Pulse -producing Slot Application

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Pulse -producing Slot Application

Pulse -producing Slot Application

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Nucleotide Excision Repair Removes Thymidine Analog 5 Ethynyl 2′ Deoxyuridine From The Mammalian Genome

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Pulse -producing Slot Application

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Digital Transmission: Pulse Modulation Pulse modulation is the most commonly used method for digital transmission. Main pulse modulation methods: pulse width modulation (PWM), pulse position modulation (PPM), pulse amplitude modulation (PAM), pulse code modulation (PCM). • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM): Width (active part of the function) is a continuous pulse of amplitude that varies proportionally to the amplitude of the analog signal at the time the signal is sampled. – Document the limits of the amplitudes of analog signals that produce wide ranges and the minimum amplitudes of analog signals that produce narrow ranges. – All pulses have the same amplitude. Digital Communication Systems EEEQ352 1 Digital Transmission – Pulse Modulation • Pulse Position Modulation (PPM): The position of successive pulses within a specific time interval varies depending on the amplitude of the analog signal samples. – The larger the sample amplitude, the further to the right the pulse will be placed at the appropriate time. – The maximum amplitude pattern produces the rightmost pulse and the minimum amplitude pattern produces the leftmost pulse. • Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) – Amplitude…

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Java Programming – Assignment 5 Questions 1/Complete the class code below and include a method called “search” that takes two strings, which are the strings to search for. Java Programming – Assignment 5 Questions 1/Complete the class code below and include a called method. “Search” takes two strings, the first string to search and the other string. The search method returns a number that represents the number of times the search string is found. The searched string is the top-level string created by concatenating all the lines in the file, so you can expect multiple results with this method. Note: Loop through the string and use .substring(start, end) to find the substring of the input string that matches the target text. public class WordSearch System.out.println(“(” + destination + “) found ” + search(text, destination) + ” times”);}// Method code here }// WordSearch class 2 end/down Exit class, use only the main method and add code that creates an exact copy of the input file in an output file called copyOf_. For example, if you import a file named story.txt, the class creates an exact copy of the file, but saves it as copyOf_story.txt. class CopyFile class } // end of CopyFile class ——– – —— ———————— — —————— ——- ———— 3/ Create a static method called allDivide that takes a number and a number. It uses an integer divisor as the divisor and returns a boolean value indicating whether all elements of the array are divisible by the divisor (true for yes, false for no). For example, suppose your calling list contains: int[] list = ;Each of these numbers is divisible by 3, so the call to allDivide(list, 3) should return “true”. If the list contains the following values: int[] list =; most of these values ​​are divisible by 3, but the value 10 is not, so the call should return “false”. public class AllDivide; int[] list 2 =; int divisor = 3; System.out.println(“List1 ” + (allDivide(list1, 3)? “does”:”do not”) + ” divide ” + divisor) ; System.out.println(“List2 ” + (allDivide(list2, 3)? “does”:”do not”) + ” division ” + divisor); } // Code here } // End of class AllDivide — ——————————— – – ———– —- ———————————- – – —– 4/String Creates a static method called ” hasNoDuplicates” that takes an array as a parameter and returns a boolean indicating whether any of the strings in the array are duplicates (true if so, false if not). For example, if the specified list contains: String[] list =; There are no duplicates in this list, so a call to hasNoDuplicates(list) should return true. If the list contained this: String[] list =; The value “no” appears twice in the list, so the call should return “false”. Note that this definition considers a list of 0 or 1 elements to be unique. public class HasDuplicates;String[]List2 =; System.out.println(“List1 ” + (hasDuplicates(list1)? “does”:”no) + ” Contains duplicates”); System.out. println(“List2 ” + (hasDuplicates(list2)? “does”: “if) + ” contains duplicates”); } // Code goes here } // End of HasDuplicates class — ————– —————— – —————– ————– —————— — — —– 5/ Complete the following classes, include a method called parts. This method takes an integer and an integer as parts and splits the original list into two new groups. The parts of the first group are: All parts are less than or equal to the majority of the parts and the second group is greater than the sum of all parts. This method prints the original list, then the bottom distribution, and finally the top distribution. This method should not return anything. For example, if int[] arr = method call, split(arr, 11) would print: [1, 45, 16, 7, 39, 6, 5, 11, 72, 31, 15] [1, 5, 6 ], 7, 11] [15, 16, 31, 39, 45, 72] Groups of people section. int partitionNumber = 11;partition(arrayToPartition, partitionNumber); } // methods go here } // end of section section

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