Long Distance File Sender Application

Long Distance File Sender Application – Is a large file transfer software provider that aims to meet high-speed large data transfer needs, regardless of file size, distance or network conditions, by providing businesses with fast, secure, stable, cost-effective and convenient large file transfer services. . .

Unlimited users and up to 100 Gbps bandwidth license to meet your larger transfer needs. Customizable login page and client.

Long Distance File Sender Application

Long Distance File Sender Application

A fast transfer solution for large files for small and medium businesses. Supports fast UDP transfer, P2P transfer and automatic file synchronization for only $699 per year.

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Traditional file transfer methods (such as FTP and HTTP) are easily affected by data size, transfer distance, and network conditions. Self-developed high-speed transfer protocol can make full use of network bandwidth resources and increase the transfer speed by 100 times, so you can transfer files safely and quickly anywhere.

The protocol’s transfer speed is 100 times faster than FTP/HTTP, and thousands of files can be transferred simultaneously. Bandwidth utilization reaches 96%, effectively reducing the impact of network latency and packet loss.

Adopt AES-256 banking standard encryption technology and TLS data transmission encryption, support breakpoint restart, retransmission and multi-file verification (hash control, Rsync) to ensure data transmission integrity.

Support local and server storage upload and download, peer-to-peer transfer, one-way and two-way sync transfer and other functions.

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It supports cross-platform deployment (Windows/Linux/AIX) and virtual machine deployment/high availability deployment/container deployment that can be completed in just a few steps.

Provide SDK, HTTP API, command line, web proxy and other integration methods to quickly and seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems.

It is TPN certified and you have a huge amount of functionality which is always great. A lot of data is shared between our teams in India and China; for this we need a stable service that works seamlessly in both locations. When we tried it, it just worked. The program is lightweight and has all the features we need. We need quick and efficient solutions and you have checked all the boxes.

Long Distance File Sender Application

The leading provider of high-performance file transfer solutions announced a strategic partnership with Red Hat, a world-renowned provider of open source software and solutions. The goal of this partnership is to revolutionize data management solutions and enable enterprises to use them efficiently and securely.

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With the continuous development and popularization of the Internet, companies and organizations accumulate a huge amount of diverse data stored on different servers, data centers or cloud platforms, which makes effective management and synchronization difficult. In such a scenario, it exists

Uploading and sharing video files are important tasks in the film and television industry, especially during production and post-production. In general, a typical video workflow includes the following steps: Shooting Phase -> Data Collection -> Editing Phase -> Color Grading

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By clicking on any link on this page, you agree to our cookie and privacy policy. Today, there are also many ways to share files and documents with anyone and across platforms. However, many platforms allow uploading of limited file sizes. There are special sites for sharing large files that you can easily use.

Therefore, in this article, we have selected 15 best sites to transfer large files online for free. Read on to learn more about each service and its exciting features.

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A perfect replacement for traditional file storage and transfer software. It uses the enterprise cloud drive to store and manage important personal or corporate data, easily realizes the consolidation, storage, transfer and normal management of huge files, and provides effective knowledge collection and security protection.

MailBigFile has an attractive step-by-step interface. You can send up to 2GB of data for free, but you can only share a limited number of files at a time.

To solve data size issues, you can use compression tools like 7-zip to convert multiple files into one file. Additionally, the shared file will remain online for 10 days, and the recipient can download it earlier.

Long Distance File Sender Application

Filemail provides some powerful features such as a maximum file size limit of 30 GB, which can fully control the download link expiration (within 7 days). You can also check how many times a file has been downloaded without an account on the site.

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While there’s no limit to the number of recipients you can add, the downside is that it doesn’t provide encryption for files you send for free, so it’s not a good choice for confidential files.

SendthisFile has no limit on the file size you can share with others. However, you need to sign up for a free SendthisFile account to start sending large files. It uses end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption to keep your data shared online safe.

It is actually a cloud storage service that focuses on making data transfer easier. You will get a total of 10 GB of storage, which can be increased up to 50 GB with various offers. You will receive a special link to the file to share with others.

WeTransfer is one of the simplest file sharing sites out there, and the free file sharing service is less restrictive. You can send up to 2GB of data at once, and there’s no limit to the number of files you can share at once.

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Simply enter the recipient’s email address, your email address, and click Forward. The best part about this service is that you can share files without registering an account. To better understand WeTransfer, you can read our full review here.

Another great easy-to-use file sharing site with file upload links that you can share anywhere. You can upload files up to 5GB for free, and there are no limits on the number of files you can share. Uploaded files will expire in 30 days if not downloaded.

JumboMail lets you send files up to 2GB without an account. Invite your friends to use JumboMail to increase your 2GB limit to 5GB, but you must register an account. The uploaded file will be valid for 7 days before it expires.

Long Distance File Sender Application

Unfortunately, the free JumboMail service doesn’t offer much control, and you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version to track downloads that require security.

The Top 7 Services To Send Large Files

You can use the Send File to Friends option to send multiple files up to 1GB in size. The number of files you can send is limited to 10, but you can send files for free without registering an account. Another drawback is that the file can only be shared with 5 recipients.

It is a combination of P2P file sharing system and cloud storage. Once you start uploading the file, the recipient will be able to start downloading the file without waiting for the file to be completely transferred.

You can share files with as many people as you like and share bandwidth to speed up downloads. If the file is less than 10 GB, it will be stored in the cloud and the recipient will be able to download it at any time.

TeraShare will ask you to download a mini-app to create a P2P connection. The sharing process takes place online via email.

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You can upload files larger than 3 GB and there is no limit to the number of files. Although TransferNow requires you to create an account, the free account is very simple and provides options to password protect files, get download confirmation, add contacts, edit and transfer.

You can also share files as a guest, but the maximum file size is 2 GB and management features are not available.

Large email files give you more control and allow download links to expire, but the other features aren’t as interesting.

Long Distance File Sender Application

You can send 5 files per day, the maximum size is 200MB and you can only provide 3 email addresses. You can password protect your uploaded file and choose when the link expires. Including 2, 7 and 15 days.

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With Sendspace, you can send files up to 300MB in size that will last for 30 days before they expire. This will also limit your download speed, but there is no limit to the number of files you can upload at once. If you need more security, you can also add a password.

It is a cloud storage service, but it also provides excellent file sharing services online. You can send a 5GB file at a time, a total of 10 files can be sent. The great thing about PCloud Transfer is that it can password protect your files with encryption so that no one can access them.

Almost all cloud storage services allow you to share files/folders with others. Whether private or public. Whether you use Google Drive or Dropbox, cloud storage is very convenient, you can organize your files, you can access large files and share them with others.

If the file is already in your cloud, there is no need to upload it to other services

Best Ways To Transfer, Send Or Share Large Files: Updated 2023!

It is not possible to open a new cloud storage account just to transfer files


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