Samsung Camera Application

Samsung Camera Application – In this article, I have gone through each camera setting of the Samsung Note20 Ultra and explained them. These settings and how they work may differ depending on the Samsung smartphone you have. Older models or models with lower specifications are likely to have lower capabilities, for example when selecting frames per second and resolution.

When you first open the Samsung Camera app, you’ll probably find yourself in the main photo mode.

Samsung Camera Application

Samsung Camera Application

Of course, the main feature is this big circle that is the shutter button. Tap it to take a photo. And basically, whichever mode you choose on this button, you’ll either take a photo or start and stop recording.

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Samsung Camera allows you to pause while filming. When you tap the shutter button, a pause button will appear next to it. Tap to pause and resume.

To change the mode, swipe up and down where it says “Photo.” You can choose a single shot, a photo, a video and more If you select More, you’ll be taken to several additional camera features, including Pro Mode and Pro Video Mode.

My Samsung Note20 Ultra has 4 cameras. Main camera on the back, ultra-wide and telephoto. Front selfie camera.

By default, the camera is set to use the main lens. This camera has the best sensor of any lens, so if you want the best quality photos and videos, I recommend this camera.

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To switch to telephoto, tap the icon with a single tree-shaped object. My device uses 5x optical zoom out of the box. At the same time, a menu opens with other zoom options.

In my case, I can increase up to 50 times. Anything over 5x will be digital zoom. And the digital zoom can get really big when you set it high.

After a few seconds, the zoom selector moves. However, you can open it again by tapping the telephoto button again.

Samsung Camera Application

You can also zoom in and out with a 2-finger pinch and release motion on the screen. Now you’ll get a slider that you can use to swipe up and down for more precise scaling.

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If you’re zoomed in and want to switch back to the 1x main sensor, tap the middle icon with the 2 tree shapes. Of course, it also switches to the main lens.

If you zoom more than 5x, you can reset to 5x by tapping the telephoto selector again.

If you zoom in too close, a guide will appear in the upper left corner. This allows you to see around the frame to make framing the shot easier. It also lets you know when the camera’s stabilizer has stabilized the shot from white to yellow.

With an ultra-wide angle lens, you can zoom in and out to fine-tune your framing. It starts at 0.5x, but you can increase it to 0.7x, for example.

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So that means there are 3 ways to switch cameras. 3 buttons, zoom selector and on-screen finger zoom.

To switch between the front or selfie camera, tap the button above the shutter button with 2 arrows in a circle. Another way is to swipe left to right or right to left on the screen.

In any camera mode, when you tap the screen, the camera will try to focus and set the exposure correctly using that point as a reference. You will see a white circle.

Samsung Camera Application

To make sure these settings are locked, tap and hold the white circle until it turns yellow and the small lock symbol turns off.

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Now when you move the camera, exposure and focus remain constant and won’t change to adapt to different lighting and subjects.

Whether the exposure is locked or not, you can adjust the exposure by swiping left and right at the bottom of the circle. It moves to this point on the line, a small slider to show the current exposure adjustment setting.

The shutter button at the bottom (or side) is the gallery button. Tap it to open your gallery. Swipe left and right to view.

On the left side of the screen (or at the top if you’re holding the phone vertically) is a row of buttons These buttons change depending on which mode you are in.

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From the top we have a button that looks like a magic wand. This is the filter button. It is available in both photo and video modes. Tap it to access different filters to change the look and tone of your video

There are 3 options to choose from. Face offers many beauty mode settings. Tap on the face to enable it and now adjust the settings as per your need from the list below. You can adjust the eye shape, jawline, tone and smoothness.

Filters opens a menu with several preset color filters. Swipe and use the slider to adjust the power.

Samsung Camera Application

With My Filters you can create your own custom filter based on an image from the gallery Tap the square with the plus sign and select a photo from your gallery A filter will now be automatically generated based on the presence of this image

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This can be useful if you want to take a series of photos that look consistent. To rename a filter, tap where it says Filter 1 (or whatever number you have). Then save and the filter will be saved for later use.

Below the filter button is a button with a square and a small triangle. Tap it to enable moving photos A motion picture is basically a short video clip rather than a single frame photograph. Video recording will start before you press the shutter button.

For example, if you’re shooting something live like sports, Motion Photo will make it easy to capture the exact moment a goal is scored or someone crosses the finish line. This is similar to burst mode.

Take a photo with Motion Photo. Open the photo in the gallery. Tap View Motion Photo and you can now view your photo as a video clip.

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Swipe to the best shot. Tap the square button on the left to select that frame You can also convert this clip to a GIF using the 2nd button.

However, you can choose a frame from any video clip. Here is a video I made a few days ago. Stop the video at the frame I want to record and press this button here. The photo in this frame will now be saved to your gallery.

On this device (Note 20 Ultra) I can choose full (which uses the whole screen), 1:1 (which is square), 16:9 (which is normal aspect ratio), then 4:3 and 4:3 has 108MP.

Samsung Camera Application

If you choose the 108MP option, the entire main camera sensor will be used when taking a photo. If I choose this ratio, you’ll notice that the ultra-wide and telephoto options are no longer available. This is because the 108 MP sensor is the main sensor, while other cameras use smaller sensors.

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In shooting mode, the next button is the timer function. Just tap and choose from 4 options – Off, 2, 5 and 10 Now when you tap the shutter button, the camera will count down the selected number of seconds before taking the photo

I noticed that the camera won’t adjust focus in this mode when you set the timer. So if you want to take a picture of yourself by pressing the shutter and moving the frame, you may be out of focus.

The next button below is the camera flash. Tap to open 3 options: Always Off, Automatic and Always On. Automatic flash will only be used when there is not enough light.

In video mode, there’s a button below the ratio dial to enable Super Steady stabilization. It uses additional digital stabilization to make videos smoother.

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Downsides are limited frame rate and resolution, and no telephoto camera capability When Super Steady is on, the frame rate and resolution selectors are disabled.

You may notice a different cut without it. When activated, it automatically switches to an ultra-wide lens, but is cropped. You can choose the basic (advanced quality) camera, but this will also be included.

In video mode and pro video mode, you had to go into settings to change the resolution and frame rate. But now Samsung has created a selection menu on the home screen.

Samsung Camera Application

This button shows the current selection here. My camera is currently set to shoot Full High Definition or FHD (that’s 1080p) at 30fps. So just tap to get the list of options.

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In Pro Video mode, there are more options. There is a 24fps option for FHD and UHD. here

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