Wa Mod Application

Wa Mod Application – WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chat application that makes it easy for users to communicate and share information. As a means of communication, WhatsApp is an alternative way of sharing information in the form of chats, statuses and sharing photos and videos with other users. We also understand that the need to communicate through messaging applications such as WhatsApp exceeds that of face-to-face conversation. This is because it is more convenient and saves time, so if there is an important event or conversation, everything can be said through WhatsApp messages.

The ease of use of the application is what influences the number of WhatsApp users. However, many WhatsApp users find WhatsApp features annoying. This is why users choose to use WhatsApp MOD as a different messaging application. Have you heard of an app called WhatsApp MOD? It seems that the WhatsApp MOD app has many features that the official WhatsApp app can’t, and don’t be surprised, let’s take a look at the review below.

Wa Mod Application

Wa Mod Application

WhatsApp MOD or WA MOD is a modified app on the official WhatsApp app. The name itself, i.e. the modified version “MOD”, has many additional features that attract users. WhatsApp MOD belongs to the category of third-party applications that you cannot get from official app stores like the Play Store. You can get WhatsApp MOD from many third-party and developer websites that are not affiliated with any app store.

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In the original WhatsApp application, many common features are provided that can be used with some restrictions. Currently, in the WhatsApp MOD application, users are waiting for other types of services. Some of its features include uploading files in a wider format, more beautiful personalization, more advanced privacy settings, more fonts and emoji options, anti-delete messages, no attachments , and many other features.

The most important feature for users of the modified version of WhatsApp is the support for multiple accounts (multiple accounts). You can manage all your accounts in one app, which is great for those who need multiple accounts. This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of the widely used WhatsApp MOD.

DND (Do Not Disturb) mode is a feature that you can use in WhatsApp MOD. This is the mode called “Do Not Disturb” or “Airplane Mode” that you can use to avoid annoying conversations or calls from other people. You cannot send or receive messages or calls when this feature is enabled. This meeting is perfect for resting, sleeping, partying, worshiping or anything else.

This is one of the main features of the WhatsApp MOD app. In this modified version of the application, you can manage your data. You can run the app as often as you want and you can specify whether it is available or not. Privacy settings that users can control include: online presence (status), double-click, bluetick, microphone settings, text control, typing control and message scheduling.

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One feature that most WhatsApp users want is to hide online status messages while opening or reading WhatsApp messages. This feature will hide or change your online status from other WhatsApp users, they will not know whether you are online or offline.

It is common for all WhatsApp users to have curiosity and one of them is to check the status of others. You may want to see the status of other users but you will be embarrassed because you will get accurate and fast information about their status. Don’t worry, with WhatsApp MOD you can still see all the features that appear on the WhatsApp home page without anyone knowing that you have seen the status. Of course, this also improves your privacy.

Chat security or communication security is a priority for most WhatsApp users. You can use this communication security feature if you do not want anyone to see your messages while you are using your phone. This feature allows WhatsApp to block messages in your chat threads individually or all of them, protects your chats with a password and ensures that all your messages remain private.

Wa Mod Application

This is one of the most popular and favorite features of WhatsApp users. This modder app supports theme and design customization in all aspects of the WhatsApp interface. You can customize the theme from the menu on the chat screen. WhatsApp MOD has very different and beautiful features for themes and characters that you can apply as you like.

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You can also create custom themes from your device to apply to WhatsApp MOD. Because it is a customizable theme the app looks better and the experience of using the app is better.

You may have sent large files on official WhatsApp, but it is limited and does not support sending large files. This is different from WhatsApp MOD, which allows you to send photos, videos and music without size limits, making it easier to send files to their respective categories.

WhatsApp MOD app allows you to use fonts from many options available. This way, users will not get bored with basic fonts. Changing the font better will make the experience of chatting with your friends better and more colorful.

WhatsApp MOD allows you to customize your messages. You can schedule messages to be sent to selected contacts or to send messages to all contacts at a time. You can write the message you want to send, select the time and date, and then confirm the schedule. Users use this feature to automatically reply to messages.

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There is no extra charge when you send quality files using WhatsApp MOD. This is different from the original WhatsApp, if you send a photo or video directly, the file quality will be low. Of course, this will make you feel bad because you often send articles. Unlike WhatsApp MOD, the file extension can be downloaded to keep the quality of the original file.

You may see that you get deleted messages from your WhatsApp contact number. Yes, many times one wants to know what message is being sent. Original WhatsApp does not provide the option to view deleted messages. But this is different from WhatsApp MOD and you can use this feature to view and read deleted messages from the sender.

This feature is a message filter that allows you to select all or multiple conversations from multiple messages at once. This feature makes it easy to delete as many messages as you want quickly and easily.

Wa Mod Application

There are times when you want to share a funny photo or video with your WA friends. Of course, you can download the WA feature to save directly to your gallery. It’s very simple, WhatsApp MOD allows you to use the friend’s status removal feature in a few clicks. The trick is to first open the status of the friend from WA, then click on the “Save” button that will automatically appear in the WhatsApp MOD, and then send the photo or video status directly to the gallery.

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One feature that users of this modified version of the WA app will like is the ability to share multiple photos at once with WhatsApp friends. You can upload up to 90 photos at a time. Do not use WhatsApp MOD because the official app does not support sending more than 90 photos at a time. Of course, it doesn’t take much time, so it’s very useful.

With WhatsApp MOD, you can use this feature to block calls from your desired WA friend. This feature is useful if you are sometimes bothered by people constantly calling you. Enabling the blocking feature on a contact will prevent the blocked contact from calling and disturbing you at your convenience. Don’t worry, calls from other WA friends won’t bother you.

WhatsApp MOD is better in its blocking feature to keep users safe and secure while using the app. So you don’t have to worry about your phone number being blocked while using WhatsApp MOD. Although it is safe from being blocked (account blocking), users are still advised to use a different mobile phone number to avoid unnecessary things.

The modified version of WhatsApp has some of the best features available and WhatsApp users are looking for these features. Check out the full comparison of WhatsApp MOD and original WhatsApp below:

Pros And Cons Of Using Whatsapp Mod Application

WhatsApp MOD also comes in different versions and versions. Many developers offer their own versions with different features and functions. There are many versions of WhatsApp MOD distributed on the internet, but they cannot be used properly and easily, some of them are outdated and obsolete. The most popular and latest WhatsApp MODs from Sam Mods, FouadMods and Hazar. Check out the list below!

Note: We are not the developer of WhatsApp MOD app. We are not responsible for the issues of your device after using the WhatsApp MOD app. We recommend you to download WhatsApp from official app stores like Play Store and App Store which are guaranteed to be safe and legal.

Developed by Sam Mods, WhatsApp MOD has many features and functions; The appearance can be customized, such as changing the default app theme, adding a background, changing the font, and changing some configurations when sending and receiving messages.

Wa Mod Application

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