Pancasila Power Day Application

Pancasila Power Day Application – Image of Garuda Pancasila on a postcard; Each Tet of Pancasila is written next to its symbol.

Panaksila (Indonesian: [pantʃaˈsila] (list)) is the official and fundamental philosophy of Indonesia. The name comes from two Sanskrit words: “panca” (“five”) and “śīla” (“principles”, “instructions”).

Pancasila Power Day Application

Pancasila Power Day Application

The legal basis of Pancasila is found in the Fourth Preamble of the Indonesian Constitution.

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In 1942, the Japanese Empire invaded and occupied the Dutch East Indies. After withdrawing from the Pacific War, the Japanese committed to independence in Indonesia and in September 1943 established a Central Advisory Council (CAC) in Java under the leadership of Sukarno. On 15 November 1944, at the fourth meeting of the CAC, Sukarno gave a speech outlining the five principles that govern the life of the Indonesian nation. These were created by a committee headed by Sukarno, and were called the “Five Duties” (Panca Dharma). they were:

On March 1, 1945, the Japanese 16th Army, which was responsible for Java during the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, announced the formation of the Indepdce Preparatory Works Investigation Committee (BPUPK) to work on “immunity preparations in the area. “Eva.” The first the session of the BPUPK began on 28 May 1945 and the next day discussions began on the future of an independent Indonesia.Many speakers gave suggestions, and Wiranatakusumah gave the idea of ​​Panca Dharma.

On the last day of the first meeting, the Indonesian patriot Sukarno gave a speech, later called “The Birth of Pancasila”,

There he outlined five principles, which he suggested would establish an obscure Indonesian philosophy. His first post was:

Index Berita Perwakilan Consulate Of The Republic Of Indonesia , In Darwin,, Northern Territory, Australia

In his speech, Sokarno Panka dismissed Dharma as a name, saying that “Dharma” means “must”, but it gives principles. He went on to say that he likes the symbolic meaning of “five”, as there are five pillars of Islam, five fingers on the hand and five breasts. Principles called Pancasila.

During the break between BPUPK’s two meetings, the Committee of Nine (Panitia Sembilan) was formed, consisting of Sukarno, Mohamed Hatta, Mohamed Yamin, Alexander Andris Marmis, Ahmed Subardjo, Ki Hadikosumo, Wahid Hasim, Agus Salim and Abikosno. Basics numbers. About the constitution including Sukarno’s philosophy. This became known as the Jakarta Convention. Sukarno’s program of principles was changed, thus: the fifth pillar of theology and freedom of religion became the first pillar; The second syllable remains, the first syllable is renumbered as the third syllable, and the third and fourth syllables are renumbered as the fourth and fifth syllables.

Sukarno accepted this request from the other members. In addition, the first preamble to the Jakarta Agreement and the preamble to the Indonesian Constitution of 1945, which were the first in Sukarno’s first preamble, were changed to read “Ketuhanan dgan obligati mjalankan syariah Islam bagi pemeluk-pemeluknya” (“A divinity and responsibility for Muslim followers who follows Sharia law”). On 18 August 1945, the PPKI further erased it by erasing “the duty of the followers of Islam to observe Sharia law”, thus leaving the first silan as “Katohanan Yang Maha Asa”.

Pancasila Power Day Application

During the first half of the 20th century, several ideologies were established or brought to the Dutch East Indies including imperialism and anti-colonialism, Javanese nationalism, Islam, democracy, socialism and communism. The ideas of these ideas created political groups or parties to promote their goals. The Islam Sarkat Party was founded in 1905 followed by Masumi in 1943. The Communist Party was founded in 1914, while Sukarno’s Indonesian National Party was founded in 1927. Preferring one ideology over another will not satisfy all Indonesians… concluded that the new republic should incorporate a new ideology derived from Indonesian values ​​as well as shared values ​​derived from different ideologies.

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On September 30, 1960, in a speech to the UN General Assembly, Sukarno confirmed that Panaxilla’s First Sylla does not seek to persecute the non-religious or atheists. He said that because atheists are tolerant of Indonesia, they accept the “belief in one God” in the first silan as the national identity,

Pancasila was guided by some of the selected global values ​​and ideas, such as patriotism, humanism, human rights, freedom of religion, democracy, socialism.

