Um Undip Application

Um Undip Application – UNDIP 2023 Independent Track Registration, Timeline, Requirements and Fees – February is about to end. Various selection routes of universities have been announced and opened.

If you are a Year 12 student and want to study at the University of Diponegoro (UNDIP), then this information about the UNDIP Independent Selection Program 2023 is for you.

Um Undip Application

Um Undip Application

Choosing a university depends on several factors. Every year, tens of thousands of future students compete for the opportunity to study at their dream university.

Undip Um Registration Is Still Open Until June 20, Don’t Missed It!

UNDIP is no exception. Diponegoro University or simply UNDIP is one of the popular universities in Semarang, Central Java.

In 2023, UNDIP will open various entry routes for potential new students such as SNBP, SNBT, Selection of Outstanding Results Seed (SBUB) and Independent Examination (UM).

The UNDIP UM registration fee is IDR 350,000. This registration fee can be paid through a bank designated by UNDIP (Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI or BTN).

Since the independent exam is conducted online, it is necessary to pay attention to the requirements of the hardware used. The details are as follows, reported from the PMB UNDIP website.

Perkembangan Fe Di Ump

For each program, i.e. S1, Vocational training and PSDKU, participants can choose two study programs in the field of science and technology or social science groups. However, there are differences in the number of study programs offered.

There are 34 science and technology degree programs in the undergraduate program in the Semarang campus, while the other 1 degree program is the Bachelor of Nursing program in the Jepara campus.

After that, 7 educational programs are available for professional study of the Natural Sciences and Technology study program group. For now, you can choose from 6 study programs for the Social and Human Rights group.

Um Undip Application

In this way, it differs from the PSDKU Saintek group, which offers 2 professional natural science and technical study programs and 6 professional social science study programs.

Buku Ujian Seleksi Mandiri Pmb Um Undip 2023 Saintek

This is information about the Independent Pathway or UM UNDIP 2023, including schedules, conditions and costs. Before registering, prepare as much as you can to face the competition and get into UNDIP.

If you later move to Semarang to study at UNDIP, don’t forget to use the application to find a comfortable boarding house based on Diponegoro University independent examination results announcement or Undip UM announcement 2022. Released on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. ( id)

, JAKARTA – 2022 Diponegoro University or UM Undip matriculation level independent exam announcement will be published on Wednesday 13 July 2022. UM Undip selection results will start on Wednesday 13 July 2022 at 20:00 WIB.

1. Route KIP and/or UKT 1-3. disadvantaged groups designated as a group without SPI, as evidenced by the possession of a KIP (Smart Indonesian Card),

Pengumuman Um Undip 2021 Hari Ini, Cek Link Hasil Seleksi Ujian Mandiri Undip 2021

2. On the Undip PMB home page, click here at the end of the current article explaining the UM S1 announcement.

Undip UM Selection 2022 successful participants need to re-register online and complete the steps and requirements.

Prospective students who do not register online or who do not register online but do not pay UKT by the due date are considered withdrawn.

Um Undip Application

* Reality or illusion? To verify the authenticity of the information provided, simply enter the required keyword on the WhatsApp fact check number 0811 9787 670.

Kelas Privat, Online & Reguler Persiapan Um Undip 2023

Budi Parsetyo Widyobroto, Director General of the Institute of Higher Education Entrance Examination (LTMPT) has shared tips for future Computer Written Examination (UTBK) candidates. According to Budi, potential participants should prepare well for the meeting.

Diponegoro University or UM Undip 2022 matriculation notice will be published on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. (

1. Students who obtained SMA/SMK/MA degrees or equivalent degrees in 2022, 2021 and 2020 and passed the equivalency examination or another equivalent examination (package C),

2. Participants select the S1 UM option and select/fill the amount of SPI. Once saved, the SPI path and quantity settings cannot be changed. Make sure your selection is correct,

Bimbel Kedokteran Undip Master Snbt & Um

4. After payment, participants can log into their registered account and click to print the participant card, then fill in the message and the national overview menu will appear.

5. Participants fill in the portfolio data (SMITH 1-5 certificates, knowledge certificates and/or other achievements) through the registration website,

6. Participants must upload the declaration signed by the participant and their parents (in pdf format) and print the participation card on the online registration page, because if you don’t print it, you don’t print it. Log in to the exam schedule.

Um Undip Application

1. SAINTEK: 2 degree program options (Tembalang campus has 35 Bachelor of Science and Engineering degree programs and Jepara campus has 1 Bachelor of Nursing education program)

Pendaftaran Gel 1 Smt Gasal Tahun 2023 2024

2. SOSHUM: 2 study program options (there are 18 social science study programs at the Tembalang campus and 1 law study program at the Jepara campus)

Example: IPS high school students choose Option 1 in Regional and Urban Planning and Option 2 in Accounting or vice versa.

The test material is the Academic Proficiency Test (TPS), i.e. numerical, verbal, logical and English. The registration fee is IDR 350,000 for the science and technology/society group selection and IDR 500,000 for the mixed group.

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