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Shorten Link Application – As part of my training to become a full-fledged software engineer at ALX SE, I had the opportunity to develop a link shortener as a portfolio project. The purpose of this project was to showcase my skills and serve as a practical application of my training.

I am very proud to have created a solution that solves a common problem many people face: dealing with long and intimidating relationships. My Link Shortener offers an easy way to shorten long URLs, making them more manageable and less intimidating.

Shorten Link Application

Shorten Link Application

My goal with this link shortener is to help businesses and individuals share their content effectively. By providing a simple and effective way to shorten links, I hope to improve the online experience and encourage better engagement. Whether it’s social sharing, email communication, or any other context where long links can be a hindrance, my solution aims to provide a useful tool.

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I am excited about the potential impact of my link shortener as it can make it easier for everyone to share and access information. I hope to contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable online experience with shorter and more user-friendly links.

Overall, I am proud to have developed this link shortener as part of my ALX SE program and look forward to seeing how it can positively impact businesses and individuals.

So what exactly is a link shortener? what is it used for? why do you need

Imagine you’re a social media marketer for a fashion brand and want to promote a new product launch on Twitter or Instagram. Your website has a link to a product page, but the URL is long and complex, with lots of numbers and symbols, sounds scary, right?

Include A Website To Shorten The Url Link Before Posting It

If you wanted to share the entire URL on Twitter or any social network of your choice, it would take up a significant portion of the character limit, leaving little room for your ad message and hashtags. Even worse, the connection can be broken or distorted, resulting in errors or dropped connections.

This is where a link shortener comes in. With a link shortener, you can shorten a long URL into a shorter, more manageable link that’s easier to share on Twitter and like. You can also customize your brand’s domain link to make it more memorable and recognizable to your audience. That sounds like something you’d want, right?

In addition to simplifying link sharing, link shorteners also provide valuable analytics and tracking data. You can see how many people clicked on the link, where they came from and even what devices they used. This information can help you measure the success of your social media campaigns and make data-driven decisions about future advertising.

Shorten Link Application

In short, Link Shortener is a must-have for social marketers (and anyone who wants to share links online) because it simplifies link sharing, saves character space, and provides valuable analytics and tracking data.

Url Shortener, Custom Short Urls & Free Link Shortener

Ushort is a powerful link shortener designed to simplify long URLs, track click activity, and provide an easy-to-use user interface. With Ushort, you can effortlessly convert long URLs into shorter, more manageable links. It allows you to track the location of people who click on your links, giving you the number of clicks on a link, giving you valuable insight into user engagement. In addition, Ushort offers the flexibility to customize and edit the URL to your liking. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface provides users with a seamless experience and makes it easy to navigate and use features. In short, Ushort is a comprehensive link shortening solution that combines simplicity, tracking capabilities, customization options, and user interface into one powerful tool. this project was developed as a portfolio project for the ALX SE program as part of our training to become full-fledged software engineers. I’m proud to have developed a solution that solves a common problem for many people and I hope this link shortener will help businesses and individuals to shorten the long and daunting link.

1. Easier to share: Shortened links are easier to remember, share and type than long and complex URLs, especially on platforms with limited characters.

2. Monitoring and analysis. Link shortening apps often provide tracking data and analytics that can help you measure link success and make data-based decisions about future advertising.

3. Customization: Link shortener apps allow you to customize branded domain links to make them more memorable and recognizable to your audience.

Socxly: Url Shortener

4. Protection: Link shortener apps can protect your links from spam and phishing attacks and ensure your audience clicks on safe and secure links.

Although the Ushort software may seem simple at first glance, it certainly had its problems, just like any other software project. One of the initial hurdles was deciding on an appropriate technology stack. It was very important to choose technologies that would ensure future scalability while remaining flexible and user-friendly. After extensive research and evaluation, I decided to use React.js for the front-end and the Flask Python framework for the back-end.

Another significant challenge was the implementation of a strong authentication and authorization system for users. I had to find a balance between allowing unregistered users to access the app while limiting their functionality. Finally, I developed a fair use policy where only registered users could take full advantage of the software’s features, such as editing URLs and tracking link clicks. So while I might humorously ask, “Why don’t you want to register?”, the goal was to ensure that registered users can take full advantage of the features that Ushort has to offer.

Shorten Link Application

Another big challenge was in the area of ​​UI/UX design. I spent a lot of time thoroughly researching how to create an attractive and easy interface. This included envisioning the overall look and feel of the dashboard and carefully considering the user workflow to ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience. The goal of the investment in UI/UX design was to provide a visually appealing and intuitive interface that would provide users with a satisfying experience while navigating and using Ushort’s features. link to my design ( Api For Short Branded Urls

1. User submits a URL: When a user submits a URL to be shortened, it triggers a request to the backend. The URL is extracted from the data portion of the request.

2. Unique slug generation: Ushort generates a random, unique element (a short alphanumeric string) that represents a shortened URL. This destination is used to create a shortened URL that matches the original long URL.

3. Slug uniqueness check: The system checks whether the generated slug already exists in the database. If so, a new bullet is generated until a unique one is found.

4. Creating a shortened URL: A shortened URL is created by combining the root URL (request.url_root) with a unique slug.

Desktop Chrome App: Url Shortener

5. Storage of connection information. The link information, including the shortened URL, long URL, track, name, and assigned user ID, is stored in the database for future reference.

6. Shortened URL Return: A shortened URL is returned to the user as a response, giving them a more concise and shareable link.

7. Redirecting the original URL: When a user accesses a shortened URL, the Ushort redirection path is triggered. It checks the URL and compares it to the slugs stored in the database. If a match is found, the user is redirected to the original long URL associated with that slug.

Shorten Link Application

8. User Authentication and Authorization: Ushort implements authentication and authorization to control access to certain features. Only registered and authenticated users can take full advantage of software features such as editing URLs or tracking link clicks. Unregistered users can still access shortened URLs, but with limited options. Reviews And Pricing 2023

By following this technical workflow, Ushort successfully shortens and manages URLs while providing a seamless user experience. (full source code can be found on my github.

In conclusion, Ushort is an impressive link shortener that simplifies long URLs, improves user experience and provides valuable features. Various challenges were overcome during the development process, including selecting appropriate technologies, implementing authentication and authorization systems, and developing an intuitive user interface.

Using the React.js shortcut for the front-end and the Flask Python framework for the back-end provides scalability and flexibility while maintaining ease of use. The authentication and authorization system allows registered users to access a wide range of functions, while unregistered users can continue to use basic functions. This fair use policy ensures a balanced and safe environment for all users.

Built with the end user in mind, Ushort provides a seamless workflow from submitting a URL to generating shortened links. The tracking feature allows users to track click activity and gain valuable insights. A clean and simple interface supported by careful UI/UX design improves the overall experience and makes the app easier to navigate.

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With Ushort, users can effortlessly convert long and complex URLs into short and shareable links. Whether for personal use or business purposes, Ushort offers a powerful solution to a difficult problem.

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