One More International Application

One More International Application – One of the main beliefs of ISU is that UiS is seen as an international organization. In order to achieve the expected internationalization of the university, several issues need to be resolved. First, we see an opportunity to increase the prestige of our universities by including them in international ranking lists, and we plan to work on this by requiring more cooperation in collecting citation data from our various departments, improving information about graduates.

On the student side, we believe in creating more exchange opportunities by establishing more partnerships with universities around the world and playing the role of a clearinghouse in seeking these opportunities, and staffing up to focus more on advertising and promotion. social networks. In addition, it is necessary to facilitate the participation of students in conferences, to reduce bureaucratic obstacles in allocating funds to them, which has led to the fact that many students do not participate in these types of events.

One More International Application

One More International Application

One of IDU’s top priorities is to implement a fair application process for accommodation, which ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to secure the accommodation that best suits them. Currently, international students who come to UiS do not have any advantage in the choice of accommodation and only one choice is decided for them, which forces them to accept it in a very difficult scenario and to face it and find a more comfortable place, especially for new students. City of Stavanger. Therefore, we will work hard to see changes to the current application system so that international students do not feel unfair about the process.

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Another big problem that needs to be solved is the Sula house, which represents a big problem for most of the students sent there. The current trend is to force most exchange students to live there with little transport coverage, leaving them isolated from the city and university, denying them the opportunity to experience Norway during their short visit here, and we at ISU believe in this. Correcting this issue to highlight a better and more attractive image for UiS internationally.

Although the Student Parliament managed to keep the UiS library open 24 hours last year, this achievement remains part of the lack of adequate night-time transport, so this year we will be implementing better bus routes. we want In the middle of the night, especially those who bring students home from university, instead of keeping them until 6 in the morning.

Another transportation issue is the age limit applied to transportation on student tickets, the current criteria only allows students under the age of 32 to purchase discounted tickets, which contradicts ISU’s belief that all students, regardless of other issues, have equal rights . criteria. , and so we move to waive this condition.

ISU has a clear policy that the principle of free education is one of the foundations of Norwegian higher education. For this reason, we oppose any proposal to increase tuition fees for international students, as recently proposed. Another EDU APP Online. You can use the One More EDU APP on your Apple and Android devices, provided by One More International, which contains various educational videos and images. You can use the One More EDU app, powered by One More International, featuring a variety of educational videos and images, both…

Pdf) Inside The International Student World: Challenges, Opportunities, And Imagined Communities

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One More International Application

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One More International Application

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