Video Subtitle Application

Video Subtitle Application – Adding subtitles to videos is difficult and tedious, so no one likes it. Many companies have developed programs that automatically add subtitles to videos.

But which one to choose? The article covers the 6 best apps to automatically add subtitles to videos on Android.

Video Subtitle Application

Video Subtitle Application

Disclaimer: Some applications are browser based. You need to go to their website to install them on your Android device.

Add Subtitles To A Video Online For Free

AutoCap is a free Android app that can translate recorded videos of up to 5 minutes into over 100 languages. If you add a video longer than 5 minutes, you must add subtitles for the remaining time.

The program automatically detects the language and you can manually add or remove text on the editing screen.

The app puts a watermark that can only be removed by subscribing to a premium plan or paying for that video.

The premium plan costs $5.99 per month or $46.99 per year, and you pay $4.59 per video to remove the watermark.

The Best Subtitle Apps For Android

CapCut, a popular video editing program, has an automatic subtitle option for generating subtitles. All you need to do is add a video, click on “Text” option and then “Auto Caption”.

As the name suggests, the program automatically subtitles recorded videos in more than 85 languages. You can record a new video, select a new one, or select one of the previous projects.

When you add a video, the app will show a language menu, but you have to choose the language yourself. The editor screen comes with:

Video Subtitle Application

The program does not care about the size of the video, but you can copy a maximum of two videos per day. It also puts a watermark in the top right corner.

How To Add Subtitles To A Video On Youtube In Any Language

Kapwing is not an Android app; It is a browser-based service that can be used as an application. You can go to the website in your browser and install it as an application in the right menu.

Kapwing is a powerful free tool for adding subtitles to videos. The tool isn’t just for headlines; This is an all in one video editor. you can:

You can upload or add a video URL to start editing. To add subtitles, click the subtitles option.

To automatically copy subtitles, you need to register for free. After registration, click the auto-generate button.

Ways To Add Subtitles To A Video For Free On Mobile And Pc

Depending on the video, it may take a few moments. After the video is processed, you will see subtitles and a subtitle menu. The tool offers:

The app can backup up to ten minutes per month for free, and you can download videos without watermarks.

The premium plan costs $17 per month on the annual plan and $20 per month on the monthly plan.

Video Subtitle Application

Another automatic speech recognition tool is Like Kapwing, is a freemium browser-based app. With the tool running, you can upload videos directly from your Android phone:

Best Subtitle Apps For Quick Video Subtitles (iphone & Android)

To automatically generate subtitles, click the subtitles option. You can automatically create, manually add or upload a subtitle file.

Automatic video-based generation takes seconds, and once the subtitles are generated, you have tabs for translations, styles, and options.

You can export up to 30 minutes of watermarked video per month for free. Even if you upload a full HD video, the video quality is 720p.

The Voicella Android app is new, but it offers some great features. This app works for free, but you have to watch ads to add credit to your account.

Adding Subtitles To Your Videos The Easy Way

When you add a video, the app will ask for the language of the video. It can add offline subtitles in English and Russian, and you can download more than 40 languages ​​or copy videos when the app is connected.

After selecting the language, it will take a few moments. When you’re done, you’ll see the headers below. You can save the video and download the file. Some features of the program are:

The article covers the best apps for adding subtitles to videos on Android. I hope it helps you find the perfect program.

Video Subtitle Application

My name is Madhsudkhan Khemchandani. I have a degree in software engineering (Hons). I’ve been writing articles about apps and software for over five years. I have made more than 200 videos on YouTube. Read more about me on the “About Me” page. Create great videos with our online video editor. Simple yet powerful tools help you quickly edit and transform your videos into engaging social media content.

Video Subtitle Extractor 1.0.0

Reach a wider audience with our comprehensive video refactoring tool.

Stand out from other creators by incorporating your unique brand into your videos. Express your creativity and make your content instantly recognizable to build a loyal fan base.

