Settings Applications Cannot Be Opened

Settings Applications Cannot Be Opened – Are you frustrated by Windows 11/Windows 10 Settings not opening issue? Don’t panic if the Settings app doesn’t open and you can’t access all Windows settings. It’s easily resolved. Read this post to learn how to get rid of the problem.

Windows 10/11 introduces the Settings feature, which is easier to work with and more user-friendly than its predecessor, the Control Panel. It provides an easy way to personalize and control many important tasks and features such as Windows Updates, User Accounts, Privacy, Network and more.

Settings Applications Cannot Be Opened

Settings Applications Cannot Be Opened

However, there are cases where the setup doesn’t work. For example, Windows 10/11 can’t open settings or freezes/freezes after opening settings menu. Windows 11/Windows 10 settings not working issue has been reported by many users and is always caused by corrupted system files, corrupted user account files, update bugs, etc.

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So, this issue suggests that Windows 10/11 may be blocked from installing updates and performing some settings-related tasks through the Windows Update feature if the settings are not accessible. Pretty scary! But don’t worry. We have given you some simple ways to solve this problem and you just need to choose the one that suits your needs.

How to fix Windows 10/11 settings not opening? If you cannot open Settings in Windows 10/11, you can try restarting your computer to see if the problem is resolved. If that doesn’t work, try the other methods below.

You usually open the program by clicking on the Windows logo and selecting Settings. If that doesn’t work, there are other ways to open it. Then how can I open Settings in Windows 10/11? Guide is easy to follow.

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Tip: If none of these methods work, select Update & Security > Troubleshoot, check the list, and run the troubleshooter that matches your current problem.

If Windows 11/Windows 10 Settings still doesn’t open after trying these methods, try another method.

There is an issue with Windows 11/Windows 10 Settings not opening because for some reason you may have disabled Windows Settings via Registry Editor or Windows Group Policy. We recommend getting a check.

Settings Applications Cannot Be Opened

Note: Before performing this operation, it is recommended to back up the registry files to avoid system problems due to improper performance.

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If, after trying this method, you still encounter the Windows 11/Windows 10 Settings not working issue, then please continue using another method to open the settings and make them work properly.

Running an SFC scan can help as Windows 10/11 may not be able to open Settings if some system files are corrupted. SFC, which stands for System File Checker, is a tool that comes with the Windows operating system. It can be used to scan the system and restore corruption of Windows system files.

Note: Sometimes SFC may get stuck and not be able to modify the file. See our previous article (Windows 10 SFC/Scannow stuck on 4/5/30/40/73, etc?) to resolve this issue. 7 ways to try

After the scan is complete, check if the issue with Windows Settings not opening is resolved. If not, try another solution.

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As mentioned above, Windows Update may not work in Windows Settings. You can use the Windows Update troubleshooter to get your apps to open and work normally.

Note: If the Windows 11/Windows 10 Settings app doesn’t work, sometimes the Control Panel won’t open either. If you have this problem, read this post (7 Ways to Fix Control Panel Won’t Open in Windows 10) to learn how to fix it.

1. Search for cmd, right-click on the result and select Run as Administrator to launch the Command Prompt as Administrator.

Settings Applications Cannot Be Opened

If this does not solve the problem, you will need to log in as another valid user with administrator privileges.

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The Windows 11/Windows 10 Settings app doesn’t work, so I can’t create a new user account through the app. If you are using Windows 10/11 Pro, use Command Prompt instead.

2. Run the command net user newusername newpassword /add and press Enter. You will then see a message that the command completed successfully.

3. Then type the command net localgroup Administrators newusername /add and press Enter to make the new user an administrator.

If Windows 10 still cannot access Settings after trying all of the above methods, you may need to reinstall the operating system as a last resort.

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Note: Before reinstalling Windows 10/11, it is recommended to back up important files using ShadowMaker – professional backup software. This process will delete some data on your hard drive.

Then start reinstalling the operating system. This post – How to easily reinstall Windows 10 without CD/USB (3 Techniques) will give you several methods and choose one according to your actual situation.

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Settings Applications Cannot Be Opened

After trying these workarounds, the Settings app will work fine and you will be able to access it to perform some tasks related to user accounts, Windows Updates, Privacy, Internet, etc.

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Actually computer problems – Besides Windows 10/11 settings not working, other issues like task manager not responding, file explorer not opening, blue screen of death, etc. occur for certain reasons.

Therefore, it is recommended that you create an image for your Windows operating system so that you can restore your computer to a normal state in case of problems. How to back up Windows 10/11?

ShadowMaker is a versatile backup software compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 and more. With it, you can easily create backup copies of files and folders, disks, partitions and Windows operating systems on USB. Flash drives, external hard drives, shared folders, etc.

Importantly, it provides tools to create bootable disks, USB hard drives, or USB flash drives to boot a non-bootable computer and recover quickly and easily. It also supports global restore so you can restore your system to a computer with different hardware.

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Now click the button below to download the trial version and start creating your system image. This version is free to use for 30 days only, so upgrade to the full version if needed.

3. By default, ShadowMaker chooses the system partition (such as the system reserved partition and the C drive) from the resource partition. Your goal is to troubleshoot Windows 11/Windows 10 settings not opening on your system. Make a backup so you can shut down. this step.

4. Sometimes this software also selects the destination route. If not, or the path isn’t what you want, you can specify the location of the system image.

Settings Applications Cannot Be Opened

Here are all the steps to backup Windows 10/11 OS using ShadowMaker. If Windows 10/11 won’t open again or you have other PC problems with your Windows system, you can use a system image to restore your computer to a backed up point. This can save a lot of time in troubleshooting.

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Now back up your operating system using ShadowMaker. You can also clone disks, backup files, partitions or disks and synchronize files. Please try again after resolving the Windows 11/Windows 10 Settings app not working issue. Of course, if you like this app, you can also share it with your friends.

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Is there a problem? Windows 11/Windows 10 settings not opening? After reading this post, you should have a clear idea of ​​the problem and how to fix it if the setup won’t start. Try it according to real examples. It is also recommended to create a system image for faster disaster recovery.

If you have other ways to troubleshoot your setup, or if you have any questions regarding the software, please leave a comment in the comments section or email our team at [email protected]. We will reply as soon as possible.

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Before proceeding with the fixes below, let’s look at the cause of this confusing error message.

Error 10673 “Could not open application.”

Settings Applications Cannot Be Opened

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