Lock The Wa Application

Lock The Wa Application – After launching the ability to send captioned media in the WhatsApp Desktop beta, WhatsApp is now working on a new feature to protect the desktop app by setting a password for a future app update.

This feature is not available while in development – it will be released to some beta testers in the future.

Lock The Wa Application

Lock The Wa Application

Three years ago, WhatsApp launched the lock screen feature in WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS: thanks to this feature, users can finally use an additional security measure, protecting the app from unauthorized access when not using their device. This feature is not available on the web/desktop client, but WhatsApp is finally working on a fix by bringing the lock screen option to the beta version of WhatsApp Desktop in an upcoming update:

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As you can see in this screenshot, the password is required every time the user opens the app, which is useful if you share your computer with other people. Note that enabling this feature is optional, and the user probably has more control in choosing when the app should prompt for a password. Also, the password is not shared with WhatsApp: it is always stored locally. If you lose your password, you need to log out of the app and access WhatsApp Desktop again by scanning your device with the QR code.

Since this feature is under development, it’s not ready yet, so some interface elements may be missing from this screenshot. In other news, WhatsApp may also implement a feature that will allow users to close the app using Touch ID on Mac if the fingerprint sensor is available.

The ability to protect WhatsApp Desktop using the screen lock feature is under development and will be released in a future app update. As always, an article will be available on this website when the feature is later released to beta testers.

Stay tuned to learn more about WhatsApp Beta updates and features for Android, iOS, Web/Desktop and Windows!

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Lock The Wa Application

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Lock The Wa Application

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This is the article from Fakta Menarik Film Avatar: The Way of Water website dan jangan lupa untuk terus kunjungi. Once you set up a passcode on your iPhone, it protects all your apps and data. However, if you hand your unlocked iPhone over to curious people, there’s a chance they’ll take a look at WhatsApp to see what you’re up to! Fortunately, WhatsApp offers a built-in option to close the app.

This tutorial shows you how to activate a passcode or Face ID / Touch ID Lock in WhatsApp for iPhone to protect your chats. The WhatsApp Business closing process is the same.

Lock The Wa Application

2) Keep WhatsApp safe from people who know your iPhone passcode or add it to Face ID/Touch ID

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2.1) If the person knows your iPhone passcode, but your face or fingerprint is not added to your iPhone

2.2) If the person does not know your iPhone passcode, but your face or fingerprint is added to Face ID or Touch ID

You have successfully blocked WhatsApp on your iPhone. By default, Instant is selected, which means that WhatsApp will close immediately after exiting the app and you will need to authenticate to enter. Optionally, you can close WhatsApp after one minute, 15 minutes, or one hour after exiting the app.

Have you shared your iPhone passcode with someone or added someone’s fingerprint or face to your iPhone and want to hide your WhatsApp chats from them? Typically, these people are your close family members who know your device passcode or what biometric data you have added to your device.

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With Face ID on iPhone, you can assign two faces. And on an iPhone with Touch ID, you can add five fingerprints.

Let me share a tip to prevent such people from entering WhatsApp. Note that this will not work if a person’s fingerprint/face is added and they also know their iPhone passcode. Do this to prevent your loved ones from opening your WhatsApp:

In this case, the steps above will act as a solid wall and prevent people who know your iPhone passcode from entering WhatsApp.

Lock The Wa Application

However, if Face ID fails repeatedly (around 10 times in my test), WhatsApp shows an option to try Face ID again. And if it fails, it will show a message to enter the passcode. Now that person can enter their iPhone password and enter WhatsApp. I think the same will happen with Touch ID on the iPhone.

Lock Whatsapp Chat Feature Starts Rolling Out To All Users: How To Use

So it’s not full security. But ten failed Face ID attempts is significant, annoying, and not to mention terrifying for an intruder. It will only be done by someone who has had access to your iPhone for a long time or who is not deterred from retrying failed unlock attempts.

Also note: If someone knows your iPhone passcode, they can still go into settings and add your fingerprint or face to unlock your device and apps.

If someone doesn’t know your iPhone passcode, but your face or fingerprint is added to Face ID or Touch ID

In this case, you can trick WhatsApp to open only after you enter your iPhone passcode instead of your Face ID or Touch ID. To do this, do the following.

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From now on, when you try to open WhatsApp, it will ask you to enter your iPhone passcode because the app cannot use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock.

This is how you can lock WhatsApp on your iPhone like a pro. I hope this tutorial has been helpful. WhatsApp for iPhone includes an option to lock the app using Face ID or Touch ID authentication on your device. This article explains how to enable this feature.

Locking WhatsApp is a good way to double down on the security and privacy of your messages, and it’s especially useful if your iPhone isn’t set to automatically lock after a few minutes of inactivity, because even if you leave your iPhone unlocked, your WhatsApp chats will still be locked. start to work. stay safe out of sight.

Lock The Wa Application

Note that you can still reply to notification messages and answer calls even when WhatsApp is closed.

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