Cianjur Earthquake Update: Yesterday The Joint SAR Team Finds 8 Bodies, Victims Death To 318 Orange

, JAKARTA – Yesterday (26/11/2022), the Joint SAR Team found 8 victims from the Cianjur earthquake that occurred on Monday (21/11/2022).

The 8 victims were found dead when they were crushed by collapsed buildings and landslides.

With the discovery of 8 fatalities, until Saturday (26/11/2022) evening, the number of victims who died from the Cianjur earthquake was recorded as 318 people.

Previously, the death toll from the Cianjur earthquake was recorded at 310 people.

“318 people died,” said the Deputy for Emergency Management at the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) in a press statement as quoted from YouTube BNPB Indonesia.

“As for today’s search results, 8 people as of 17.00 WIB this afternoon,” he continued.

Fajar continued that there were two victims who were found yesterday at Shinta’s satay stall, Cianjur.

Meanwhile, as many as 14 people are reported to be still missing or are being searched by the Joint SAR Team.

“While the victims were missing or whose status was being searched, 14 people. With details of 24 people minus 8 searches today, and 2 victims (found) at Warung Shinta which was yesterday Cijedil residents, ” for more details.

Then, the injured victims of the Cianjur earthquake totaled 7,729 oranges.

Furthermore, residents who fled as many as 73,693 Orange.

Victims Diferkyrakan Continue Vertamba

Meanwhile, Acting Kapusdatin BBNPB Abdul Muhari said the data on the number of victims who died in the Cianjur Earthquake could increase as the search was carried out today.

The Latest Data on Victims, Will Continue to be Updated.

Muhari said the location and weather had an effect on the process of finding victims. Although the data has now been cleared, the potential has changed.

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Including those who died.

In addition, according to BNPB, the data may change again because there are still many residents who apparently have not reported missing family members after the Cianjur earthquake that occurred last Monday.

“Of the 39 victims missing the previous day, 19 have been found. Yesterday at Warung Shinta, 7 people were missing from local laborers, but the team found 9, the data changed, the search keep doing it, ” said Muhari Saturday (26/11/2022) Quoted from Kompas.TV.

“That means, there may still be missing victims who have not been reported by the family,” continued Muhari.

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“We urge residents whose families have not returned, to report directly at the main hall at the Regent,” he wrote.

Two Place Search Focus

Muhari stated that the focus of the search for victims of the Cianjur earthquake would still focus on the two worst-hit spots, namely in Cijedil and along Jalan Warung Sate Shinta Cianjur.

“Shinta’s shop at the crossing is packed. There are still hidden places. There are still many victims at the search point. So we will try to find the victims, regardless of their condition, ” he explained.

He said the weather conditions had affected the search for earthquake victims in the last few days.

“Today’s conditions, the clouds are quite thick. Let’s pray together until this afternoon, if it’s cloudy it doesn’t rain. In general, the conditions are cloudy and quite good, ” Renya.

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BNPB also appealed to people who want to help Cianjur earthquake victims to contact the main post, to facilitate the distribution of logistics and other assistance.

“Businesses can share logistics and logistics. Return products to Cianjur without donating money. Personal assistance, you can register and later record your needs, ” he concluded.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 rocked Cianjur Regency in the vicinity on Monday, November 21 2022 at 13.21 WIB.

Currently, there are 310 victims who died and thousands of houses damaged.

Source: Tribune Jakarta/Kompas.TV/Tribun Solo