Samsung’s Default Application

Samsung’s Default Application – Jack Wallen shows you how easy it is to find the Android apps you want to use by default.

The default application is what you want your operating system to use to open certain files or links. By default, Android uses Google apps. for example, the default web browser for Android is Chrome. But what if you want to use a secure or flexible browser as your default? You may have a Samsung phone and you set Bixby as your default digital assistant app. What would you do to change that?

Samsung’s Default Application

Samsung's Default Application

For those who want to use the native applications sent; Although this should not be a problem for users of non-Google applications (such as the Firefox web browser and signal messaging application) or those who have a Samsung phone. Most people don’t want to use Bixby as their digital assistant and want to change their default app.

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This also applies to anyone who may have installed a third-party home screen launcher (like Nova Launcher).

If you think Read on to learn how to set default apps on Android 12. don’t worry. This process is not difficult at all; If something goes wrong, it is very easy to go back to mistakes.

Suppose you have the Firefox web browser installed and you want to set it as your default. To do this, Click on the entry Application browser (Figure 3).

In the list of installed browsers (of which I don’t have many), click Firefox to set as default.

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Swipe left (if you’ve enabled navigation) or the back button (left arrow) to return to the default apps list, where you can set default settings for other apps.

It must be added because the world we live in is full of disgusting materials. Always be careful when installing apps. I completely trust the apps I install on my devices and limit them to the ones I need.

Just because you can change the default doesn’t mean you should. Changing your default web browser (to a familiar product like Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi or Brave) is completely safe. However, be careful with other default settings.

Samsung's Default Application

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