Questions About Computer Applications

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Questions About Computer Applications

Questions About Computer Applications

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Computer Questions Answers For Competitive Exams Set 23

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Questions About Computer Applications

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SOC 262 UP 3 Week Bias Against Racial or Ethnic Groups C&F Questions Overview of Social Issues Ch. 6 or Ch. Ch 6 or Ch. 7. Write a response of at least 700 words to one or more of the symbols found at the end of Chapter 6, or a response of at least 700 words to one or more of the symbols found at the end of Chapter 7. Here is A chapter on sociology. Problems 6 points Sociology is important because it makes us think about why some people in our society are treated better than others. If so, did reading this chapter help you see the groups differently? How would your life change if you were a member of one of these groups? If so, what benefits do you receive because of your race or nationality? Can you think of a way to reduce one or more of these advantages so that you can cooperate in such an effort, everything else? Groups. Aren’t you white? If so, what kind of stereotyping and discrimination have you seen from white people? Do you think racial discrimination can be reduced through cooperation between different races? If so, on what basis do others refer to you – your ethnic group, your tribe or your country of origin? Do you think you or your children will one day integrate into mainstream society in the United States, and if so, what might speed up the process? Summary The social dimensions of race and ethnicity are important factors in shaping people’s lives. In this chapter, we defined the meaning of race and ethnicity and explored the social construction of the established standards. We have discussed four theoretical perspectives on unequal treatment of people based on racial and ethnic groups. We have highlighted several examples of prejudice and discrimination against members of these groups, many of whom are newly arrived immigrants. And we looked at the economic consequences of unequal treatment of subgroups. But they rarely admit white privilege to themselves or to people of other races. Race and ethnicity are socially constructed. The meaning that people attach to the physical characteristics of certain groups, which are often reflected in stereotypes, race and ethnicity give them social meaning. In the last century, the racial and ethnic composition of immigrants to the United States has changed as the main sending countries have changed. A hundred years ago, most were white people from Europe; Today’s immigrants come mainly from Latin America and Asia. But for society as a whole, discrimination can be abusive. They see the unequal treatment of subgroups as an essential part of capitalism, a view known as exploitation theory. interaction. According to their communication theories, racial prejudice and discrimination can be reduced through cooperative communication between races. Prejudice is often based on ethnocentrism – the belief that one’s own culture is superior to others – or racism – the belief that one race is superior and all others are inferior. In the workplace, members of these groups may face a glass ceiling, an invisible barrier that blocks their progress. Discrimination that comes from the normal functioning of society is called institutional discrimination. To eliminate such discrimination, governments,

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