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Sim Online Application – Good news for travelers in Japan! You can now pick up your JP SMART SIM directly at Narita International Airport, eliminating the hassle of securing your local data and calling card when you arrive. As Japan opens up to tourists, students and workers, we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome you. However, we know that a Japanese SIM card is traditionally a complicated task.

In the past, most Japanese telecom companies required you to apply in-store or online, followed by a waiting period for mail delivery. JP SMART SIM simplifies this process. You can now apply before you travel and collect your SIM card at the airport collection desk as soon as you land. With a few quick steps you’ll be connected and ready to explore worry-free.

Sim Online Application

Sim Online Application

If you are not familiar with JP SMART SIM, stay tuned. Before we get into the specifics of the new airport pickup service, let’s take a quick look at what JP SMART SIM has to offer.

Best Singapore Prepaid Sim Card For Travellers

In essence, the JP SMART SIM is a Japanese communications card that uses the Docomo network, one of Japan’s major telecommunications operators. What sets JP SMART SIM apart is its commitment to simplifying the often complicated application process for foreigners. With multilingual websites and customer service, it’s no wonder that this SIM card has earned a reputation as the most popular choice among international visitors.

πŸ‘ All you need to request is your passport πŸ‘ No fixed contract term πŸ‘ Ready to use, no instant cancellation required πŸ‘ Online customer service in 4 languages

Additionally, JP SMART SIM offers a variety of packages to meet your specific needs while in Japan. You can choose monthly options such as DATA SIM (Internet + SMS) or Call SIM (Internet + SMS + calls). Both options have received rave reviews from international users.

These SIM cards are a practical solution to the everyday challenges you face in Japan – such as opening a bank account or finding a part-time job – which often require a local contact number.

Sim Online Application

JP SMART SIM is particularly suitable for short-term study programs, working holidays or impromptu business trips. Without a fixed contract you can resign at any time without penalty. As long as your phone is not locked, you can seamlessly switch to a new phone and continue using your JP SMART SIM.

When it comes to dating, you’re spoiled for choice. Internet plans range from 1GB to a whopping 50GB, with prices starting at 880 yen per month (tax included). For detailed package options, be sure to check the official website.

In summary, JP SMART SIM offers a wide range of affordable packages with reliable network speeds, giving you the freedom to use your data as you would at home. If you’ve exceeded your data limit, you’re not left alone: ​​you can continue browsing at slower speeds or simply unlock higher-speed access with one click.

Sim Online Application

From navigating routes to discovering local gems, booking hotels to sharing your adventures on social media, you can do it all without worrying about data caps or high costs. Your stay in Japan will be comfortable and fun.

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What really sets JP SMART SIM apart is its user-friendly approach. Registration and activation are a breeze, guided by simple instructions. And if you run into any problems, multilingual customer support in Chinese, English, Vietnamese and Japanese is always available to help you.

Back to our exciting news: JP SMART SIM recently opened collection counters at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Tokyo Narita International Airport. This is a game changer that completely eliminates the need for mail delivery and the associated waiting time for arriving passengers.

Worried about self-installation? Do not stay! The counter staff is ready to help you with any questions you may have, making the process more convenient and stress-free. And it doesn’t stop there: plans are underway to expand the service to other airports, so stay tuned for more access in the future.

Ready to request JP SMART SIM airport pickup online? Make sure you have the due date, passport and credit card ready to pay the opening fee. We have collected details of the specific collection points and the documents you will need to collect your SIM. Don’t forget to save or screenshot the information for easy reference! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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Note: There is no permanent staff at the counter in Terminal 2. Please use the telephone on the counter to call the staff.

Passport and email received after completing the application with subject: Important – Notification of completion of the contract and receipt of the SIM card

Once you’ve picked up your SIM package, follow the step-by-step instructions in the included installation guide and you’re good to go.

Sim Online Application

A new airport transfer service solves many challenges for those landing in Japan. Choose the most convenient monthly rental SIM from JP SMART SIM, you have both calls and internet access at the touch of a button. Ready to try it? Experience this convenience on your next trip to Japan’s Narita Airport.

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I wish you an unforgettable trip to Japan and maybe even the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Have a nice trip!πŸ’—

No guarantor required! Weekly and monthly rates available. Good short and long term stay. KKday is a site that offers optional tours in more than 53 countries. Discover a tour of unique experiences in Japan! 48% Off Hello Kitty Theme Park Disneyland Tokyo Tickets Sanrio Puroland 1-Day Pass E-Tickets (Direct Entry Tickets) Universal Studios Japanβ„’ Osaka Studio 1-Day E-Tickets One Piece Tower Tokyo E-Tickets Valid for $20 SIM $20 Limited time and available in authorized stores and retailers.

The $12 to $25 SIM is valid for a limited time and available in authorized stores and retailers.

Whether you are looking for a prepaid SIM card with 1 month validity or the cheapest prepaid SIM card Singapore has to offer, you are in the right place. It has an amazing selection of prepaid calling cards at an incredible value. With a super simple registration process to ensure you’re connected quickly and stress-free, getting your hands on a prepaid SIM is as easy as visiting our favorite prepaid stores or partners and registering with us with the required documents. .

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Browse our selection of prepaid SIM card offers online, starting at just $8 and lasting up to 90 days, and go to a store or other approved retailer to purchase a new prepaid data card and activate everything.

Am, we strive to offer our customers as many options as possible to provide the best value. Prepaid SIMs for iPads and cell phones are available in 4 different plans at different prices, including:

What else If you’re looking for an extra prepaid SIM card for use abroad, don’t miss the amazing features and benefits (and of course the value!) of our M Card. If you’re traveling abroad, once you land you’re easily connected as long as you have an M Card. Subscribe to our 4G data packages to automatically connect to our 4G services.

Sim Online Application

You might think that getting a 4G network with a Singapore prepaid calling card costs a lot. Don’t worry, all of our wallet-friendly prepaid data SIM cards are compatible with 4G Internet, and if you have a 4G mobile phone, just swap the SIM card for one on the network and you’re done.

Sim Ge Application Process

We do not currently offer the purchase of SIM cards for prepaid services not linked to a prepaid tariff plan. However, this does not mean that you are limited to the calling plan you signed up for. We have a 24-hour service where you can change your rate plan at any time by paying a $1 fee which is deducted from your prepaid principal balance.

When you buy a new prepaid mobile SIM from us, you can choose between different prices: $8, $12, $14 and $60. Specify the amount of benefits and the validity period you spend. For example, the $12 option (UP $25) is a monthly prepaid SIM card that you have to top up every month if you want to keep using it, while the $14 plan is half a prepaid SIM card subscription of 1 year. Since his principal balance has been increasing for as long as 180 days.

Ultimately, choosing the price of the prepaid SIM that’s best for you depends on your level of usage.

You can purchase a new prepaid SIM card listed online from many different retailers, including our stores, as well as prepaid prepaid partners and designated authorized resellers. You can also find the cheapest prepaid mobile SIM card in Singapore at Changi Meet & Greet* and Changi Recommendations in the arrival halls of Terminals 1, 2 and 4*.

Cheapest Prepaid Sim Card Plans In Singapore (2023)

Finally, for your convenience, you can purchase one of our $14 or $25 prepaid cards for your cell phone, iPad or other tablet device at 7-Eleven and Cheers convenience stores.

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