What Is Iqiyi Application

What Is Iqiyi Application – The new educational product has been featured in the app store in Chinese and offers a variety of content and services. (Source: Weibo)

Chinese video platform iQiyi offers children’s cartoons, audio books and online courses; Children’s cartoons, among other services, in addition to content. An app called “iQiyi Education” dedicated to providing audio books and online courses was recently launched on the iPhone App Store.

What Is Iqiyi Application

What Is Iqiyi Application

Beijing Changzhi Education Technology Co., Ltd. The educational app developed and operated by is suitable for users of all ages to enjoy educational services on their mobile phones or tablets and share the best training and social networking. According to the official introduction, This tool will benefit from the collaboration of many famous teachers from famous universities.

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To create a better user experience, Bianzhi Education introduces various learning methods in the App. During live classes, students can provide real-time course feedback and collaborate closely with their instructors. Teaching videos recorded by famous teachers help students who can’t make it to class on time.

Compared to other online education products, iQiyi Education has popular science, English, mathematics More academic fields like history etc. academic celebrities; scholar Actors and singers all appear on the platform, creating new momentum for users who are busy with exams or work.

In recent years, Various online learning rooms have become popular for their effective communication style and no-nonsense behavior. Currently, Costudy, Platforms like Timing and Classmate are favored by users who have high expectations for similar services provided by the new iQiyi educational tool.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a powerful factor driving the expansion of China’s online education market. According to data from iiMedia Consulting, the number of online education users in China will reach 446 million this year. A large market is Youku, It has attracted the attention of home video groups such as iQiyi and Tencent.

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At the beginning of 2020, the Ministry of Education announced that “classes will be temporarily suspended to ensure the continuation of learning,” and many online education brands identify Tencent Video and Youku Video as useful channels for online education. Youku works directly with the National Digital Education Resources Public Service System, managed by the National Academy of Educational Technology, bringing nearly 2,000 free courses to teachers and students across the country.

Tencent Video has partnered with 41 higher education institutions to launch the “Have a Home” program for the first time, aiming to provide more than 100 free courses for elementary and middle school students across the country.

In January this year, iQiyi launched an education channel; iQiyi Knowledge, TV Fruit Founded Bianzhi Education, an independent online education company that combines Meng Zhuangyuan and other businesses. The company’s main objective is to build an online educational content distribution and processing platform.

What Is Iqiyi Application

Gong Yu, CEO of iQIYI, said: “Education and entertainment are two different ecosystems. We realize that there is still a lot of space for online education. New business models, active users and technology are the three pillars of intellectualism.”

Profit Driven Iqiyi International App To Continue To Promote Chinese Language Content

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According to iQiyi’s previously disclosed financial report, the company’s revenue reached 8 billion yuan ($1.24 billion) in the first quarter of this year, representing an annual growth rate of 4%. However, its loss for the same period was 1.3 billion yuan ($202 million). By the end of the first quarter, iQiyi had accumulated 105.3 million paid users. With these developments, analysts predict that iQiyi will be able to leverage online education services as an additional revenue generating channel.

Currently, Although online education has a large market share, Tencent; Several internet giants such as Alibaba and ByteDance are competing for this cake. Due to fierce competition, iQiyi may face great challenges in the future.

When Tencent announced COO Mark Ren as the new chairman of Online Media Group (OMG) on March 24th. This marks a new era for Tencent to compete with China Group application Jinri Toutiao, which has millions of users. For Mark Ren, this move from scratch […]

Iqiyi Hopes To Capture A Slice Of China’s Silver Economy With Short Video App Jin Shi

Some of ByteDance’s new tools include the smart reading product “Zhiqu”, It recently pulled from its online store, including recommendation platform “Kesong” and real-time community “Party Island”.

In order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, ByteDance has reduced the project team of the social application Party Island, and relevant employees have returned to the original team. Singapore-based iQiyi; The Asian entertainment streaming platform brings Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The international app is available in 191 countries, including the Philippines.

