The Application Returns Deleted Photos

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If you’re an iPhone user, you can recover deleted pictures using the built-in “recently deleted” feature, while Android users need to download a dedicated Android photo recovery app.

The Application Returns Deleted Photos

The Application Returns Deleted Photos

However, not all applications available on Google Play can actually recover photos, because not all can scan the device’s internal memory (in the free version). With this in mind, we have reviewed and tested several effective and efficient programs to recover deleted images.

Deleting Photos: Trash (and Recover) Your Snaps

The list includes smartphone and desktop apps that can recover photos from mobile. When compiling the list, I thought about whether these tools are safe, what file formats they support, and what tools they use. If you have never used such a program before, you should choose a suitable tool for beginners.

Verdict: Stellar helps delete photos, videos and audio files from HDD, SSD, SD card, 4K hard drive, USB drive and more. The program restores images in RAW format using the most popular camera brands.

If you don’t see the file format of the item you want to recover in the list of supported file types in the image recovery tool, you can update the existing file types or enter new file headers manually or automatically. However, it supports a wide list of multimedia file formats, including non-standard formats.

Stellar Photo Recovery Tool identifies lost files by taking file signatures into account. If after a quick scan your favorite files are not included in the list of created files, you can choose Deep Scan to perform a deep scan of the selected drive or location.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Iphone Without Backup/computer

Verdict: Dumpster is the best photo recovery app for Android. It allows you to recover almost all text documents, videos, audio files including RAW, JPG, PDF, mp3, mp4, AVI, DOC, TXT, APK, VCF and deleted messages.

Unlike other photo recovery apps that scan your storage for deleted files, Dumpster works in the background as a plug-in on your smartphone and creates copies of deleted files. In other words, the program works like a recycle bin on your desktop.

Note that Dumpster will show a preview of the deleted images/videos so you can delete the files you need. In addition, the program automatically sorts files by category, which makes it easier to find the desired items.

The Application Returns Deleted Photos

Because Dumpster runs in the background, it creates automatic backups of deleted files, which frees up space on your device. However, it is possible to set automatic cleaning.

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Verdict: Android Data Recovery allows you to recover photos from Android devices and SD cards. The program is compatible with more than 8000 devices, and the list of supported formats includes bmp, jpg, png, jpeg, tiff, gif and more.

After connecting the device, you can choose one of the available scanning methods: search only deleted files or all data. You can also choose the type of content to restore. You can preview photos before they are restored and have the option to restore all found files or specific images.

In addition to photos, the program can recover videos, messages, contacts and documents. This photo recovery software also offers additional features such as file backup, data recovery from broken smartphones, screen recording, screen unlocking, and SIM card unlocking.

Verdict: FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful and popular data recovery software. The service can recover lost or deleted files of any type. FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard works on both Mac and Windows. This app supports more than 6,000 Android phones and iPhone, iPad or iPod touch up to the latest iOS 15 version.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Mobile Camera

The software is developed with two types of scanners that increase the chances of getting successful results. In addition, FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard works with various types of data, from video/audio files to notes, archives and other documents.

It doesn’t matter if you accidentally deleted files, accidentally formatted your drive, or suffered a virus attack, this service can handle multiple deletion situations and quickly recover your lost data.

However, you may notice that other programs running in the background become slower. This is because FonePaw Data Recovery uses the speed of your hard drive and changes the performance of other programs. To avoid interruptions and long delays, I recommend that you close all programs when running the FonePaw Data Recovery wizard and during file recovery.

The Application Returns Deleted Photos

Verdict: Undeleter is a photo recovery app for Android that allows users to recover deleted files from internal memory or SD card. It can recover any type of data and files and restore your files to their original state.

How To Recover Deleted Photos On Iphone 2023

To use all the features of the program, you must enable root access on your device, which gives the program full access to the file system. Without root access, file recovery will not be effective.

Undeleter offers three very intuitive functions. This includes file recovery, data recovery and damage/secure deletion. File Recovery allows you to recover photos, audios and videos.

By choosing data recovery, you can recover data from other programs such as black and white programs as well as lost messages. When shredding/secure deletion is enabled, you can permanently delete files that are in the free disk area in batches. Like most photo recovery programs, Undeleter provides a preview before the final recovery and also creates backup copies of files downloaded from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Verdict: Dr.Fone is a photo recovery software that helps you recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs and other data from your iPhone or Android smartphone. Wondershare Dr Fone offers two scanning modes, one for SD card and one for internal memory.

My Phone All My Documents And My Video’s Files Deleted Very Bad Onepuls Plz Resolve This Problem

It also has a scan mode for non-working devices. For example, if your smartphone is damaged or you cannot activate it, you will be able to recover the necessary files with the help of Dr.Fone.

To start scanning, select the “Gallery” box and select “Standard” or “Advanced” mode. The latter requires full access to the Android file system, which theoretically increases the chances of finding the required image.

In the preview window, you can see the files found by the program. You can filter by date, name and save to computer.

The Application Returns Deleted Photos

When I tried Dr.Fone, I noticed that the program found many files, even the ones hidden deep in my device. I like that the scan and recovery process is very fast. However, about 40% of the files (mostly photos and contacts) are corrupted and I can’t open them.

Tips] How To Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos On Iphone

Verdict: DiskDigger is a great photo recovery app for Android devices. You can use this program to recover deleted photos not only from your smartphone, but also from external USB drives, SD cards and even digital cameras.

Although there is a premium version of the program, the free version is not significantly limited in terms of functionality, so you can easily recover deleted photos. I like that this program offers two modes: basic and advanced scanning.

You can do a basic scan even if your device is not rooted. But the program can give bad results if the photos were deleted more than a week ago.

For advanced scanning, you must have root access to the file system. Such a scan is more efficient because the program scans the entire internal memory of the device, including the root folder.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Iphone [2022]

Like Dumpster, DiskDigger has a preview feature. Additionally, you can filter files by date, size, and file name. Unnecessary files can be deleted when the scan is complete. There is also an option to “Clean up free space” to get rid of the remaining space on your device so that all deleted files cannot be recovered. You can save the recovered files to a memory card, send them via email, or upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Verdict: DigDeep Image Recovery is a smooth Android photo recovery app that lets you recover recently deleted media. This program works with file formats like JPG, PNG, etc.

Whether the photos have been deleted from the internal memory or the SD card, this tool can quickly scan the memory block so that you can easily recover the necessary files. Unlike the apps mentioned above, DigDeep cannot be used as a trash can.

The Application Returns Deleted Photos

It recovers files deleted before or after installing the program by analyzing the root folder and more.

Best Ways To Recover Deleted Photos From An Iphone (2023)

DigDeep has an intuitive interface, so you won’t have any problems using it. To get started with DigDeep, just run the scanner. This process may take a few minutes, depending on how much memory you have.

After the process is complete, you will see a screen with folders. Before restoring a photo, make sure it’s the file you want by opening the image.

If you have deleted documents, videos, music or other types of data, this app is useless. In addition, there are cases when the recovered image is damaged or of low quality, and even with the best photo editing program, you will not be able to save it.

All Android users can recover data completely free using Google

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