Smartfren Quota Check Application

Smartfren Quota Check Application – How to Check Smartfren Quota – Your friends probably know about Smartfren. The carrier first appeared in 2015 when it upgraded to its 4G LTE Advanced service. In 2017, Smartfren also innovated by converting customers who previously used CDMA cards to 4G. Currently, Smartfren has a very wide network coverage throughout Indonesia, so the brand often becomes the official communication partner of famous smartphone brands.

If you are using a SmartFren card for the first time, you may still be confused about how to check your internet balance. Find out more here!

Smartfren Quota Check Application

Smartfren Quota Check Application

The first way to check your Smartfren quota is through the dial button, also known as the phone button. This method is very simple.

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Another way to check your Smartfren Internet quota is through the MySmartfren Self Care app. Smartfren users will automatically install this app. However, if you are not using a Smartfren smartphone, you will first need to download this application from the Play Store. Do not worry. This app is free! Once installation is complete, you can check your Internet quotas.

Very easy, right? This app is also very useful as you can get interesting information about Smartfren and also choose super bundle products as per your needs.

If you have never tried cyber surfing with Smartfren Internet Quota, you are really missing out! If you purchase the GoKillMax Starter Card, you can receive various benefits. The starter card itself is the latest Smartfren prepaid card that comes in three variants: Gokil Max Starter Card 9GB, 21GB, and 36GB. The validity period of this starter card is also quite long, 60 days.

After purchasing this starter card and completing the quota package, you will see your local quota. This quota is only available if you are in a specific region or city. For example, if you purchase your Starter Card in Jakarta, this means that your quota is only valid when you are in Jakarta and cannot be used outside cities such as Bandung or Yogyakarta.

Jual Kartu Paketan Smartfren Harga Terbaik & Termurah September 2023

Well, there are also things called national quotas. As the name suggests, this quota can be used indefinitely throughout the city. Therefore, if you travel frequently, it may be a good idea to choose a package with a higher international quota. When you load your internet package onto this starter card, you will also receive a special quota bonus that can be used from 1 PM to 5 AM. It is this additional quota that will be used first in the future. This is because when the quota is exhausted, the local quota is used.

You must be very curious, right? What are the benefits of using Smartfren? First of all, of course, there is no need to wander around looking for a signal. This is because SmartFren provides internet access through a 4G network anywhere in Indonesia. You can easily access the Internet wherever you go. Another advantage is that you can get lots of rewards and cashback. But to take advantage of these different and exciting bonuses, you must first download the MySmartfren app.

Especially for its loyal customers, Smartfren offers many attractive offers that cannot be missed. Not only will you enjoy a strong signal without stopping, but you’ll also save money thanks to the many quota bonuses. What should I do if I have problems purchasing an allowance or other package from Smartfren? Do not worry. You can report this issue to our 24-hour customer care team, who are ready to assist you through various platforms. Don’t forget to follow Smartfren’s social networks so you don’t miss out on the latest information and events you can participate in.

Smartfren Quota Check Application

If you travel internationally often, there is no need to worry as there are data roaming packages you can activate. There are packages for Singapore-Malaysia, Asia Pacific countries, especially Saudi Arabia, and packages for the rest of the world. To activate this roaming service, you must ensure that your SIM card is compatible with Smartfren International roaming service. The way to do this is to call the Smartfren exchange.

Berikut Daftar Keunggulan Smart Volte Dari Smartfren

After that, you need to fill out a special form to activate international roaming services and confirm bill payment via credit card direct debit from the Smartfren library. Once everything is done, you can activate the package by dialing *123/5#. Then simply choose the plan that suits your needs.

Isn’t it great? With just one card, you have the freedom to choose your data package as well as other packages that you can customize to suit your needs. To recharge your Smartfren data plan, you can also do so via . The process is easy and fast, and there are many discounts!

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