Photo And Video Storage Application

Photo And Video Storage Application – Today we’ll look at the best photo and video storage services available on your mobile phone. Let’s look at all the usual suspects. Google, Microsoft and iCloud, but also others like Amazon, iDrive, Flickr and briefly Plex.

There are better (and cheaper) options for storing photos and videos on your cell phone than on your phone.

Photo And Video Storage Application

Photo And Video Storage Application

Today we’re looking at the best image and video storage services available on your mobile phone and we’re taking a look at all the usual suspects; Google, Microsoft and iCloud, but also others like Amazon, iDrive, Flickr and briefly Plex.

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Below you’ll find links to all of this, along with any discounts I found along the way. Let’s take a look at the price, storage size, features like the ability to store a personal collection of beautiful cat photos, any issues or limitations, and finally: What work will I do in 2022 to continue my shot at the digital life? .

Google won last year due to its simplicity, full disclosure and reliable service, which also offers the ability to back up an unlimited number of photos and videos when saved in a compressed format.

However, that has changed as they no longer offer unlimited backup. Google gives you 15GB free or up to 2TB for $9.99 per month.

There is a solution that gives you unlimited storage. However, this one is a little trickier and requires signing up as a business customer and then upgrading to the Google Workspace Enterprise plan for $20 per user per month. Not bad for absolutely unlimited Google storage for photos, videos and your Google Drive and everything else that comes with it.

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As for the actual work, you can manually organize your photos into albums, or let the AI ​​do its job by grouping photos based on what’s in them, like screenshots, personalities, locations, photos, and really me. For example, how they introduced the map view as a heat map to see which areas had the most photos taken.

For Precious Cat Photos, on Android, beyond manual albums and these AI options, you have the option to create a locked folder and anything that goes into that folder will only be stored on the device. You must open the folder to access it. Items are not saved or shared. That’s great, but of course that’s something when you change devices.

If you don’t want to lose your photos and videos or you are an iPhone user, this option is not available and your best option is to save them. This means they will be included in all images saved as screenshots and other photos that Google sometimes allows you to move because it thinks you don’t want them anymore. However, it is backed up and shared between devices.

Photo And Video Storage Application

You also have the option to create animations from burst photos, collages, and movies that combine photos and videos for specific events.

Google Photos, A New Unlimited Photo And Video Storage And Management App

You can access Google Photos from any device with any operating system, anywhere in the world. This means you can also share images with anyone and use the built-in sharing feature to share your album with anyone who has an internet connection.

Overall, this was a solid show for me that surpassed last year. It’s reliable, I’ve never had any problems uploading or syncing. With the option to upgrade to a business plan with unlimited storage for more of my photos and videos, this is a powerful service.

But don’t stop there because there are even better things to come! Maybe Apple’s own iCloud is one of those things?

Apple’s own iCloud isn’t the best photo and video service on the market. However, it is best if you use an Apple device.

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It starts at 5GB for free and goes up to 2TB for $9.99. I actually recommend anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad to at least use the free service. It integrates with everything from Apple, syncs all your photos and videos smoothly between devices, and supports all file formats available in their closed ecosystem.

This is great if you use an Apple device. If you want to use another service, like Google Photos, I’ve noticed that many apps only show you photos stored in Apple Photos and don’t let you select one from the personal apps – third. This means that you open such an app, download it locally to your device, and then go back to the original app to load the app already saved locally.

All in all, this is a nuisance that you shouldn’t have to deal with and that Apple needs to address.

Photo And Video Storage Application

Reject my complaints, and similar to Google, you can create albums or view them by face, location or type. If you want to hide photos, there is a “Hidden” option in the menu that lets you choose to move everything to a hidden folder. which you can turn on or off via the settings menu. This is definitely a safer way to hide your Rick Astley obsession from your wife.

Sony’s Visual Story Photo Storage And Delivery App Now Supports Video

Speaking of obsession, let’s take a look at the next person that shows up on my doorstep every day: Amazon!

As an Amazon Prime member, you get unlimited free shipping all year round, but also unlimited photo storage.

This is a very good job. It’s completely unlimited and probably free for anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll get 5GB free when you sign up.

However, the unlimited feature has one big downside for me, and that’s because it’s not limited to just photos. Only 5GB of storage space is included for videos. If you want to upgrade to more, 1TB costs about $7 per month. This makes sense if you think it’s just for video storage, since all your photos won’t take up an additional 1TB of space.

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First, iOS Burst Photos, Google or Samsung Motion Photos are not supported, and I found it wasn’t fast enough to sync your photos to the cloud. This isn’t typically a problem if you’re happy to wait overnight for your photos to sync, but is for someone who wants to use the backup quickly before a photo falls out of their hand on a roller coaster or explodes on the table in front of them this is the right thing to consider.

If you have Amazon Prime and just take standard photos then this is a fantastic free option. Because your photos are uploaded to Amazon, you can browse them on FireSticks, FireTVs, and other Amazon products. You can also use your photos as a screen saver.

However, if you’re recording something outside of the available free space, another option might be worth looking into.

Photo And Video Storage Application

Next, in the comments section, I’ll tell you about an option that has the equivalent of keyboard warriors, which is: How about backing up your photos yourself?

Storage App Ui

Plex lets you control your own media destiny. If you’re worried about the cloud or what people in the cloud are doing with your Crazy Cat Lady photos, you can download and use Plex. Your own hard drive to store photos, videos, music and even other media.

This means you can install it on your laptop and use your drive there, on a desktop where you can still install hard drives, or even on a NAS device that can provide some redundancy in the hard drive enclosure. Body fails.

Because it stores its own data, you can also manually move other sensitive photos to a separate library or folder that only you and your PIN code can access.

For me, Plex has been a bit of a godsend over the years I’ve been using it. The photo upload itself is not very reliable, it freezes a few times and I have to load the app more times than necessary to check if the photos and videos have been uploaded. – really uploaded.

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But if you can manage it, this is the best way to back up files of all types, shapes and sizes and keep them for yourself at home. So you don’t have to worry about who has access to your data.

Okay, iDrive just scored its lowest backup win of the year today.

For 99 cents per year, you get UNLIMITED storage for the photos and videos you take on your mobile device AND up to 1TB of storage for your Mac or PC.

Photo And Video Storage Application

The application

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