Psht Kick Gymnastics Application

Psht Kick Gymnastics Application – SH Terate was founded in 1922 by Ki Hadjar Hardjo Otomo in Pilangbango Village, Madyan. Ki Hajar Harjo Otomo was one of Indonesia’s freedom fighters who advocated for the weak and the oppressed by applying the spirit of patriotism and truth. During the pioneer period, there was only SH Terate College (Paguran).

In the year In 1948, SH Teret was transformed into an organization led by Sotomo Mangkodjoyo. During the leadership of Maas Erciad, SH Terate gymnastics has improved greatly and activities have been developed from other island universities. One of the celebrities of SH Terate is RM. Imam Kosopangat, Mas Irshad’s favorite student. Under the leadership of RM. Imam Kosopangat, SH Terate has 46 branches.

Psht Kick Gymnastics Application

Psht Kick Gymnastics Application

Direct student of RM Imam Koesopangat H. The organizational development of SH Terate reached a high level under the leadership of Tarmadji Bodi Harsono, SE. SH Terate is growing rapidly not only domestically but also abroad.

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The main mission of SH Terate is to educate good people, in the spirit of patriotism, honesty, courage to defend the truth and defend the weak and oppressed. Therefore, SH Terate teaches the martial art of Pencak Silat, which also preserves the country’s culture. In addition, the purpose of pencak silat is to know yourself in order to better protect yourself and others and protect life in the world.

In his message, SH Terate urges the residents not to be arrogant and to always respect other people. Primula Sh terate teaches that life develops according to its own rhythmic nature and that humans must return to the original cause and move to eternity, which is the origin of everything from stage to stage.

In order to maintain brotherhood, SH Terate invites the community to follow the culture of Pencak Silat. As good people, we should be able to understand ourselves and others. Therefore, learning Penkek Silat is a way to create a human being who can protect oneself, protect others, and sustain life in the world.

The Brotherhood of Setia Hoti Teret or commonly known as PSHT is a martial arts organization founded by Ki Ngabei Surodiviryo. This man, commonly known as Ayat Suro, founded Setia Hati Pencak Silat in 1903 at Gringsing Lake in Surabaya. Earlier the name Setia Hatti was still with the “Sedulur Singhal Ketzer” fraternity system.

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So Ayat Suro Ki Hazar Harjo also had a student. After Ki Harjo Etom, PSHT institution from college to institution of course with the permission of Grandmother Suro. PSHT ki Harjo Utomo Institute was established in Madyan in 1922. Now, PSHT’s head office is located at Gel Merak No. 10, Nambangan Kidul, Mangunharjo Madian.

As an organization with international members covering all walks of life, PSHT imparts knowledge in a unique way. PSHT aims to keep the courses pure so that students can get the best knowledge of their heart.

This unique legacy of knowledge makes PSHT science easy anywhere. Two of the best places to find PSHT knowledge are Advanced Training and SOVAN (Consultancy Visit).

Psht Kick Gymnastics Application

During the learning process of PSHT, students have a permanent coach who guides them through the training, from the beginning to the PSHT residency. This permanent coach is responsible for delivering all core components of PSHT, including gymnastics and movement. The permanent trainers are the first to introduce the gymnastic activities and they can be assisted by other residents to carry out and practice the activities.

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Other citizens can also provide goods, but the main thing remains on the coach. There is no material limit for residents if they wish to conduct student internships. It can be maintained while warming up, doverron (endurance exercises) or taking jutsu moves. Also, bridging activities should not be done by permanent trainers.

Another unique thing about the science of PSHT is that the basics are not easy to find on the internet. Although the history and meaning can be easily understood, the full gymnastic movements are not available. Even if someone sends something about gymnastic activities, the material may not include full or complete details.

The thing is, if you want to get the full PSHT practice material, complete with detailed exercises, you have to participate in the practice. The topic of PSHT exercise will be fully discussed in practice only.

Not all PSHT knowledge is practical. There is some new data after approval. Therefore, if a student stops practicing in the middle, he will not understand everything.

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The PSHT has 36 activities. 35 of the 36 learned during training or while still a student. Then, after the validation session, the material was given for 36 activities. This last move is often called a key move, a move that breaks up attacks from all sides, otherwise very deadly.

In addition to activating the key, a PSHT code will be provided after verification. This code is a collection of activities known only to PSHT residents. Normally, this code is used to verify the citizenship status of PSHT members. If a person is a member of PSHT, they respond immediately when coded. Because this code is designed as a question and answer session with correct answers.

So if there are students who don’t bother to learn practically and get knowledge on the internet, they will have a tough time. There is no source that provides an explanation of gymnastic movements, as well as a coach. The martial art of pencak silat continued to grow and develop in Tatar Galuh, although almost all sports were more or less affected by the epidemic. The training process continues in various places and the number of students is increasing every year.

Psht Kick Gymnastics Application

This exciting development can be seen in the silat school PSHT (Confraternity of the Faithful Heart of Tarate), which started in 2010. Now, the PSHT branch has branches in several districts including Rajadesh, Pamarikan, Banjarasari, Purawadadi and Lakhbok.

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Especially in Lakbok branch, the college now operates training areas divided into Tambakarja village sub-rayon, Sukanagara village sub-rayon, Kalapasawit sub-rayon, Mambus Solihin VIP sub-rayon, Siddharza village sub-rayon, Sibodas Hamlet. , Rayon, Sub-rayon Sibodas, Sub-rayon Sintajaya Village Hall, SDN 2 Sintajaya Sub-rayon, Kertajaya Village Sub-rayon, SMAN 1 Luckbok Sub-rayon and SMPN 2 Luckbok Sub-rayon.

The PSHT Twig Lakbok training schedule is adjusted according to the availability of trainers, students and places. For example, practices at SMPN 2 Lakbok are held every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon under the guidance of coach Ari. Lakbok is held at SMAN 1 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays every afternoon under the guidance of Coach Wahoo. Joint training is often held to improve the quality of training as well as foster camaraderie and brotherhood among the larger PSHT family.

Currently, there are 26 PSHT students of SMPN 2 Lakbok and 15 of them have graduated. Meanwhile, there are 1 SMAN Lakbok students, 8 of them passed out as PSHT students.

In addition to continuing to actively train in their sub-division, students have many opportunities to participate in Pencak Silat events at various levels. For example, there are PSHT members of the Palmerican branch of PTKIN (State Islamic Religious Colleges) in Java and Madura who participated in the IPPBMM (Invitation for Student Interest and Skills Development). Indonesia, Java and Madurai, and in 2021 UIN will be held in Yogyakarta.

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