What Does The Alexa App Look Like

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What Does The Alexa App Look Like

What Does The Alexa App Look Like

On Tuesday, Amazon updated the Alexa app on iOS to include accessibility-related changes.

Amazon Echo Secret Features: 12 Cool Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Alexa Device Can Do

First, the company introduced support for Dark Light modes. While previously the user interface of the Alexa device had a dark blue background, it actually creates a “black mode” – today’s update shows the brightness of the system. Apple added dark mode support for iOS in iOS 13 of 2019. Users can choose Light or Dark; A constant behavior is to change the appearance of the sun at sunrise and sunset. (Users can always choose light or dark in iOS settings.)

The transition is visible – switching between modes is more impactful compared to reading, which can be useful for people with certain visual impairments. Although the app has always been dark, the new light look can be a welcome look depending on needs and tolerance.

Second, Amazon has added support for Dynamic Type. Introduced with iOS 7 in 2013, Dynamic Type allows users to set the text size at the system level, allowing them to override the text size in individual applications. Apple has always provided an API for third-party developers to connect to its apps, which Amazon currently uses.

The benefits of the app are two-fold: the Alexa app is more convenient for users who need large text, and they no longer have to change the device’s text size because Dynamic Type adapts to the user’s global preferences. This is not only a convenient feature for the visually impaired, it also helps those with fine motor and/or abnormal vision. Changing the size of the text, searching for each device in the device(s) is very demanding, and increases the mental burden for people with memory problems.

Amazon Alexa App Gains Redesigned Interface For Controlling Devices And Groups

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According to Amazon, today’s updates will be for iOS first, with Android coming later. They expect all users of the Alexa app to have this new feature by the end of the month. The Amazon Alexa app works with Windows 11 and 10 PCs and tablets to bring you the power of Alexa, now at your fingertips.

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What Does The Alexa App Look Like

With Windows 11 or 10, you can call Amazon Alexa without an Echo device nearby. The secret is in Amazon’s Alexa app for Windows. With this app, you can call Alexa by saying “Alexa” by pressing a button on the screen or using hands-free mode. When Alexa appears, you can ask questions, request information, view your calendar and other personal services, and access various skills and functions. You can also set different options to control the Alexa device.

Amazon’s Revamped Alexa App Makes It Easier To Manage Your Smart Home

You may have an Echo device to access your calendar, to-do list, and other information. You may find Alexa more powerful than Cortana. Or maybe you’ll want to try a voice assistant other than Cortana. You don’t need an Echo to use the Alexa app on Windows, but you do need an Amazon account. Once installed, the Alexa app works the same on Windows 11 and 10.

To get started, download and install the Alexa Windows app from the Microsoft Store. When you open the app for the first time, you will be prompted to install it. Click Start to install Alexa. Sign in with your Amazon account, then click Agree and continue to accept the terms.

The next screen asks if you want to use Alexa handsfree or by pressing a button. The hands-free option is convenient because you can activate Alexa with your voice, just like the Echo device, but it can chew up a lot of battery power because the device is always listening. To do this, turn on the switch for Wake Word: You can always turn it off in the future. The app also asks Alexa for permission to access your microphone. Click to enable this (Figure A).

The final settings screen offers two options, both of which are selected by default: Start the app when you log on to this PC and Ping the app to the workstation. You can check the selection or change it later. Click the Finish button (Figure B).

Alexa, How Do I Set Up My Amazon Echo?

Some reports seem to confirm both options. The first message confirms that you want the Alexa app to work when you log into Windows. Click Enable to confirm. The second message asks if you want to click the app on the taskbar. Click Yes. The Alexa app opens. Click the Start jump button (picture C).

Alexa invites you to try different applications. Speak to each on-screen question to see how the app works and can respond to your voice (Figure D).

The Alexa app displays different categories and settings. To learn more about the device and view your history with Alexa, you can view the different features. The app offers several suggestions for things to ask Alexa, but you’ll want to learn more about the types of questions and requests the app can handle (Figure E).

What Does The Alexa App Look Like

On the Alexa app, you can ask Alexa for many of the same things you can with your Echo device: ask for information about a location like the weather or local restaurants. requesting personal information, such as meeting times and to-do lists; conducting research on general topics; and request music and other content.

How To Use Alexa On Android

To see some examples of things you can request, click on the entry in the “Trying” tool. It takes you to Amazon’s web page with quotes, questions, and other functions the app can do. From this page, you can view and configure other Alexa skills and features, such as music, lists, reminders, contacts, and the smart home (Figure F).

Finally, tap on the entry for settings. On the Settings screen, you can turn on hands-free mode with the Wake Word button. When you start listening, you can play the voice generated by Alexa. You can see and change the keyboard shortcut used to launch Alexa, and launch the app when you log into Windows (Figure G).

Lance Whitney is a freelance technology writer and trainer and former IT professional. He has written for Time, CNET, PCMag, and many other publications. He is the author of two technical books – one on Windows and the other on LinkedIn.Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant has advised users to disable this feature in order to improve user experience. smartphone soon. This feature will expire at the end of the month, and there will be no replacement.

In July 2020, Amazon launched hands-free Alexa functionality for smartphones. As its name suggests, this feature has simplified access to Amazon’s voice assistant, with voice commands capable of controlling smart home devices or creating shopping lists. Like “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri,” Alexa can recommend any Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, or Xiaomi smartphone with Amazon’s pre-installed voice assistant without looking at your phone.

Amazon Launches New Elder Care Subscription Service Alexa Together With Emergency Assistance, Fall Detection

Unfortunately, Amazon is pulling this feature on March 31, 2023. While native hands-free support will be available until then, OEMs can push the update by turning it off as soon as April. rotate. Amazon advises people who want to continue using it hands-free to download the Alexa app. In other words, Alexa will lose a feature that has become a staple of Apple and Google’s voice assistants.

Also, Amazon Alexa status on Fossil Group smartwatches running Wear OS 3 will continue to show as Gen 6 Wellness Edition. Google has not yet released Google Assistant for any of these smartwatches, so Amazon Alexa may have to be activated manually in the future. Unfortunately, Amazon also does not provide an explanation on its website without using the Alexa app.

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What Does The Alexa App Look Like

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