Store Stamp Application

Store Stamp Application – Your own application is not the end! The application is an active communication channel for customers and employees.

Whether as a marketing tool, as an additional service channel or as an internal communication channel with colleagues in the field or in production.

Store Stamp Application

Store Stamp Application

With the construction kit, you simply click on the application of the completed module. And if you need support, we are ready for you in German and English!

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Your app is about mobile communication with customers. So retain and activate users, provide information to employees or digitize processes (for example in administration).

And communication through the application is observed! As soon as we have free time, we will get a smartphone! Take advantage of these “micro-moments” and reach your target audience when they receive your message!

For customer engagement with our app platform, these communications can be automated if desired. This allows you to reach the target group in the right environment, depending on the context, and also at the right time, depending on the behavior.

Add the features you want, choose the right theme and publish your app to the store. And the best thing is: you can customize all the content and functions later when you use it.

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Customer focus and a good concept are the keys to a successful application. Learn how to get your app up and running in just 15 minutes!

Arrange a consultation! Together with an application expert, you will find the optimal application concept and discuss individual questions. Simple, fast and uncomplicated. Mobile apps are the most important tools that entrepreneurs want and use to power their businesses. As consumers have moved from desktop computers to smartphones, so have businesses.

Now any business can have an app. Users can develop their own applications with unique features without the need for codeless application developers. This app building platform offers users many features to add.

Store Stamp Application

Is one of the best app builders for mobile app development and also works as a website to app converter. One of the outstanding features is “Stamps”. Think of it as a digital coupon. Businesses often offer discounts to increase customer engagement and overall sales.

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You can also increase sales for your brick and mortar business or offline business in general with this feature. If you’re thinking “so what?”, we have the answer for you.

Continue reading this article to know how you can use and enable this feature in the No-code app created by. We used use cases to effectively explain all the processes and steps.

With detailed instructions, you will be able to easily integrate this feature into your app and bring more business and profit to your business. So, let’s get started!

Use Case: Admin has opened a new branch in the US and wants current customers to improve their restaurant rating.

Customer Program With Stamps And Digital Receipts

Now the question is, how can the admin get customers to come to your new cafe? Only by using the Stamp function.

Provide a stamp feature that the user can use as a digital loyalty card or reward for the user using the application, where the user will collect the stamp on the mobile phone and according to the administrator’s prescription, a reward or coupon will be issued to the user become .

Here today the admin sent a ring to every user of the app with a promise that the user will get 50% discount on the product if they buy it directly from the new store.

Store Stamp Application

Administrators can also set up and send push notifications for these stamps to alert app users.

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If you want to stamp a coupon, you must first create a coupon and then stamp it. Let’s see how we can do this.

Now that you have created stamps for users on the bulletin board, let’s see how you can do this.

Admin can also manage stamps where they can check which users have registered coupons and when and also delete or register other coupons.

*When all the stamps set by the administrator have been printed, the user application will automatically return all the stamps to a blank screen.

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You can also use stamps as a marketing tool to make your website/offline store users aware of your app

Use case: Admin can issue stamps as event tickets to customers who register for the event and during member registration they need to show the stamp issued in the app to enter the event, those customers need to install your app which is good. How to make your customers aware of your app.

You can also use stamps as a loyalty reward, as administrators can register stamps that offer $10 off purchases from offline stores, or $50 off online store purchases. This way you will introduce customers online and offline and increase sales.

Store Stamp Application

These stamps can be manually scanned by the admin, so when the customer visits the store, the store employee will scan the customer’s stamp and give the corresponding discount. When starting your digital loyalty program, you may be wondering what approach to take. Let’s see together:

Limited Edition Collectors Stamp

You only send push notifications to customers who have agreed to receive them. That’s why push notifications are more attractive. And, unlike SMS, you can add images of products or stores, which makes it even better and more convenient

Loyal customers are the heart of every business because they visit your store regularly.

🔷 If you don’t have the app, after scanning the code you will be directed to the App Store or Play Store to download the app and get points/stamps.

This is the next level. It took a few minutes to set up, but it really helped. If this is too difficult, you can make a demo call with us or send us a message in the chat.

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You have invested in your community and now it is important for you to have a complete overview of your activities. You can access the Dashboard at any time to see how much:

You can set a standard amount for each point (for example €1 spent = 10 points). Then you can create different rewards based on the number of points.

For example, if you are a burger restaurant, you could say 200 points = 1 drink, 500 points = 1 free fries or 1000 points = 1 burger. This is good for businesses where customers pay different amounts.

Store Stamp Application

And what is cool? When the customer pays, you only need to enter the amount and it is automatically translated into points.

Mobile App Main*

Stamps are used forever! Every time a customer pays a certain amount, you decide how many stamps you want to give. Unlike the scoring system, this part cannot be automated. For each transaction, you must calculate the number of stamps to be issued. For example, you want to give 1 ring for every 10 euros and the customer spends 15 euros, then you have to give 1 stamp.

Stamps are the classic way to do this, so we offer them, but we think a points system will give you more flexibility in the long run.

That’s why we’ve worked with local businesses like ours to create the right tools for you

Get started in 5 minutes with a digital loyalty solution that fits your daily routine. Save time, be environmentally friendly and deliver an important message to your customers

Appy Stamp: Rewards And Loyalty Done Differently

Whether you’re thinking about it, just starting out, or an expert, check out our articles, you’re sure to find useful information.

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Store Stamp Application

5 Customer Loyalty Programs That Work Do you want to create a loyalty program, but you are not sure what you can offer your loyal customers? Find out how bigger brands have been built there and why it works like a charm. Loyalty and rewards that work with you and the store to create a program that works for you.

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Our merchants find that points-based loyalty and rewards programs are impractical or confusing for customers. So we take a more traditional approach to using postage stamps digitally. Like a coffee shop: buy a coffee and hand over a loyalty card. They put stamps and refill coffee for free. Reward customers with discounts and more. Appy Stamp is easy to set up, and we’ll work with you to customize the app that best suits your needs. Just read our review.

Our merchants find points-based loyalty and rewards programs unwieldy or confusing.

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