Vaccine Card Application

Vaccine Card Application – In order to further ensure cross-border travel and standardize the application of health codes before passengers depart for China, the Chinese embassy announces the following related adjustments:

1. Continue to standardize test certificates. Passengers flying from Singapore to China from July 27 (Tuesday) will pre-download a nucleic acid certificate and IgM antibody test certificate with a verifiable QR code to request a health code (see Appendix 1).

Vaccine Card Application

Vaccine Card Application

2.1 Relevant requirements for passengers receiving inactivated vaccines against COVID-19, for example Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty and Modena Vaccines in Singapore and flying directly to China from 17 August (Tuesday):

Smart Vaccination Certificate Working Group

ARRIVAL Take a nucleic acid (PCR) and total serum anti-N protein antibody test (hereinafter referred to as “PCR and N protein antibody test”) within 2 days before departure. IgM antibody testing is no longer necessary. Passengers can request a health code if N-protein antibody and PCR tests are negative. A sample inspection certificate is as follows (see attachment 2). For a list of names of N-protein antibody testing agencies, see the attached FAQs about pre-departure testing and health code enforcement.

B. Upload a vaccination certificate with a verifiable QR code (see attachment 3 and see attached FAQs on pre-departure testing and health code registration for registration procedures). As the certificate application process will take a certain amount of time (currently 14 days), please plan your itinerary in China accordingly.

For those vaccinated in countries or regions outside of China and Singapore, please follow the testing requirements mentioned above and provide a vaccination certificate. For specific requirements for vaccination certificates, please refer to the official website of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate General at the vaccination location. Those who submit an unknown or unverifiable vaccination certificate will be considered unvaccinated.

2.2 Relevant requirements for passengers vaccinated with inactivated vaccines against COVID-19, e.g. Sinovac and Sinopharm, and with direct flights to China on or after July 27 (Tuesday):

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ARRIVAL If the passenger received an inactivated vaccine in Singapore, please upload the vaccination record created through the Health Center (personal details and vaccination information will be recorded in the record – see Appendix 4 and see attached Pre-departure FAQ and Health Code. Application for consultation method). Once vaccination information has been loaded into the respective program, vaccination records can be accessed at the Health Center. If the passenger received an inactivated vaccine in China or other countries or regions, please continue to upload a vaccination certificate with information such as the person’s name, vaccine brand and location.vaccination point.

C. In principle, passengers can take flights from August 17 (Tuesday) to China as long as they are fully vaccinated within 14 days. For example, if a passenger completes his second vaccination on September 1, he can take the earliest flight on September 15 to China.

A transition period is provided for the above requirements from the date of notification to the date of implementation. During the transition period, passengers arriving in China can complete pre-departure tests and submit relevant documents according to the latest or previous requirements. Once the transition period ends, the latest requirements will be strictly enforced.

Vaccine Card Application

4. Other requirements relating to nucleic acid testing and serology remain unchanged. Passengers arriving in China should check relevant requirements at, plan their trip accordingly, take the test and upload necessary documents. For more details, see Frequently Asked Questions about pre-departure testing and health enforcement (see Appendix 6).

Malta Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate

(a) Control clinical instructions. While doing your serum nucleic acid and IgM antibody test at the clinic, you can request confirmation from them and ask them to send you a standard test certificate with a verifiable QR code via email or request a copy directly. You must receive the printed certificate, take a photo, upload the necessary documents to request a health code and bring it with you for the airline staff to check before departure.

(b) Test of self-confidence. Log on to, select Pre-Departure Test Certificate, enter your name and email address, upload the test report and submit as requested, then wait for an email notification.

Additionally, it takes 14 days after the second dose of vaccination to obtain a vaccination certificate.

Hospitals and clinics of Raffles Medical Group or Parkway Pantai Ltd offer serology tests for total protein antibodies N. Passengers can make inquiries and appointments with testing agencies as above.

