Mola Tv Application For Laptops

Mola Tv Application For Laptops – Websites for watching movies and TV series are starting to pop up these days. There are shows, mainly Korean dramas, Disney cartoons, there are also original series and movies, like Netflix and Vidio. In addition to the names mentioned above, Mola TV is now one of the many streaming platforms that appeal to the people of Indonesia. Mola TV will initially only broadcast English football matches with more than 380 matches, in addition, Mola TV has the official broadcast license of the Football League. Being a very popular channel today, Mola TV has finally spread its wings to distribute movies and TV shows. Inevitably, many of our people are more interested in Mola TV. So this time we will discuss how to subscribe to Mola TV on PC and Android mobile. Here is the full discussion. Mola TV Subscription Options Mola TV Subscription Options Mola TV offers a wide variety of subscription options that you can choose from to suit your needs. Here is the list. 1. Mudik Movie First, there is a Mudik subscription plan that costs IDR 17,000. This package is valid for 24 hours and can only be viewed by one user. This package allows users to watch Mudik movies on devices like PC and mobile phone. 2. Mola TV Movies & Kids Then there is the subscription plan for Mola TV & Kids. If you subscribe to this IDR 12,500 package, you can watch many interesting movies and special shows for kids on Mola TV. With this one month package, you can also enjoy other shows like Mola Living and Mola Kids. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy sports broadcasts with this package. 3. Premium Entertainment The entertainment program follows. If you subscribe to this package, you can enjoy almost all the high-quality programs of HBO GO and Mola TV, including football matches. There is a package of IDR 65,000 for a month and a year package with a subscription of IDR 500,000. 4. Mola Polytron Power Next comes the Mola Polytron package. You can choose this package if you want to enjoy almost all TV channels on electronic devices in the form of television. The package costs IDR 1,198,000. Mola TV Account Registration Before discussing how to sign up for Mola TV, let’s first look at the account registration details. Here is a review. 1. Open the Mola TV website. First, open the Mola TV website by clicking on this link. Wait for the website to open, okay? 2. Create a Mola TV account The next step is to create a Mola TV account by clicking on the icon with a person’s picture that says ‘Profile’. icon in the lower left corner of the screen. You will be redirected to the login page. Now, when the login page opens, select “Create an account now”. Wait for the next page to appear. 3. Fill in your personal information. If so, please provide your account details. Start by entering a valid email address, then enter a password for the account, then enter a phone number. Then select your gender, enter your date of birth and check the box “I confirm that the above information is correct and matches your identity”. Then click on the blue button labeled “Create Account” as shown in the image above. 4. Checking your account So, after that, enter the six-digit Mola TV code. The code has been sent to the email address you registered your Mola TV account with, ok? Please check your email to receive the verification code. Also Read: You Need To Know Here Are 3 Ways To Watch And Stream World Cup 2022 20 Best Sites To Watch Movies And Apply 2023 Easy Ways To Watch TV Online For Free With Streaming 15 Free Watch Site to Exchange LK21 and IndoXXI If yes, enter the check code you received in your email and click the blue button labeled “Check”. 5. Log in to your Mola TV account. After completing the account verification, you will be automatically redirected to the Mola TV login page. Now enter the previously registered email address to login to your account. Enter your password now. After that, click on the blue button labeled “Login” to log into your account. Yes, for those who don’t want to follow the steps mentioned above to register an account or want to register immediately without creating a new account, you can choose to sign in with a Google, Facebook or Apple account, right? How to Subscribe to Mola TV on PC or Laptop After discussing how to register a Mola TV account, we will first discuss how to subscribe to Mola TV on PC or Laptop. Simple, really. Please follow the steps below. 1. Log in to your Mola TV account To start the registration, first log in with your existing Mola TV account. Please use your email address and password or other accounts like Google and Facebook to sign in. 2. Select the type of subscription package. Then select your Mola TV subscription plan by clicking on the cart icon on the left side of the screen and the icon labeled “Buy Access”. After that, you will be redirected to the selected Mola TV page. Please select the package that best suits your needs. If so, please click the “Buy Package” button. After that, you will have a control page as shown in the image above. You can change your settings on this page if you change your mind. If the selected package is the same, please click the blue button labeled “Choose a payment method.” Don’t forget to check the two boxes above it, okay? 3. Choose a payment method and purchase the package, then select the payment method you want to use. So many choices, you know. You can use an E-wallet or digital wallets like Go-Pay and OVO, and there are bank transfers, physical accounts and credit cards. If you choose a payment method, please complete the payment process to subscribe to Mola TV, ok? How to Subscribe to Mola TV on Android Mobile Yes, we have already discussed how to subscribe to Mola TV on PC or Laptop, this time we also want to share information on how to subscribe to Mola TV on Android mobile . Read the following discussion for more information. 1. Download the Mola TV app on your mobile phone. First, download the Mola TV app from the Google Play Store. Please click this link to download Mola TV app. Please wait for the download process to complete. 2. Register or login to your account. Now, after downloading and installing the app on your mobile phone, open the Mola TV app. Now sign in with your registered account or use your Google account. If you want to create a new account, please create an account and register. The process is not much different from registering a Mola TV account on PC, discussed above. 3. Select Register. Now, once you’re logged into your Mola TV account, click the “Profile” button in the bottom right corner of your Android phone’s screen. After logging into your profile, select “Buy Bundle” as shown in the image above. If so, select the package you want and click the “Buy Package” button. A verification page will appear. If you are satisfied with your chosen package, please continue the process by choosing a payment method. 4. Choose a payment method In the next step, select the payment method you want to use. The payment method remains the same as the previously discussed Mola TV PC subscription method. 5. Pay for your products. After selecting your payment method, please continue with the Mola TV registration process in the payment section. To purchase a Mola TV subscription package, click on the button labeled “Pay”. Continue the process until the end. This is a tutorial on how to subscribe to Mola TV on PC and Android mobile. If you want to know how to download songs from your Spotify account, please read this article on how to download songs from Spotify.

When he was young, his grandfather always took him to read the morning paper. He became interested in the world of gadgets and technology when his uncle opened a mobile phone shop and internet cafe at home. His grandfather introduced him to the world of technology and gadgets, which he now adores. It’s not just a newspaper, he always waits for his uncle to buy him a newspaper, one of which is the PULSA tabloid, which he reads at the same time.

Mola Tv Application For Laptops

Mola Tv Application For Laptops

He has one of his all-time favorite phones: the Sony Ericsson T100. This mobile phone made him very happy as the Sony Ericsson T100 was a special gift from his grandfather and it was his first phone. Download the Mola TV app and register/upload/subscribe to it, enjoy the convenience and get a special promotional price. !

Mola Tv Streams Uefa Euro 2020 In Uhd Hdr With Harmonic Vos360 Cloud Saas

Come and start registering now for only IDR 87,500 for 3 months (T&Cs and during the promotion period apply) and enjoy many world football events like Premier League, Bundesliga, Belgium Pro, China Super League and sports. shows others. Not only that, there are also great shows from Hollywood movies, prime time and educational entertainment for kids.

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