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Useful Application – The impact on startups during the pandemic has been huge, but some companies are doing better than others. Other startups are using this opportunity to develop their application products and prepare for the pandemic environment.

If you are looking for your first app product for a startup or client, below are 10 useful app design examples for inspiration:

Useful Application

Useful Application

With the world in quarantine, the goal of this project is to create a music festival that can be enjoyed at home so no one has to leave their home. It’s just a UI UX project without action. See the full investigation here

Useful Apps For Small Businesses

Listen to your favorite books, see new books released every week. This app offers you to listen to unlimited audiobooks. See the full investigation here

Online Learning offers a variety of courses from design, business to photography and cooking. See the full investigation here

PAD is a mobile application that allows users to find friends or roommates. Match tenants and landlords based on geolocation and personal preferences. See the full investigation here

The event app allows users to quickly find upcoming events at any time and a wide variety of events from around the world with convenient filtering. See the full investigation here

Useful Apps For Foreigners Living In Japan

EcoBike is an initiative to improve the environment in Dhaka and reduce congestion as people can use these bikes to travel easily within the city. See the full investigation here

The application is intended for students of Green Forest, one of the largest networks of English language schools. The application allows students to work with a book with a good interface, check ads for access to courses and additional special clubs. See the full investigation here

Job search application is designed to make it easy to find suitable job with one click. See the full investigation here

Useful Application

Movies app is an easy-to-use and minimalist app that helps you spend less time searching and watch more. Based on your ratings and likes, the app will continue to improve by recommending movies and selecting titles according to your preferences. See the full investigation here

Best Useful Apps For Locals And Expats

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Useful Application

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A Collection Of Useful Apps For University Students

UX design case study that got me hired Finding a job in UX design is hard, but one particular case helped me stand out from the crowd. I developed an unconventional method… In today’s world, it would be hard to find a student who does not use advanced technology. However, it is also true that students use various mobile applications for learning and entertainment. There are many tools and apps for college students on Apple and Android that can be useful if you need to improve your training and workflow. While each student may have a list of apps that fit their needs, there are several mobile “helpers” that students may not have access to. We will now tell about 25 of them.

The truth is that some free apps for college students can be downloaded in seconds; All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection. Free tuition programs for college students offer a variety of support to meet the diverse needs of students. Since most college students are on a tight budget, the free mobile apps listed below will come in handy.

Before you start looking for the best free apps for college students, make sure you download your school’s own apps first, if any. Many universities offer mobile applications to their staff, alumni associations and students.

Useful Application

Staying connected to campus events, your schedule, and even online learning is easy with your school’s own app. In general, a smartphone or tablet with dedicated school software has become a useful tool for managing academic work, social life on campus and a pocket calendar.

Amazingly Useful Apps For Students aims to improve one’s focus, sleep habits, relaxation and meditation through a free iPhone app for college students. For example, is a free software program for college students that promises to improve one’s cognitive abilities. This is surely one of the best free apps for college students! achieves its goal as a study app for college students by using freely available personal music. Brain.FM offers a free iPad app for college students and five free sessions to learn how music works with EEG and a piece of fMRI (functional MRI) technology. These free MAC apps for college students and free Android apps for college students are a great way to see how relaxing music creates neural excitement in the brain, which is key to reducing anxiety and increasing focus. Within 15 minutes of use, provides brain-friendly music (produced by our AI) to improve focus, productivity, meditation, relaxation, sleep and sleep.’s brainwave music is powered by artificial intelligence that we built from the ground up. This software immerses you in a great environment that boosts productivity, grabs your attention and keeps you on track – perfect for studying, working and concentrating. Relax and unwind with brainwave music that helps you relax and feel good. Add to favorites so you can return to your favorites and improve your memory. enlists the help of neuroscientists and psychologists working in this area to develop new ideas, test and improve our music. Instead of binaural beats or isochronous sounds, uses special technology to produce functional music that creates a fundamental phase lock in the brain.

Bsafe is a mobile app that ensures students are never alone when they travel. bsafe is one of the best free apps for college students that allows users to stay safe in a variety of ways. When the SOS button is pressed, all important functions of the bsafe system are activated. bsafe provides location information and starts live audio/video recording as soon as it moves. For university students, bSafe is essential to apply for free and affordable courses. The bsafe application is configured. A unique screaming siren notification is one of the additional features of these free iPhone apps for college students. This app has been published in 125 countries with over 100,000 articles and millions of downloads by media outlets such as NBC, CNN, ABC, BBC, Forbes and Fox News.

This app contains violence, late night driving, sexual abuse and more. prevent such crimes. Additionally, this app is useful for your students, staff, community and more. prevent and report violence and threats. & Video recording, as well as managing and deploying certain features of this software.

Whether your phone is in your pocket, purse or jacket, you can easily activate the SOS alarm by voice or touch. Never press the SOS button. Once the SOS is activated, your family or guardian will take your place and monitor you without any problems.

Useful Android Apps For App Developers

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