Toll Card Check Application

Toll Card Check Application – Not familiar with Korea’s expressway and expressway system? We will help you. Making the most of your time in Korea means taking every opportunity to visit. On most trips longer than 2 hours, or when you’re driving in Seoul, you’re likely to encounter at least one toll on the road. Installing a HiPass system can make these trips stress-free and save you money. Here’s what you need to know.

Korean roads are tolled throughout South Korea. Korean Expressway Corporation operates expressways in South Korea. The program began in 1968 and now manages over 4,000 km of roads.

Toll Card Check Application

Toll Card Check Application

Using Korean roads can save you hours of driving. A fast route from Pyeongtaek to Sokcho can take at least 3.5 hours, while a non-stop trip can take 8-12 hours.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay A Toll

Learning about Korean roads before you hit the road can greatly reduce stress and improve your travel experience. We recommend reading this and watching the following video for context.

A driver passes through two toll gates on a Korean expressway. The first gate marks the beginning of the assembly, and the second gate marks the end of the assembly.

Drivers usually pay tolls on the Korean Expressway when they go off the road. However, there are special sections where entry to a small section of the road is paid. Such unique situations occur in areas near Seoul.

Tolls on Korean expressways must be paid with a Korean debit card with transit function (you need to set up the transit function at your bank), cash, or a high-speed transit card. Some (but probably not all) accept cash. To make life easier, South Seoul encourages drivers to purchase a HiPass.

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The extended system of passes allows drivers to pay their tolls without stopping at toll booths. As of 2020, more than 50% of Korean drivers use HiPass cards.

Kakao Maps and Naver Maps let you know the approximate fare when you plan your trip. You shouldn’t be surprised by tax charges if you use any of these tools to manage your trip.

Make sure the route fares you see on Naver Map or Kakao Map are correct by setting your device to display your information. Below you can see that the user has a small economy car and has installed HiPass. This information ensures that their estimated fees will reflect their individual situation.

Toll Card Check Application

Pro tip: If you drive a 경차 (light vehicles), you get a 50% discount on the toll. Such cars include Matiz, Ranok, Spark and Ray.

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Tip: HiPass users can get discounts when using HiPass depending on the time of day and route. The maximum discount ranges from 5% to 50% depending on the situation.

When entering and exiting, the driver must choose between the restricted lanes and the lanes. As mentioned earlier in this post, a driver passes through two toll gates on a Korean road and his lane selection must match the toll selection. If your information is entered into the Kakao or Naver Map apps, these apps can guide you to the correct route to each pick-up point.

To use such high-pass lanes, the driver must have an on-board unit (OBU) installed in the front of the vehicle and a high-pass board installed in the OBU. If a person only has a HiPass card, they cannot use the HiPass route because the route requires an OBU to read the card remotely.

OBUs, sometimes marketed as “high-end units” or ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) units, are manufactured by various manufacturers. You can find OBUs in various places, such as:

Introducing The Enhanced Touch ‘n Go Card

OBUs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and price ranges. Some require electrical wiring, while others use solar power.

There are three types of senior cards. Depending on your Korean visa type and bank account status, you can choose from:

The HiPass top-up card does not require a Korean bank account or Korea FRC. You can buy top-up HiPass cards at the following addresses:

Toll Card Check Application

Once you have your card and device, you may need to register and the form as of 2021 will look like this:

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To register for Hi-Pass, you will need a Korean car registration, driver’s license and possibly a registration fee depending on the country.

To use a copy of the HiPass card, you must have a Korean FRC, a Korean smartphone in your name, and a Korean bank account linked to the FRC and your smartphone. Once the car charging card is activated and linked to a Korean bank account, a predetermined amount is added to the card each month. You can create your own copy of your HiPass card on the HiPass website.

HiPass prepaid cards are automatically linked to Korean credit cards. HiPass charges a monthly usage fee. No need to load the card when paying on the go.

Foreign nationals of Korea can be difficult to find. Credit cards are only available for certain visas, for certain types of work, etc. However, many South of Seoul volunteers with various visa types have credit cards through Hana Bank, which offer self-pay HiPass card options.

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Tip: Banks may confuse a request to set up an automatic debit card with a request for an automatic payment card.

Most entry and exit gates clearly mark the main road in bright blue. These tracks are designed for vehicles with high-end OBUs and boards.

Not all HiPass routes have the same speed. Note that the speed limit for passing barriers is shown above the blue line on the road.

Toll Card Check Application

All other vehicles are expected to travel in other lanes. Other entrances and exits will have additional lanes for larger traffic. These streets usually have large yellow frames, but maybe not.

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A new user of the Korean expressway system usually encounters one or all of the following problems. Don’t panic, the system wasn’t a burden. You will be healthy and there is no chance of any unstable financial consequences.

If you accidentally drove on the highway and the siren went off, do not panic. Remember the place where you entered and tell the security guard when you leave the toll road. You have options here. Since 2020, Korean Expressway Corp.

In our experience, we wrote down the name of our entry gate and briefly explained our mistake to the tax collector, who immediately came back and told me the amount I would have to pay. It was a seamless exchange that took less than a minute. The price I was quoted was the same as the price listed on Naver. Another important reason to use Naver is that it contains your traffic.

If you accidentally cross the road without an OBU, you will probably be issued a ticket. If you enter the door and forget to take your ticket or the ticket is not printed, don’t worry. The tax agent at the exit will calculate your fee in the next booth.

Pay Your Tolls With Octopus. Top Up As You Need, Know How Much You Pay!

If you receive a HiPass bill by mail, you can pay the bill 1) at your Korean bank or 2) at a HiPass office or 3) by transferring to a Korean bank via ATM or smartphone. We always recommend having a Korean bank account to help make these situations as stress-free as possible.

If you accidentally forget to pay your toll, you won’t be charged exorbitant fines. In fact, there is usually no penalty for late payments. Pay as soon as possible.

Don’t worry if you have a HiPass reader and accidentally hit a toll booth. Remove the HiPass card from the HiPass wallet and give it to the cashier. You don’t need to pay by card or cash, just give them your Hi-Pass card

Toll Card Check Application

If you have a top-up or top-up card, you may accidentally leave without enough money on the card, don’t panic.

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If you realize your mistake at the toll booth, you can pay for the transit card with a Korean bank card (you need to set up the transit process with your bank) or cash at the toll booth.

If you realize your mistake while traveling on the expressway, just wait for the bill in the mail and your card will be topped up.

If you’re not a fan of Korean roads and high-speed systems, the Naver Map and Kakao Map apps allow users to customize travel options, including routes without using toll roads.

Founded in 2015, the South of Seoul team consists of volunteers from three continents who work together to help English-speaking travelers.

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