Use our drag and drop editor to insert a custom logo or watermark in just a few clicks.

Use your own brand fonts and colors, add a progress bar, and save your own templates for even faster editing.

Download Video Subtitle Maker Mod Apk V1.2.3 For Android

In order for people to stop scrolling and watch your video, you need to grab their attention. And since 80% of people browse social media with the sound off, you should be able to do it even with the video off.

It costs less than half the cost to hire a virtual assistant to add subtitles or edit your videos.

Yes. You have full control over your account and subscriptions. You can cancel or change plans at any time.

Video Subtitle Application

Yes. The free trial plan allows you to upload 1 video for free and access all video editing features (including subtitles).

Captionista — Add Subtitles To Social Videos

Currently, only videos that meet the following criteria are accepted: .mp4, .mov or .m4v format, less than 1.0 GB, H.264 codecs (H.265/HEVC codecs only used in Safari browsers are), resolution up to 4096 x 2160, min. With automatic captions in 20 seconds or less, you can quickly grab your audience’s attention, even while scrolling through their channels with the sound off at work, school, or on the bus.

Additionally, they make your video content accessible to the hearing impaired or native speakers, allowing you to connect with an even wider audience. Some platforms will automatically translate your subtitles!

There are many apps for Android and iOS that allow you to add subtitles to your videos.

So, we’ve done the hard part for you by choosing the 7 best free and paid apps to add subtitles to videos.

Best Subtitle App For Android/iphone In 2023

With amazing theme templates created by artistic designers, you can spend less time designing and more time creating interesting and engaging content.

Of course, you can make your subtitles visually appealing by editing them in our easy-to-use templates and viewing the changes online or on mobile (Android and IOS).

More than 70 different languages ​​are supported during transcription. In addition, you can automatically translate your subtitles. You can create your own videos with subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, French and more. Once you’ve upgraded the subtitles, downloading SRT files is easy—in any language.

Video Subtitle Application

With our teleprompter, you can create professional-looking short videos by maintaining direct eye contact with the camera.

What Is An Srt File & How To Create Srt File For Video Subtitles

Watch this video to easily start writing subtitles for your videos. Currently, you can automatically highlight influential words on iOS devices with artificial intelligence that highlights them.

Its Pro plan lets you add subtitles to videos up to 59 minutes long, longer than any other video subtitling program.

Although it doesn’t offer any fancy beauty or powerful features, it does the job of subtitling videos quickly and efficiently.

To start working with the app, you need to enter or browse your video gallery. There is no built-in recording option, but you can easily export the results to an SRT file.

Best Subtitle Editors In 2023

You can manually adjust fonts, colors, and text backgrounds, although this takes time compared to other Android apps that offer pre-built themes.

Unfortunately, there are no interesting features and animations in the headers either, but on the other hand, you can add your text or image watermark.

You can manually adjust the font, color and background of the subtitle text; However, there are no features like MixCaptions, such as pre-made video templates.

Video Subtitle Application

Although the only way to upload videos is from your mobile device, the app allows you to edit and adjust the timing of each subtitle.

Best Subtitle Apps To Add Captions To Video

One notable feature is that it allows you to add subtitles to videos in two languages ​​simultaneously. With Kaptioned, you can not only import/export your subtitles to SRT files, but also translate them into several popular languages.

However, it should be noted that the application has minimal web capabilities and is mainly suitable for mobile users.

This app does not offer an in-app customer support feature, so if you need support, you should contact them through their website.

It’s also weird that they ask for credit card information to make sure you’re not a robot when the captcha is enough.

Add Subtitles & Captions To Video

There are no pre-made templates, so you have to be creative by choosing and changing fonts, colors and text backgrounds.

But what makes Autocap different is the timer feature that can be added to any video – making life easier for users.

However, unlike Autocap, the one downside is that it doesn’t have an AI scripting feature that lets you create scripts out of thin air in seconds.

Video Subtitle Application

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