Moving Applications On Their Own

Moving Applications On Their Own – We’ve all been there. As the team grows or your app ages, it makes sense to start thinking about how to expand your Android app development and modularize your code base.

When you get to the point where things start to get confusing, you may want to consider ditching Gradle in favor of Basel, or consider using one of the many recommendations for building modular applications. But what about app bundles? And immediate use? Maybe even a dynamic function? Hitting someone? More importantly, what about a strategy that works for your app and your team? The question is really how do you go from one application to something that can scale with more than one module?

Moving Applications On Their Own

Moving Applications On Their Own

Even with a small application, you definitely can’t do it overnight, because things will break and get neglected, so I recommend taking it step by step.

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I decided to modularize a small custom source application first, because I would have to do this for a larger application in my daily work. This is a card viewer app for the collectible card game called “Magic The Gathering” ( The application is quite small: less than 10 functions, 1000 daily active users and a lot of logic around the database, so I thought it would be a good application to learn the process.

Where to start? First we need to look at the block structure we want to have, I think the simplest structure is three blocks

It still has dependencies (remember, every module can access everything from the module below it), so it doesn’t help you open dependencies.

To share Android configuration with individual modules, the configuration should look like this:

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There is nothing to show here, the manifest is almost empty, it refers to the current application class

File, I will go into details later and you can see some information about it now

Missing (mine sdk, target sdk, etc.). This file then references the corresponding object as they are defined in another Gradle file.

Moving Applications On Their Own

St. Note that this is the module you need to use to create an APK file or run an app on your device.

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The main manifest is empty, which makes sense at this point because the module is empty, so no functions or services are defined in that module.

As I mentioned earlier, this Gradle file is shared between modules, so it defines all the properties in them, which is an easy way to handle changes: otherwise you’d have to do this every time you want to push version code. Each module.

I think this is the minimum amount needed to go from one module to three modules! The next steps are to transfer the application class

If you want to check the actual code, you can check the app I mentioned earlier:

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Since the project is a real project, the complexity of each file is slightly greater than described here.

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Moving Applications On Their Own

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Moving Applications On Their Own

As the name suggests, Windows Installer Troubleshooter can help you diagnose the problem and suggest software fixes if you’ve accidentally messed with settings.

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Moving Applications On Their Own

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Moving Applications On Their Own

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