Message Key Application

Message Key Application – Cyber ​​security is a hot topic in recent days. It is affected by data leaks, hacker attacks, Pegasus spyware scandal, public incidents related to surveillance and data interception. A careless approach to information security in networks and a lack of knowledge of good practices, especially in the security environment, further exacerbates this problem. That is why it is something to watch closely.

Being interested and at the same time motivated by these issues, I decided to try my hand at designing and implementing an instant messenger on the web, the main premise of which is to ensure the highest level of security and user privacy. The application developed is only an idea and mainly of educational value. The time spent in this application is, after all, very fun and educational for anyone who wants to get involved in such things. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself to cryptography-related topics.

Message Key Application

Message Key Application

The following article is intended for software developers who want to apply their theoretical knowledge of cryptography to practical projects. You are welcome to read the source code and play.

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Algorithms are an intrinsic part of cyber security and cryptography. Knowledge of cryptographic techniques and the ability to implement them is useful for any software developer. Therefore, upgrading your skills in this field is a good investment.

However, at the outset, it should be noted that no algorithm or technique provides 100% protection. When choosing a security method, we must take into account the ratio between the value of the information to be protected and the cost to a potential attacker of extracting this information. In practice, this means balancing the cost of breaching security relative to the value of the stored information.

For example, there’s no need to encrypt information about what we had for breakfast with some horribly complex algorithm, such as the costs involved in securing it, because it’s generally ineffective, and an attacker won’t spend a lot of resources trying to gain access. For that, information etc.. Facebook password is enough 🙂

On the other hand, hypothetical files containing passwords to our bank accounts (although such files should not exist) are already very expensive and must be subject to high security, since an attacker can invest more resources in the information they contain.

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In our immediate messenger environment, we will limit ourselves to the basics of symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Properly implemented techniques have an impact on the ultimate security of data transmission in applications. Proven, approved and tested algorithms have an advantage over self-made solutions in that they guarantee a certain level of security and protection against certain types of attacks.

The most popular group of encryption methods is based on symmetric cryptography. They are based on the idea that the encryption and decryption operations are symmetric, that is, they use a common key. However, the encryption and decryption algorithms need not be the same in both operations.

A further classification of symmetric algorithms leads to the separation of block and stream algorithms. Block algorithms can only operate on blocks of data of a fixed length, while stream algorithms can accept any input data stream. There are also adaptive techniques that allow working with data streams using block algorithms.

Message Key Application

The high-level AES encryption and decryption operations are shown in Figures 1 and 2. This particular application is suitable for AES-CBC mode. In other modes of operation, the use of the initialization vector may be slightly different. AES uses different algorithms for encryption and decryption operations, but uses the same key for both, so it is a symmetric algorithm.

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In contrast, a simple algorithm based solely on the XOR operation uses the same operation for both the encryption and decryption operations. This is shown in Figure 3.

Asymmetric encryption algorithms are based on the idea that we use two different keys for encryption and decryption. One of the keys is the public key and the other is the private key. Sharing the public key in no way compromises the security of the data used for private key operations.

At this point I don’t specify which key we use for encryption and decryption because asymmetric encryption provides two additional functions that we can do with private and public keys. These are signature and signature verification functions.

Fortunately, educational programs have their own rules, so we can imagine that the information exchanged between collar users will be confidential and messages will be almost impossible to decipher. Of course, you should take this with a grain of salt and remember that the idea is more important than the actual performance.

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Even sophisticated encryption algorithms that can only be broken by brute force and take a million years on a supercomputer are useless if we don’t properly secure access to the keys. Therefore, any encryption algorithm provides security only if the key is preserved.

Communicator requires two cloud services to work, they are the “central” part of the system that allows you to create connections between all communication users. This assumption is easily avoided and is only due to the inability to connect directly between hosts on internal networks behind NAT without public IP addresses. Of course, there are technical possibilities to overcome this problem, but it is not necessary from a collar design point of view.

The first service is a message broker that acts as an intermediary in exchanging messages between Messenger users. As long as the messages are end-to-end encrypted, there is no problem with messages being fully encrypted by the intermediary. Assuming that encrypted messages can always be intercepted, this is not a problem. Anyone can intercept an encrypted message, but only the intended recipient can decipher it.

Message Key Application

The name of the recipient of the message is the only public information publicly available to an intermediary. This is an acceptable simplification as a result of the operation of the MQTT broker (subscribing to a specific topic related to the user), the use of which greatly simplifies the structure and operation of the broker.

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Theoretically, this information could be completely removed and broadcast anonymously (increasing complexity) or to all users (since only the correct recipient reads it), but this would have a significant impact on system performance.

Since the messages are encrypted, we can also use a public MQTT broker, which does not significantly affect the security of the system. There is no need to use an encrypted TLS connection or a broker certificate because the Messenger application layer takes care of securing and authenticating messages. A simple method of data transfer is shown in Figure 7.

The second service required by the caller function is the service that provides public keys to users. To use asymmetric encryption with public keys, private communication users must share public keys. Therefore, you must ensure that every Messenger user has access to the public key sharing service. It should be a centralized system with database and API.

Of course, this is necessary even when our offline recipients don’t have access to the public keys, and the author of our message doesn’t have access to the public key (to verify it). If we assume that any user can exchange information with everyone at any time, such an online public key sharing service becomes essential.

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To maintain security and ensure the provenance of public keys, each message containing the server’s response to the keys is signed with a private key found on the server. The server’s public key is available to the Messenger client (hardcoded in the source code), so once the public keys are retrieved, they can be verified. Even if the password of the server running the public key sharing service is not “1234”, of course, it provides protection against fraud 🙂

It is worth noting here that there are ready-made key sharing systems (commercial and free) on the network, and the application created while the caller is working is the subject of a completely different article. However, it is very universal, and it can certainly find more use cases than just part of our instant messaging system.

A brief description of the main shared system APIs used in communication is shown in Table 1.

Message Key Application

Registering with the main sharing system requires only an email address to which activation and cancellation links are sent once. This is a necessary process for security

Practical Use Of Cryptography: Instant Messaging Application

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