Lkpp Attitude Application

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Lkpp Attitude Application

Lkpp Attitude Application

Department of Computer and Electronics and Communication Engineering, Catford International College of Engineering and Management, Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal

Da42 V1 Standard Equipment List Price $749,800 Usd

Things around Kathmandu. Through the quantitative analysis of the multiple choice questionnaire from the customer’s perspective, it was found that most of the respondents, ie 86%, are on the internet.

One shop and save time. A mobile app is seen as a better and more user-friendly option than a website

Telephone Similarly, 89% of respondents have a positive attitude towards buying things on the Internet, while at the same time the violation is negative. The results also show that 52% of respondents are aware of an existing online portal. Availability and delivery time are more important than payment system and value when shopping

The Internet has become an important part of our daily lives. Online shopping for products and daily items is an essential part of life. Although online grocery shopping continues to grow, there is a question as to why consumers are reluctant to buy their products [

Arianto Rachman Prawiro

]. In the context of Nepal, shopping at neighborhood kirana stores (small neighborhood stores), ordering groceries over the phone from kirana stores, picking up groceries from supermarkets are some of the methods adopted.

Internet and mobile phones. The online grocery shopping portal offers features like price comparison, deals and coupons, home delivery options and more. Previous research related to online shopping has focused on comparing online and offline shopping behavior along several dimensions, such as the importance of brand name, brand loyalty, shopping style, and consumer perception of like

Online food and grocery market in Kathmandu valley named MetroTarkari, Bhatbhateni, Muncha, Meroshopping and Kaymu as some of the agricultural market solutions for fresh produce delivery.

Lkpp Attitude Application

About the right product price, product quality and customer satisfaction. On this basis, this study was conducted to evaluate the interest in online shopping based on grocery products, the problem of this issue.

Consumer Attitudes Towards Online Grocery Shopping In Kathmandu Valley

Blomqvist’s (2015) analysis of the results showed a general positive attitude as well as a strong relationship between positive attitude and intention.

Wee (2014) noted that the intention to buy organic food is influenced by the consumer’s perception of product safety, health, environment, and well-being[

]. Patnaik (2015) showed that consumers still like the experience they get from brick-and-mortar stores, like the feel of the store.

Sensory stimulation. This can hinder the use of some products, such as food and clothing, because touch is the main reason for buying.

Implementasi Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang/ Jasa Pemerintah Tentang Program Bela Pengadaan

Choose a time online to pick up your order, then drive to the designated parking lot of their store where

What do customers expect from Walmart; The same low prices every day in local stores; Not anymore

For him to pass on to the consumer. Unlike delivery services from Target and Amazon, which have hefty delivery and reservation fees, Walmart’s pickup option is offered for free. And the reason it’s free is because Walmart doesn’t need middlemen. He can simply designate a group of employees as “personal shoppers” to shop and load orders online as part of their daily work. For customers, they just buy products online, choose a pickup time

Lkpp Attitude Application

According to the research gap, it is found that most of the studies are focused on the global level and least on Nepal which is not even researched.

Pdf) Effect Of Attitudes, Subjective Norms And Behavioral Controls On The Intention And Corrupt Behavior In Public Procurement: Fraud Triangle And The Planned Behavior In Management Accounting

The study was conducted in Kathmandu Valley. The study sample is the customers of agricultural products, mainly fruits and vegetables Kalimati, Kalimati, Kathmandu (60), from the local agricultural market of Lalitpur (18) and Bhaktapur (22) selected for this purpose Among them, 32% of the respondents are service workers, 25% are businessmen, 28% are students, and the remaining 16% are housewives. This study used a non-random purposive sampling procedure. The researcher uses a questionnaire as a data collection tool to provide the necessary information. Information is available through

Especially for grocery items, to measure interest and attitudes towards online shopping of items. The questions are about the interests of online stores, problems of this platform, its advantages, preferred tools or its style, and important issues to maintain the service or business for a long time. There is a result

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