Photo Application Using Songs

Photo Application Using Songs – Revamp your music streaming app with a new way to listen to music with AR – UX/UI Use Case

Many people rely on music streaming services for entertainment. An open study has shown that many regular users find that they forget the name of the song while searching and become frustrated. I will go through a case study explaining how I found a solution to the problem.

Photo Application Using Songs

Photo Application Using Songs

The study was conducted through 1:1 video calls with 3 people working in small and large companies across India to classify the study.

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“When research confirms that people react and respond to music and that music has a strong influence on human brain activity. People tend to listen to music depending on their mood and interest. This project aims to to create an app that suggests songs to users based on their mood by scanning faces.

Jackdaw Research recently conducted two surveys to better understand music consumption habits and focus on how people use music.

Determining the size of the music streaming industry, the differences between the customer bases of various streaming services, and the direction the industry is headed were some of the goals of the competitive research I conducted. I wanted to understand why some customers chose their favorite devices and why they left some.

The user interviews for this project started during the Covid-19, most of the research was done with Google calls and recorded. At this stage of the project, round robin interviews were conducted.

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After deploying user surveys, conducting user interviews, and identifying common user goals and pain points, I decided that a useful feature to add would be a “notifications” section that displays all new releases and dates. Tour of the user’s favorite artists in one easy way. . site, capable of sending push notifications when an artist releases new music or announces a concert near the user. My user survey confirms this:

After the interview, I created a user profile for Ramya based on the market research and interviews I conducted. Ramya is like many Indians. She is a music lover, enjoys going to live music, listening to music while working and is also a dancer who plans to open her own dance school. She would like more emotions associated with music.

After creating the personality of Ramyas, I spent some time creating a mood map. I thought a little about what a day in the life of Ramya would look like.

Photo Application Using Songs

To get a better look at my research findings, I made a list of problem statements. In each talk I tried to describe the identified problems. After receiving this list, I chose the issues that I felt would best be addressed in the project. Before narrowing down the list to one problem to solve, I ran a few rounds of wiring.

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After I set aside twenty minutes for each page, I went through a few cycles to help me visualize some of the problems I was working on. This process helped me start thinking about how to find solutions to existing problems without judging the quality of the design work.

The new challenge is to figure out how and where I can fit new features into the product in a meaningful way that doesn’t break Music’s existing design processes.

To help with UI design, I created a basic UI kit for the app, which includes examples such as fonts, color palettes, icons, button styles, and design templates. I continued to integrate the main screens of the user flow to be tested, I conducted tests of the use of new features with two participants between the ages of 25 and 30.

I expected 80% flawless speed when tested. I expected members to have trouble navigating the app in different ways, so they may have clicked on some tabs and menus that didn’t work.

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“This project taught me how to work around the product and design constraints of the existing system, and to build on existing design patterns. Because users are already familiar with these conventions, breaking them can harm usability.

“One of the challenges I overcame during my research was learning to understand what users need without directly asking (“Which article would you find in this app?”), since This leads them to easily accept what they want. It would be great if the app did this.” Indirectly identifying user pain points is an effective way to learn about the problems users need to solve and how to solve them. solve it.

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Photo Application Using Songs

I love talking about UI/UX. If you have any feedback or want to talk, contact me on LinkedIn.

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Apple Vision Pro UX/UI Review On June 5, the latest Apple Vision Pro launch sparked excitement in the design sector. In this article, we will look at the design… While iOS comes with its own Apple Music app, there are some third-party apps that offer even more options for those who subscribe to Apple’s streaming service. If you’re an Apple Music customer and want to know how to get the most out of your music library, check out some of the best iOS apps with Apple Music integration.

Photo Application Using Songs

Rather than being another player for Apple Music, SongCapsule (formerly known as Next DJ) offers features that help you recover your current music library. The app uses algorithms to create intelligent and Magic DJ playlists that contain a mix of songs from your favorite artists and genres.

People Listen Music Online, Playlist With Songs, Podcast Using Audio Player Application Stock Vector

Although it is always great to discover new songs, sometimes we have great songs in our library that are forgotten after a while. That’s why one of my favorite features of SongCapsule is the playlist, which does exactly what the name suggests. It collects all your favorite songs from the past in one place.

You’ll also find playlists of the most popular songs from certain artists and genres, not to mention playlists you’ve added to your library but never played. Playlists are automatically generated based on your Apple Music data and updated every time you open the app.

SongCapsule is available on the App Store for $4.99 as a one-time purchase. The app has versions for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Maybe you subscribe to Apple Music but don’t like the official Music app. The Marvis app is a great alternative to the official Apple Music app as it includes all the features you’d expect to explore your music library across albums, playlists, genres and more.

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The main screen of the application can be customized by selecting only the components you need and want. For example, you can choose from recently played songs, top songs, favorite songs, charts, new releases, radio stations and more to personalize your home experience with the app.

Another great feature of the Marvis app is the side menu, which can be accessed with gestures, which is handy when you have to use your phone with one hand. You will also find a nice and intuitive interface that works in both image and video mode.

Available in the App Store for $8.99 as a one-time purchase, Marvis offers optional integration that can be unlocked for $4.99 in-app. The app works with iPhone and iPad.

Photo Application Using Songs

Like Marvis, Soor is another alternative to the official Apple Music app for iOS and also offers interesting features for users who are not satisfied with the iPhone music app. The Soor interface is highly customizable with the ability to change home sections, set a light or dark theme, rearrange playlists, and more.

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In addition to parts of your local music library such as albums and playlists, you can also add For You, New

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