The Reading Plus Application Is

The Reading Plus Application Is – We work with educators to deliver tailored e-learning solutions to equip students with confidence and skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

Please share the parent/student letter with your students so they have all the information they need to register. Create personalized parent/student summary pages for each class in your management system.

The Reading Plus Application Is

The Reading Plus Application Is

Encourage parents to be involved in their children’s use of Reading Plus. Click the Parent button in the top right corner of your student dashboard for ideas for support and encouragement at home.

Vocabulary Power Plus Classic Level Eleven: Daniel A. Reed: 9781580492553: Books

The Assignment Panel provides an efficient and effective way for teachers to see what work their students have completed while working from home.

Communicate directly with students using the in-app messenger. You can send a message to a student by clicking Messages or clicking the check icon to the left of the student’s name. You can send the same message to the entire class by clicking the message icon at the top of the column.

Review your assignments in your Teacher Dashboard and watch short videos on how to intervene with your students at home!

Check the bulletin board to see if students need your attention and support. Don’t forget to unlock it so it doesn’t distract your students from working on the reading component.

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Use the resources linked below to hold your students accountable for completing their assignments. We know that being accountable in the classroom is hard enough, so the only way to keep students focused at home is to utilize some resources.

Writing prompts are automatically generated for each reading that students read with a comprehension score of 80% or higher. Students enter writing prompts through “Write” on their Student Dashboard.

We know that motivating students can be difficult. Share these resources with parents and students to help keep your students motivated even when they’re at home!

The Reading Plus Application Is

To support differentiation during remote learning, we are providing free resource packs for educators and parents. Printable skill development kits help develop reading comprehension into an essential comprehension skill. We encourage you to email, download, and/or print these resources for your own use or to share with others.

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If you are a teacher or administrator and need help reviewing data or have questions about how to best support students with Reading Plus while they are out of the classroom, schedule a free virtual session. You can sign up now. Create a FOCUS Parent Portal account to access your child’s academic records. This account allows you to message teachers directly, track assignments, due dates, grades, schedules, and more!

Reading allows researchers to work at their own pace through an engaging and motivating online experience. The program provides clear, structured and adaptable learning to support scientists in their challenges and promote them to higher levels as they demonstrate competency.

PowerUp Literacy™ allows students in grades 5/6-8 to develop essential skills for success in both reading and content area learning at their own pace. Through clear guidance, adaptive learning, and a scaffolding system, PowerUp gradually transfers responsibility to scientists who demonstrate greater competency.

Our school uses the Reading Plus program to help your child become a better reader. Reading Plus helps learners develop the skills they need to become proficient readers and lifelong learners. Practicing Reading Plus regularly will make reading easier, improve comprehension, and help students make meaningful connections between what they read and what they learn.

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Each program’s tasks can be completed in any way. But please remind your students that reading instruction (SeeReader) is their most important task! The program tracks weekly completed assignments and a student’s progress toward overall learning goals. Weekly assignments reset every Monday, so if scientists are unable to complete their weekly assignments during the week, they can complete them on the weekend.

When combined with classroom math lessons, DreamBox helps supplement your students’ learning! DreamBox is proven to increase students’ math performance and understanding by dynamically adapting to each student’s learning style. By personalizing learning, the app personalizes content for students and allows them to learn at their own pace. DreamBox is available in English and Spanish!

Parents can also check their student’s progress by logging into the Dreambox Family Dashboard. To do this, first log in to your student’s Dreambox account through Clever, then click the “Set up Parent Access” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. About Reading Plus: Reading Plus is a research-based online program that offers: Improve your reading skills by 2 to 2.5 grade levels in a single school year through customized interventions and instruction for your students. Reading Plus promotes comprehension, vocabulary, motivation, and persistence beyond what other literacy programs offer by addressing silent reading skills. It serves students of a variety of abilities, including English Language Learners, Special Education, RTI/MTSS Levels 1-3, and Advanced. Reading Plus provides teachers with an easy-to-use management and reporting system, extensive resources for key differentiation instruction, professional development, and world-class customer support. Reading Plus programs are offered in more than 5,000 schools nationwide and help more than 1 million students become efficient, confident, lifelong readers.

The Reading Plus Application Is

About the Partnership: Link helps Reading Plus integrate student enrollment with a variety of systems, including Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, Moodle, and Brightspace at partner schools. This allows Reading Plus to enter schools and districts more quickly and efficiently using one of a variety of Link support systems.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Phonics Instruction

“We’re thrilled that Reading Plus is working with Link to quickly meet customers where they are. The pandemic and its impact on budgets is forcing many districts to consolidate the systems they use. “This connection will allow us to quickly respond to the changing needs of our customers as they implement their emergency plans.” – Reinhold Lange, Product Director, Reading Plus

Launching in February 2020, Link is the fastest and easiest way to integrate your learning platform with your school data system. Link’s mission is to enable teachers and students to spend valuable classroom time learning instead of fiddling with technology tools.

Today, Link works behind the scenes to provide access to the various learning platforms used by over 7 million students using an LMS – a system students already know. They ensure teachers don’t waste “free” time copying and pasting grades from one system to another and enable administrators and technology leaders in more than 700 K-12 school districts across the U.S. to securely share sensitive data. I trust that it exists.

Data Integration Why is LMS integration important? Learning Management System (LMS) integration is one of the first steps to increasing interoperability for technology companies. This is how LMS integration helps organizations and businesses.

Reading News From Mrs. Hassinger Room 200

Brightspace What can you do with the Brightspace (D2L) API? Brightspace by D2L is a popular LMS in the US and Canada. Many organizations can use Brightspace. Therefore, technical developers need to know how to integrate Brightspace with its features. We will specifically focus on integration through the Brightspace API and its capabilities. There are many opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. At Oasis Academy Hadley we believe that responsible roles support personal development and build confidence. Student Council and Academy Ambassador roles are very popular with students and provide all participants with the opportunity to develop and represent the Academy.

A unique aspect of Hadley learning is Life Day. Hadley students can look forward to a variety of activities throughout the year. The student learning experience at Life Day is immersive, holistic and exciting and includes themed days, field trips, external visitors and student-led interactive activities.

We offer after school clubs. Here are a few things you can sign up for: Badminton, dance, science, theater, soccer, basketball, homework, etc. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Academy’s music and theater productions throughout the year.

The Reading Plus Application Is

The library is open to students where they can select and exchange books during lunch hours, read quietly, study or do homework. We have a wide range of art books to suit all reading abilities and individual interests. There is also a range of non-fiction books available to support the curriculum and enable further learning.

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Oasis Academy Hadley is an Apple School. Every student who joins us receives a new Apple iPad and keyboard. Your iPad is yours and you can take it home with you every day.

Get access to the latest Microsoft Office suite applications, including Excel, Word, and Outlook. When you register, you will receive your school email address. How to register on iPad.

Middle and high school students can log in to Microsoft Teams at any time to access classroom and work resources. The team has its own workbook for each school subject, which your child can access at any time outside the classroom. We encourage all students to take an active approach to their studies.

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