Telkomsel Quota Check Application

Telkomsel Quota Check Application – Hello, my name is Adrian! I am currently learning UI/UX design and joining a bootcamp program from As part of a boot camp assignment, I was tasked with redesigning a simple wireframe and information architecture, but it turns out that part of the progression is continuous prototyping.

So, why did I decide to use my Telkomsel as a case study? I think it’s easier for me to understand the design of the programs I know how to use because I’m one of their customers who uses it daily.

Telkomsel Quota Check Application

Telkomsel Quota Check Application

Telkomcell is a GSM-based cellular telecommunications service provider focused on individual customers, a subsidiary of Telkom. Services offered include chat, telephone and online media. Telkomsel’s target customers are mostly professional workers who complete most of their work with the help of smartphone communication devices. On the one hand, Telkomsel focuses on entertainment media on smartphones. Therefore, the packages offered by Telkomsel are very diverse, including packages that focus on online meetings, social media and online streaming.

By.u From Telkomsel Ready To Be Your Wfh 2021 Mainstay

Telkomsel customers buy internet quota from e-commerce or third-party apps because it is easier for them to get what they want. Whereas the Telkomsel apps are filled with lots of advertising banners and unnecessary buttons that actually lead to the same landing page.

How can we help the Telkomsel user get what they really want without wasting their time and making it simple enough for a first time buyer to use?

In this process, I start looking for bad reviews from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, although it is a bit difficult to find specific bad reviews of apps. I remember one of my mentors telling me that a customer will only review a product if they had a bad experience with it. Most of the bad reviews I’ve read are about poor signal or expensive pricing, whereas a review on the App Store should be about the app itself.

I start the thought process by defining the basic user flow, and how the flow can be improved

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After creating the high-fidelity design, I begin to create the design layout that I want to use in the mockup. Starting with font and size, color and icon. I mention the original app design because I want to make it as realistic as possible.

After creating the design layout, I start compiling one by one, starting with flow 1. I update and focus only on the design on the page that I use for usability testing in the next step.

As I have very little time to test this prototype, I ask 2 of my close friends who use Telkomsel provider to test my prototype. Using my smartphone as a tool, usability testing is controlled, controlled and specified by me.

Telkomsel Quota Check Application

My first edit is changing the credit information on the ad banners. One of my participants asked if there was any promotion going on during UT, but they couldn’t find any information. As all the credit/quota information is already entered in the “Peranda” page, I think it is better to place the ad banner in the “Belanja” section. So the customer will notice if there is any ad while shopping in the app.

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Two of my participants missed placing the coupon in their payment process. I found that neither of them saw the coupon section as a clickable button. So what I do is update the Coupons section. Use the coupon icon and simplify the copy message as a customer invitation to check coupon availability.

I really enjoy the process of learning UI design, especially from an app that I use often. There are many things I learned from this process, starting with research, developing the design, and getting feedback from the tester-participant. If you’re a recruiter for the UI/UX bot I’m joining, I hope this is a starting point to learn more about designing products that help people discover their needs.

If any of you read this process till the end or tried my prototype I would like to thank you. If you have comments or ideas about the designs I create, I’d love to hear from you and learn something from them. Quota pooling is a product offered exclusively to corporate customers and accessible only online. Through the MyEnterprise website.

Payments are made entirely by company employees personally (paying employees). Communication services paid by the company (corporate payments) are not included.

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You can change your package through MyAccount in MyEnterprise by going to the ‘Kuota Bersama’ menu. However, note that package changes are currently only available for package updates.

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Telkomsel Quota Check Application

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