Supernatural Guard Application

Supernatural Guard Application – This is a picture of me the night I met the ghost of a Native American man. I felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to work, but I persisted because I believed the spirit had a purpose for being there. For privacy reasons, I will not reveal the name of the company I work for.

The world experiences an eerie silence in the quiet, moonlit hours between 1am and 9am And when you’re a guard in a large, empty building, strange and mysterious events can send shivers down your spine. Let me take you on a journey through the corridors of my night shift as I recount an experience that changed the way I saw the world forever.

Supernatural Guard Application

Supernatural Guard Application

Imagine a famous Southern California store, shrouded in shadow, the busy daytime life a distant memory. That’s where I found myself, hired as a temporary security guard. My job? To protect the area, check the labyrinth passage, monitor the surveillance equipment, check the building, guard the entrance and confirm any night visitors. Still, with no one but me in the building until 7:00 a.m., every step was haunted by a silence that didn’t scare me.

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There was a startling noise while I was walking one night. As if Native Americans were engaged in a pow-wow dance, their voices echoed through the empty alley. I wondered in my ears and dismissed the mysterious sound as mere speculation.

During one of my excursions, the silence of the night was interrupted by an encounter that will always haunt my dreams. There, between two large pieces of clothing, stood a man who looked remarkably like a Native American. His eyes were fixed on the bright sky, showing a strange calmness on his face.

Curiosity compelled me to observe him, and in a moment we disappeared. A disturbing smile etched on his lips and sent shivers down my spine. I returned the smile, my heart beating fast beyond words.

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Supernatural Guard Application

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