Download The Covid 19 Vaccine Pre Registration Forms

At the same time, you can also download the RafflesConnect APP (Chinese version available) to make an appointment.

The Embassy will continue to update the list of testing agencies that can provide serological tests for total N-protein antibody.

5. What should I do if the test certificate and vaccination certificate in the control system are too long to save in one image?

Vaccine Card Application

Before boarding the plane, passengers arriving in China must present the blue health code issued by the Embassy together with the test card and a printed vaccination certificate (applicable for those who have been vaccinated) to the staff.aviation officer. Passengers must print all necessary documents in advance and take them with them for subsequent inspection by airline personnel. It is also convenient for you to take photos or scan and upload to request health code. If you need to select screenshots of requested documents by mobile phone, please refer to the following procedures:

Notice On Adjusting The Requirements For Pre Departure Testing To China_embassy Of The People’s Republic Of China In The Republic Of Singapore

Test certificates can be uploaded with up to two photos, and personal information and test results will be displayed in the same photo. The QR code must be complete and verifiable by scanning as shown below:

The vaccination certificate can be divided into two or even three photos for uploading, and the QR code will be complete and verifiable by scanning as shown below:

6. What is the history of COVID-19 infection and a positive unvaccinated test result? What procedures should be followed?

A history of COVID-19 infection refers to people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 (including people vaccinated after recovery). A history of testing positive in the absence of vaccination refers to unvaccinated individuals when testing positive for nucleic acids or serology (including IgM or IgG). It also includes people who test positive for a nucleic acid or serum N protein test after receiving a non-inactivated vaccine (such as Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty vaccine, Modena COVID-19, etc.). Receiving two doses of the vaccine is mandatory because people who receive a single dose will be considered unvaccinated.

How To Obtain Digital Vaccination Certificate For Those Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated Overseas

The people mentioned above should notify the Embassy in advance by phone, official WeChat account, etc. and follow relevant procedures under the guidance of Embassy staff. Procedures typically include two nucleic acid tests more than a day apart, a chest X-ray with negative or normal results plus 14 days of health monitoring. After confirmation from the embassy, ​​passengers can request a health code with negative serum and nucleic acid test results, the embassy can also request additional procedures depending on the specific circumstances (such as recovery time) of the person concerned.

Most passengers immediately schedule a test appointment and request a health code immediately after receiving the test certificate. However, some passengers did not request health codes until arriving at the airport, causing unnecessary hassle for health code review and check-in procedures. Some people do not have enough time to correct substandard inspection certificates at the clinic. As a result, they have to adjust their route and suffer unnecessary financial losses, or even get stuck.

Therefore, the Embassy would like to remind passengers arriving in China to take an examination in the prescribed time, pay attention to update test results, and carefully check personal data and test results (especially is the result of serum test). Serology test, please note that IgM antibody or total protein N antibody will be indicated in the IgM antibody or serum N protein serology test and Venipuncture for blood sample will be clearly indicated). After making sure that all the details are correct, upload the necessary documents for medical code registration immediately to avoid last minute applications. Meanwhile, passengers should pay attention to the review progress. If the application is returned, carefully read the reason for the return and upload the required documents accordingly.

Vaccine Card Application

8. Based on the latest testing requirements, what tests do I need to take and what documents do I need to upload?

What You Need To Know About Us Vaccine Proof On Your Phone

TO People who have not received vaccines and those who have received inactivated vaccines (Sinovac, Sinopharm, etc.): nucleic acid PCR and serological IgM testing.

B.Persons who have received inactivated vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech, Modena, etc.): Nucleic acid PCR and N-protein testing of total serological antibodies.

A.If you received an inactivated vaccine (Sinovac, Sinopharm, etc.) then upload the Vaccination Certificate (clearly indicate the name of the person, vaccine brand and place of vaccination) and Vaccination Obligation against COVID-19;

B. If you received an inactivated vaccine, upload a vaccination certificate (verifiable

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