Room Decor Application

Room Decor Application – It won’t surprise you that most iPhone apps are related to My Home, Interior Design and DIY. I don’t have any gaming apps on my phone, but I do have some great apps for drawing quickly, getting color suggestions, and making sure my artwork is perfect. Of all the room design apps out there, I’m sharing ten of my favorites! (

You know I don’t have a good record of keeping plants alive. I threw a few of my plants in the towel and went to fake them like they were in my living room where I bought them:

Room Decor Application

Room Decor Application

Source: TV Console (similar) | Chandelier (Satin Brass) | White card (similar) | Pillow Cover | Fig leaf | Carpet | Art Prints (Details | Acrylic Coffee Table (Similar) | Coffee Table (28″ Square) | Wicker Chair

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Thanks for being so curious about the plants I managed to keep alive (snake plants and pothos are impossible!) and using an app to remind me to water them. I used to use koopachi but it got dusty so now I use plant and I love it. When you first download the app, it asks for your skill level, from beginner to master (I put it at the beginning, which means “I can keep a cactus alive forever”), as well as commitment level (for me it’s low – I’m all about simple plants.) From there, plant You can start adding your plants, including the type, the room they’re in, the light it gets, and a photo if you like.

The free version sends notifications every time the plant needs watering, and you can upgrade the original version by adding features like plant activity and fertilizer notifications. This is a simple but very useful app for a black thumb like me.

When I hang a lot of artwork, I use my regular level or laser level (you can see my laser level in action), but if I want to make sure the photo is straight, I tap my phone and turn off the iHandy. status application. This app is my favorite of all the free apps because there are no on-screen ads to get in your way and it’s really cool. You can upgrade for a few dollars to a version that includes extra features like high level and plumb bob.

If you’ve ever been to a thrift store or flea market and you think you have the perfect piece of furniture, but you’re not sure if it’s the right size for your space, this app might be for you! You! With the Light Photo Gallery app, you can take a picture of any space in your home and add dimensions so you know if it fits when you hit the right “Search” button. With the Photo Free Light free app you can save two photos at the same time by taking photos with the metering parameters in the app and then saving the photos to my phone. can New order. You can also purchase an upgrade if you want to save more than two photos or sync them to your iPad. Note that this app doesn’t take measurements for you (I don’t think any other app does, really), but it’s easy to put them on your photos.

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Although I use Pinterest almost daily, I added the Pinterest app to my phone a few years ago (I’m a petite girl!). But it’s great to have a portable version (a great way to kill time while standing in line.) when I’m out and about. Definitely one of my favorite apps at home! If you don’t follow me on Pinterest, you can find me.

I used PicMonkey as a quick and easy age editing tool, but they recently released a smaller version that you can find here. I use it a lot to create collages and pictures, this photo below is from my post on how to design a bookshelf. Create a white background and add text over it using the “Stickers” feature! It’s easy to add photos and text you take when making a purchase: add price, dimensions, etc.

This is also what I use to create my character designs – you can see all the details on how I created mine.

Room Decor Application

I love making lists. I can’t do anything without it, and have multiple lists running at once. Although I still prefer pencil and paper lists, I’ve started doing my lists electronically more often, and of the apps I’ve tried, Microsoft’s To Do app is my favorite. Not only can you create separate lists, but you can also trigger urgent items and assign dates to receive reminders, so you never miss a thing. You can invite other users to join (like your food list, everyone in the family can add it to their phone). I love that it has a little checkbox, and you get a nice happy sound when you check something that gives you a sense of accomplishment like going beyond pencil and paper. 🙂

Led Corner Floor Lamp Rgb Color Changing Standing Lamp Room Decor App Remote Control Minimalist Floor Lamp Atmosphere Lighting Floor Lamps Aliexpress

In addition to loving to-do lists, I also love drawing things. Graphic design rarely strikes me, and I love being able to pick up my phone and do a quick sketch. The paper app has a variety of drawing tools (I love the cute pencil!) and you can choose your favorite colors to draw with. Once you have some drawings in the program, you can start organizing them into these cute sketchbooks so you can easily find them when you want to go back to them. It’s not just a home decorating app, it’s also very useful for planning a painting!

Although I didn’t use one of the paint color match apps to choose the exact color I was going to paint, I did use it to get the exact direction I chose. Most of the big color palettes have their own apps that work the same way: You can upload a photo or take one with your phone’s camera and it will give you the corresponding colors. The three I’ve used are Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap software, Benjamin Moore’s Color Portfolio software, and Behr’s Color Smart software.

The Houzz app is one of the most popular home design apps. It has more than 25 million images of home interiors and exteriors that you can view, and it has a “see things in your room” feature. It also has a professional directory that you can use for design and custom work projects to find the best local companies in your area. You can also create idea books to help you collect and organize images you find in the app that inspire you.

If you love Instagram as much as I do, you probably know that many bloggers (myself included) use RewardStyle to embed content into the images we share, making it easy to buy content from photos you see and like. RewardsStyle recently created the app to easily connect with these products. Once you download the app and “like” or share a photo on Instagram with a product linked by RewardStyle, that photo and all related products will automatically go into the app, where you can view them immediately or review them later. You have more time. You can search and follow your favorite Instagrams and see each of their product-related photos, including posts you may have missed! Great app and crazy reviews! Just click to download the app and check it out (like and follow me)!

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Those are my ten favorite home design apps, how about you? I got several of these through recommendations from friends, and I’m always ready to save some, so I’d love for you to share! Tired of spending countless hours and dollars designing your home?

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