The need to unite this diverse country also led to the establishment of the national goal, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which can be translated as the unity of diversity. It proclaims the unity of its members despite differences in race, region, social class or religion.

The Commander of the First Military District / Bukit Barisan in 1966 said that Panaxilla is a socialist system.

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In the 1955 parliamentary election, nationalist parties such as the Indonesian National Party (PNI) and the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) used Panaksila in their anti-Islamic rhetoric to differentiate themselves from Masumi’s Islamic Party because they feared that if Masumi won the election, Islam would replace Panaksila as the basis of the state. .

In the Constituent Assembly, elected in 1955 to draft a new constitution to replace the Interim Constitution of 1950, the parties grouped themselves according to their national philosophies. The Pancasila bloc had 53.3% of the seats, while the Islamic bloc had 44.8%. The dispute that should prevail was not resolved by debate because on July 5, 1959, President Sokarno dissolved the assembly by decree and amended the 1945 constitution. Since it contained the Panaxilla formula, the Panaxilla/Islam debate was resolved.

Suharto [edit] Panaxilla’s democracy strives for a balance between the interests of the individual and society. It seeks to oppress the weak and the powerful, both economically and politically. Therefore, we believe that Panaxilla is a religious community. Briefly, the main characteristics are the rejection of poverty, backwardness, conflict, exploitation, capitalism, feudalism, dictatorship, colonialism [,] and imperialism. This is the policy I have chosen, I have a secret. – Suharto [23]

Pancasila Power Day Application

The new administration of Suharto, Indonesia’s second president, strongly supported Pancasila. His administration developed the Five Principles as the country’s main ideology. They are presented as a reflection of the ancient wisdom of the Indonesian people, before the introduction of foreign religions such as Hinduism and Islam. In a speech in July 1982, expressing his love for Javanese faith, Suharto praised Pancasila as the key to achieving a perfect life (in Hebrew: ilmu kasampurnaning urip) of communion with God and man.

Commentary: Jokowi’s Ban On Radical Groups And Pancasila’s Uncomfortable Past

In 1978, Suharto obtained a Parliamentary Resolution (Canada MPR No. 2/1978) on the Pancasila Appreciation and Practice Book (Pedoman Pghayatan dan Pgamalan Pancasila or P4) and then began a planned program to indoctrinate all Indonesians – from primary school institutions to ministries. Employees – to use P4 and live the national values. After initially being careful not to dismiss the wisdom of Muslim scholars who feared that Panaxilla might develop into a religious sect, he passed another parliamentary decree in 1983 (Press Press No. 11/1983) officially recognizing Panaxilla as law. organizations in Indonesia, public or private. In practice, the Suharto administration used Pancasila’s commentary to explain its actions and condemn the opposition as “anti-Panaksila”.

Panaxilla army. The bull represents democracy, the tree represents national unity, the chain represents humanity, the rice and cotton represent social justice, and the star represents God.

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), an atheist group, criticized the first clause because it does not include the right to atheism, that is, to reject one’s theological beliefs. The IHEU said this tends to oppress atheists and that as long as Indonesian law only recognizes the religions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, as well as Catholicism and Protestantism, people are not separate from each other. Among them, including atheists, “will continue to practice legal discrimination.”

Criticism of Pancasila is prohibited by law because Indonesia’s national symbol contains Pancasila. According to Article 68,

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Defamation has a 5 year standard for 5 years or half a billion. In 2018, Islamic Party leader Muhammad Rizq Shihab was charged under 154a and 320 of the Penal Code for insulting state ideology and defamation. The charges were dropped.

The principles of the practice of Pancasila (Butir-butir pgamalan Pancasila) are mentioned in the Order of the People’s Consultative Assembly No. 1 / MPR / 2003. Download the kesaktian pancasila graphic design and use it as an image, poster and banner. You can also click on related offers to view wallpapers from our database.

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Pancasila Power Day Application

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