Mandarin Scratch Order Application

Mandarin Scratch Order Application – Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world with over a billion speakers. It is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world, created around 1200 BC!

Of course, when we say Chinese, we really mean Mandarin. Note that Chinese is a race/ethnicity, while Mandarin is a language.

Mandarin Scratch Order Application

Mandarin Scratch Order Application

Since many people in the world speak this language, it is not surprising that Chinese is the second most popular language. One of the best ways to learn Chinese, especially if you are a complete beginner, is to use a variety of Chinese learning apps on your trusty mobile phone.

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I am a native speaker and have studied since I was 6 years old. I can tell you now that one of the best reasons to use an app to learn Chinese is how complex and complicated the language is.

I went to China once when I was 16 years old, and when I went to the old court, I noticed that the people had more character. The leader then told me that the law clerk who first took the post made a deliberate mistake.

It was to remind me to always put people first and it added a lot of weight! Such clarity is impossible to repeat and explain in other languages!

Add different fonts (simplified vs. traditional Chinese), different dialects, and different writing and phonetic systems (

How I’m Learning Chinese As A Busy Parent: Speaking, Reading, Writing

, mainly used in Taiwan), and it will take a long time to really master your language.

With Chinese learning apps, you can take as much time as you need and go at your own pace. A set of apps to manage different skills will help you master Mandarin effectively.

While apps like Mondly and Skritter can teach you to read and write Chinese, Memorize can help you quickly build the vocabulary bank you need.

Mandarin Scratch Order Application

Once you get the hang of it, you can build conversational skills with Pimsleur and practice speaking Mandarin using apps like Italky or Lingbay. It’s definitely a lot to unpack, but for now, check out the best apps for learning Chinese:

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One of the most difficult challenges in learning Chinese (Mandarin) is learning new words and characters. Because technically Chinese is not an “alphabet”.

Each stroke can be combined in many ways to make up to 378,000 letters of the language. Unfortunately, radicals in Chinese usually do not help with pronunciation.

As a native speaker, I can tell you that the only way to learn and master new Chinese words is to expose yourself to the language as much as possible and practice constantly. To get started, consider these apps.

One of the best apps for learning Chinese is Mandali. This is mainly because the app gamifies the learning process. What’s more, each lesson is only a few minutes long and focuses on familiarizing the student with basic words such as greetings and general vocabulary.

Rita’s Chinese Academy

For a character-heavy language like Mandarin, this is a way to keep students satisfied and interested. Additionally, the interactive element is a great way to help students without making the process seem boring.

Price: Monthly membership starts at $9.99/month or you can choose an annual plan for $47.99. Get the latest Mondly promotions now.

One of the things that makes Rocket Chinese the best Chinese learning app is that it also incorporates cultural nuances into its lessons. This not only makes the lesson more interesting, but also helps students build a basic understanding of how Chinese characters and words are formed.

Mandarin Scratch Order Application

The app offers a variety of different classes and courses. They include audio and video lessons, writing lessons (very important), vocabulary and more. Most of the lessons are based on real conversations, so you can get a basic idea of ​​what to expect when speaking the language.

Mandarin Chinese From Scratch. 8 Strategies For Learning Chinese As A Beginner

Overall, Rocket aims to create an immersive environment for Chinese learners and I’m sure it will definitely help in learning a complex language like Mandarin Chinese.

Price: Lifetime access starts at $149.95. Alternatively, you can choose a six-month payment plan for $47/month. Check out the latest promotions here.

If you want to build your vocabulary (which, in my opinion, is the most important thing to do when learning Mandarin), one app to seriously consider is MosaLingua.

The main purpose of this app is to help students expand their vocabulary in a short amount of time. It primarily uses flashcards to introduce key words and phrases with the long-term goal of helping users communicate effectively and efficiently.

Best Apps To Learn Mandarin Chinese: Must Try Apps

Price: Monthly subscription is $9.50/month or annual plan is $59.90 after your free trial. Try it now.

Duolingo is one of the best native language learning apps around This is one of the best apps for learning Chinese in a fun, engaging way. Like MosaLingua, Duolingo is a flashcard app that introduces students to new words and phrases.

The app puts users in a mindset to achieve daily learning goals and uses personalized lessons to help them on their language learning journey. However, as much as Duolingo looks like a casual mobile game, it’s actually quite impressive!

Mandarin Scratch Order Application

Another great app for learning Chinese in a fun way is Memorize, a flashcard-based app that puts a lot of emphasis on practicing what you’ve learned. Instead of throwing new words at your face and hoping students will master them, the app constantly encourages students to review and review previous lessons.

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In addition to excellent vocabulary lessons, Memorize has audio lessons to improve your listening and pronunciation. These clips are recorded by native speakers so you know you’re in for some quality training.

Additionally, Memorize is a great app for traveling in China (or other Mandarin-speaking areas). Because it has a feature that turns your phone’s camera directly into a Chinese translation app! How comfortable!

In terms of writing, Skritter is easily the best app for learning to write Chinese. While it relies on varied repetition to help users learn new words, it has one feature that sets it apart: the on-screen handwriting feature.

The app teaches you how to write different Chinese characters, stroke by stroke. Not only can you use it to practice what you know, it also helps you acquire new words.

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And, as a bonus, it teaches you how one stroke (or lack thereof) can completely change the meaning of a particular word or character. Overall, I consider Skritter an essential app for learning Chinese that you really shouldn’t miss.

LingoDeer is the perfect Chinese learning app for independent learners. Unlike many applications that try to slowly ease users into the language, LingoDeer uses minimal English and forces the user to learn and think instead of Mandarin.

As a native speaker, this is an approach I can really get behind. Because Chinese is a unique language with its own system that is very different from what most English speakers use. The sooner you separate the two languages ​​the better.

Mandarin Scratch Order Application

The app itself covers vocabulary, writing and communication among other areas and topics. Plus, each lesson comes with some exercises and you’ll get a breakdown of your performance to help you track your progress!

My Fun Chinese Book: Numbers Level 1: Mandarin Chinese For Kids Learning Simplified Chinese As A Second Language (my Fun Chinese Books) (volume 1)

For many eager learners, Anki is considered one of the best flashcard apps for learning Chinese vocabulary. The application not only offers a variety of vocabulary lessons, it also allows you to create your own personal repository to improve on a specific area or topic.

“Lessons” also include pronunciation guides and clear pictures to help with word combinations. Additionally, Anki is also available on desktop, and you can sync your notes across platforms to learn anytime, anywhere.

Another recommended app for learning Chinese is Hello Chinese. This beginner-friendly app offers tons of short, fun lessons, writing and pronunciation practice tools, audio lessons to improve your skills, and more.

Like most language learning apps, Hello Chinese provides lessons in a tiered system. You will build your foundations and then gradually progress and increase your mastery of the language.

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Most importantly, the app starts with an introduction to Hanyu Pinyin, the closest thing to the phonetic system of Mandarin Chinese. We’ll get into Chinese pronunciation in a moment!

The most important concept for understanding perfect Chinese pronunciation (without accent) is intonation. In Mandarin, the system we use to learn the correct vowels is called the phonetic system

Using the Roman alphabet. For example, water (水) is romanized as “shui”. Most importantly, you need to familiarize yourself with the five tones of Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Scratch Order Application

They are represented by four separate lines written above the main vowel. I say five vowels because there is no row above the vowels, so there is a “soft” vowel. Sometimes, when we write online, we may use numbers to represent

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