As Many As 14 Victims Of The Cianjur Earthquake Are Still Missing, 12 Of Them Are In The Segedil Area. Report Contributor Sumedang Kiki Andriana

, SUMEDANG – On the sixth day after the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that hit Cianjur City on Saturday (11/26/2022) there were still 14 victims who were reported missing.

Yesterday, the joint SAR team found eight victims who died as a result of the earthquake.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the Xianzur quake rose to 318 late Saturday, up from the previous record of 310.

“Until 17.00 WIB, 318 bodies had been evacuated.

Jamreel said 14 people were still reported missing.

He said 12 of them were missing in the Sajdel area.

The other two disappeared into the cricket village.

Gurrell said the joint search and rescue team was able to find many victims who had died earlier.

“Today, 8 bodies were successfully evacuated, 6 of which were found in Szegedil Village RT 03/01 and 2 in Sate Sinta District, RM,” he said.

On the sixth day of the search for victims, it was reported that it was raining around the location.

This led to discontinuation and continuation of the study once conditions were deemed favorable.

“Aftershocks are still there. In particular, small landslides still occur around Maemi Village, so caution is needed when the joint SAR team carries out SAR operations.”

Jumarel also said that the search was carried out with the help of the West Java Regional Police’s K9 detection dogs and Indonesian SAR dogs.

“This is to evacuate where there are signs of casualties,” said Jamarel.

So far, the total victim search workforce has reached 1,584 people and consists of 231 institutions or organizations, said Gomrell.

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“There were 7,729 injured and 73,693 displaced,” he explained.

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