Vision Plus Application

Vision Plus Application – Vision + is the pinnacle of automotive glass cells. With water and oil repellency, the application process is very easy and provides 6 months of durability!

Removing the oily soil and really trying not to bind the oil is important to our coating. Most of the time, the dust you see on our locked cars is due to the hydrocarbon oil that settles on the surface of the car, the oil is sticky and will attract dirt, grime and salt to your car. Remove the sticky oil and you will reduce the dust that will stick to the surface!

Vision Plus Application

Vision Plus Application

Vision+ is a fluoro product designed to be in contact with any glass surface. This coating is very effective in removing oil and water. Water will only erode the surface at 30 mph, meaning the coating is as effective as windshield sealant in protecting the rear windshield. Either way, you won’t need a windshield wiper!

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Thank you for contacting us! We will be back soon. Thanks for subscribing! We’ll let you know when it’s available! Maximum number of items added Only one item can be added to the Cart. This helps you create a detailed patient profile that you can use for marketing purposes. Also, all lifestyle questions can be answered. You can find current patient information by name, surname, date of birth, mobile number. or stationary, with appropriate access.

This is combined with a powerful search feature called the General Search Tool, where you can simply enter a patient’s name, contact information or other patient-related information and instantly find the exact patient information. It can also detect duplicate patient entries. You can view a patient’s previous appointments and dosage history using this module. Concerned patients can download any supplement.

Diary in Vision Plus practice management software allows optometrists or users to make appointments using the diary, create new patients, manage existing patients, check patients, print GOS forms or send patient SMS, calls and streamline work. Send automatic reminders via email. .

The appointment booking function is intended for optometrists and room diaries. It can create a staff business model and an open business model. Have a task manager tool to assign tasks to employees. Opening and closing times are adjustable. Can arrange multiple optometric appointments and multiview room appointments.

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This unique feature makes the optometrist’s job much easier as he can select, eliminate or improve the patient’s symptoms or medical condition. This exam model completely replaces the paper-based method. Practitioners can simultaneously test and record data on test models using tablets, desktops or laptops.

The distribution module allows distribution department employees to create new orders, review or modify existing orders. This creates an invoice that can then be given to the patient. It comes with features such as over-the-counter sales, order cancellation or tracking, NHS voucher submission and NHS voucher payment.

It has two models, detailed and light distributor. Detailed distribution is linked to stock and combined with barcode functionality, which improves stock management. The distribution of light is carried out without any reserve feature and the reserve cannot be extended.

Vision Plus Application

The marketing module provides integration of internal marketing communications via email, SMS or mail. The marketing module connects directly to the VisionPlus customer base. Using this model, marketers can target customers based on interests, hobbies, medical conditions, age group, gender, type of patient, spending habits, and more. can create a variety of campaigns such as promotional offers, appointment reminders, and target customers for demographic and preference-based promotional campaigns. . He can do anything.

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This app gives you great insight into the overall performance of your workouts. Reports can be generated based on a variety of metrics such as patient visits, callbacks, cash, arrears, VAT, sales, booked general appointments, day sheets, staff activity, NHS sales, distribution, petty cash and fund statements. . All reports are generated graphically and digitally.

Specific reminders can be set by SMS, email or letter when the next appointment is quarterly or later. This tool is used to create, set or edit reminders for patient reminders. This tool helps reduce no-shows by automatically pre-scheduling appointments via SMS/email reminders. This allows personalized reminders via letter, email or SMS.

The lab function is mainly used for group exercises involving labs. In practice, it is used to order the laboratory to purchase units and display them in the laboratory. This makes coordination between laboratories and different methods easy and efficient.

Payment models offer high customization like Direct Debit (DD) or Standing Order (SO) for easy payment options, petty cash model to register cash expenses, etc. Also submit a complete statement of SO, DD or petty cash.

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Inventory Model is a very powerful tool with which you can control and track your inventory. Now you can manage your entire inventory with accurate stock information along with automatic checks and balances. You can also track stocks transferred to different branches. Stock units can be labeled with barcode labels.

Submit electronic GOS in seconds. Manage eGOS deposits with the UK’s most advanced practice management system.

Home eye care is a service that provides eye exams to people living at home or in a nursing home. The market-leading residential module software provides seamless integration to enable remote eye exams, and in case of emergency, the software can be used on tablets, iPads and even mobile phones for convenience. . The software is intuitive and easy to use, with the ability to quickly switch between on-site and at-home models, allowing healthcare professionals to perform high-quality eye exams in the patient’s home and in the clinic.

Vision Plus Application

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