Renja Application

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Preparation and analysis of the budget for Bimtek RKPD KUA PPAS Renja RKA and the basis of implementation of RAPBD – in the implementation of development; By preparing a five-year SKPD (Renstra) strategic plan for development to proceed according to plan; Especially in the work plan (Renja) SKPD annual.

Renja Application

Renja Application

In the annual work plan of SKPD (Renja), in Regulation No. 54 of 2010 on the implementation of Government Regulation No. 8 of 2008 on the implementation of the necessary regional development plan, it is stated. Each SKPD is prepared based on the strategic plan of the SKPD and each SKPD has to create a SKPD business plan (Renja) that refers to the RKPD.

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Basically, this is a strategic thinking process to solve development problems and implement them in SKPD projects and activities. Preparation of SKPD Renja, because the quality of the Renja document is mainly determined by the quality of the program and activities to be implemented; collection, implementation; The success of the project and operation is determined by SKPD’s ability to monitor and evaluate. It is consistent with the main duties and responsibilities of the SKPD.

To create a better and more valuable social life. In addition, it helps the development of the region to proceed effectively and efficiently and bring the expected benefits. Therefore, it requires a reasonable and practical plan.

As expected, RKPD KUA PPAS RKA-SKPD, in local administration, including RAPBD and APBD and Renja RPJMD and SKPD provides strategic plans, directions and guidance, and is a guide for the implementation of good local activities. management Therefore, we RKPD, KUA PPAS Renja, Bimtek will be taken on the topic of training analysis to prepare and budget for the implementation of RKA and RAPBD.

Below is full information about the educational / training / technical program at the local government education and training center (Pusdiklat Pemendagri), please select a place and time or contact us to get your program and location suggestions. have a discussion.

Bimtek Rkpd Kua Ppas Renja Rka Dan Rapbd Berbasis Kinerja

This activity is carried out on the basis of self-financing and each participant / SKPD will receive: Rp. 4,500,000 rupiah (four million five hundred thousand) / Participant Stay Rp. 3,500,000 rupees (Three hundred and fifty thousand) / Participants will not stay overnight. The following facilities are available – 2 days of training / Discussion till the end of the document – Overnight (Twin Sharing) – Seminar package, training document & special bag; – Coffee time, lunch (during the activity) – Completion certificate – Confirmation of participant registration – More than H-3 Notes 1. Airport transfer for a group of at least 5 participants (must be confirmed by participants) 2 Terms and conditions 3 Requests for external participants / items not listed on the website; Technical proposal of at least 10 registered participants; The time and place of education and training can be changed at any time. Thank you

The financial sector plays an important role in the development of the region and if the financial management is good, the community services in the region will be faster and more efficient. Therefore, it is considered necessary to conduct financial training for staff or tools to improve their knowledge and skills. so that the goal of the area can be achieved and all activities can be carried out easily.

All resources in the area; Especially staff (human resources) and equipment and technology. Therefore, the Education and Learning Center of our Ministry of the Interior is ready to provide financial education to local governments.

Renja Application

For information on local financial advice and technical advice tables and tools; Contact us directly through the number above. or request changes to the content or program and location; Chat with our team.

Rencana Kerja (renja) Puskesmas Tahun 2021

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Rpt Renja Skpd Verif V2 Ranwal Tumbang Titi

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