus are displayed Users may have difficulty processing the displayed information (follow Miller’s Law: Organize content into smaller pieces to help users process, understand, and remember).

List Of Bpjstku Applications

On this page, compared to the previous interface, only five menus have been changed according to user preferences and the most used features. QR code scanner; vaccination registration; vaccination passport; Teleduct and e-HAC In addition, we have also changed the content of ‘Covid-19 Netizen Talk’ and tips on infectious diseases to make it more relevant and interesting for users.

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I recently added a search category and location to the search page to make it easier for users to find their destination. Added destination names to simplify the flow of typing the location name into the search field. enter on the keyboard The system will direct you to the search result page On this page, a category is added by distance or crowd level If the location is not detected We have given some suggestions on the above page

This is the main feature I provide for this MVP project This page has three main crowd data topics; location requirements; Ratings and location reports

Crowd Information – This feature provides information about the user’s destination on a daily basis It helps to know how the crowd is doing on a weekly or monthly basis Users can navigate more safely during the pandemic.

Location Conditions – I have shown several photos of local health protocols and equipment as these are important factors during a pandemic

Manual Book Bni Life Mobile Application (v1.1) Pdf

User ratings and reports – to be more sure if the places are safe to visit; I add reports and ratings from other users who are or have been to the location

On this page, users can provide reviews and ratings about the location and its status. They can also attach an existing photo to this page.

At this stage, I tested my prototype with 6 respondents through video calls and mazes. You have to complete four tasks Find detailed information about places; Convert daily to weekly crowd graphs; Open the Maps app and create a location report

List Of Bpjstku Applications

The results show that the user flow is good and the product shows important information The table below shows that the average of the test results is 95.8

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Until Sue Mama finishes the song Although the test result was a good score, after interviewing the respondents and analyzing their behavior, they found several problems. Here are some pain points I discovered after testing usage:

In this step, I review the final sketch and solve the problem based on the results of the usability tests Here is the addition I created for the improved Peduli Lindungi application-

Recognize and understand.

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