“This is a milestone for iQIYI as one of Dolby’s leading international OTT partners in Asia. As we expand our appeal internationally, we expect consumers to have higher expectations for high-quality entertainment as home entertainment technology improves and becomes more convenient — content and viewing experience.” said the vice president of iQiyi. Ministry of International Trade Guo Yuchang said in a press release.

What Is Iqiyi Application

“With the growing demand for Asian content from around the world, whether it’s China, Korea or Southeast Asia, iQIYI is proud to be a homegrown Asian platform, enhancing the Asian entertainment experience for global audiences,” he said.

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Dolby Vision brings movies to life with crystal-clear images—incredibly bright; on the contrary Color and detail included. Dolby Atmos immerses you in your favorite entertainment with immersive surround sound. Subscribers to iQIYI International VIP Paid Standard Edition and Premium Edition with accompanying devices can now access their home, Enjoy Asian content with unrivaled audio and video comfort on the go.

The first movie to feature Dolby technology is The Ferryman: A Legend of South Seas, which will be released with Dolby Atmos. Also available in 4K; The high production quality underscores iQIYI’s commitment to bringing the visions of Asian artists to life. The company’s Southeast Asian names are Lawrence Wong; Qi Yuwu Descended from Singaporean families like Tay Ping Hui and Jeanette Aw, they will make their international debut at iQiyi this quarter.

“With demand for new TVs featuring Dolby Atmos growing nearly 250 percent and new TVs featuring Dolby Vision growing 120 percent annually, we are excited to see iQIYI include Dolby Vision as part of its international expansion efforts in Southeast Asia, as consumers look to integrate Dolby into their lives.” said Dolby Laboratories Emerging Markets Director Pankaj Kedia.

Dolby, Dolby Atmos Dolby Labs; Dolby Vision iQiyi, iQiyi International, iQiyi original series; iQiyi transmission; iQiyi streaming platform; Jeanette Aw, Guo Yuzhuang Lawrence Wang, OTT Pankaj Kedia, Qi Yuwu Streaming Media; Streaming Media iQiyi movie and TV drama app offers thousands of movies, TV series; variety shows; animated films; A multimedia content center that offers free viewing of documentaries and other content. The Chinese giant is on the rise as it continues to grow its global audience of millions.

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Like its popular partners Viu and Viki, iQiyi Movies and TV Dramas prides itself on offering unparalleled Asian entertainment. Committed to representing different cultures and promoting diversity, the app offers a variety of fun languages ​​so everyone can imagine their favorite topics.

The iQIYI TV series application provides an expanded platform for users to explore various genres and viewing options. It uses its global reach to source content from major studios around the world to create original series and other exclusive content. It’s no wonder it’s become Asia’s most popular news item, enthralling audiences with its diverse and growing selection.

Apart from TV series and movies, It supports many anime series and western shows. The application collects the user’s browsing history; Recommendation algorithms are used to recommend content based on search queries and other factors. With the tool’s multilingual support, users can easily select their preferred language and switch between subtitled or dubbed versions.

What Is Iqiyi Application

The app offers content in HD and UHD formats for an immersive viewing experience for users. In addition, VIP subscribers can download content to their devices for offline viewing, especially if they have limited data or internet access. Users can easily navigate the application due to its user-friendly interface. It’s important to note that users with basic access will experience annoying ads for several minutes.

File A Netizen Uses The App Of Chinese Online Video Provider Iqiyi On His Smartphone To Watch South Korean Tv Drama

IQIYI’s movie and TV drama application caters to the preferences and needs of different audiences. With free access to the app, viewers can watch tons of shows and movies interspersed with commercials, while VIP access is ad-free. Unlimited access to exclusive and additional content. The application also has a simple and easy user interface that enhances the viewing experience.

Regulations regarding the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or recommend its use.

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