Who Owns The Binomo Application

Who Owns The Binomo Application – JAKARTA – The Binomo app on the online app store changed its name a long time ago after eight people complained to the Police Criminal Investigation Department.

Earlier, the gambling app disguised as trading was thought to have disappeared from the App Store, when in fact it changed its name from Binomo to Stockbroker while still using the same logo.

Who Owns The Binomo Application

Who Owns The Binomo Application

The name change was first spotted by Twitter user @erlanggacor. In his upload, he explained that the app had changed its name, “Pinomo has changed its name back to WKWKWKW,” @erlanggacor wrote.

What Is The Binomo App?

From its monitoring, the @erlanggacor tweet uploaded on January 26 was suspected to be fake, and Pinomo immediately changed the name of the project. Similarly, on the Play Store, the app is no longer available.

When trying to go to https://binomo.com/, that site is also not available. However, the site is still available when trying to visit https://binomo-web.com/.

The Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA) has banned 1,222 illegal commodity futures trading and gambling websites under the guise of trading.

Out of these thousands of websites, 92 binary options domains like Binomo, IQ Option, Olymptrade, Quotex and similar sites have been blocked.

Iq Option Vs Binomo ++ Which One Is The Better Broker?

Not only this, CoFTRA also banned 336 trading robots like Net89 or SmartX, Auto Trade Gold, Viral Blast, Raibot Look, DNA Pro, EA 50, Sparta, Fin888, Fsp Akademi Pro.

According to a report released by the police’s Criminal Investigation Division, there were eight victims, each of whom lost hundreds of millions of dollars. If the total loss reaches Rp. 2.4 billion.

However, these losses may increase further. Considering that, the number of victims is also very high.

Who Owns The Binomo Application

“There are only eight people, and a few hundred more will enter our database after the investigation and we will inform you,” the complainant’s lawyer, Fincencias Mentorba, told reporters on Friday, February 4.

Reasons Why Binomo Has Become A Reliable Platform For Millions

English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and French versions are automatically generated by AI. So there may still be errors in translation, please always refer to Indonesian as our main language. (Organization by DigitalSiber.id) People who are thinking about using a trading app in Pakistan should read this article to know what Binomo is, how it works and why this app is best for them. This review also covers how the Binomo platform empowers traders with rules, bonuses and a demo account.

Millions of people around the world trade for the quick fulfillment of their desires. The Binomo app is used in more than 130 countries and you can log in using 13 languages, including English. Traders unsure whether the company with the yellow logo is real or fake should know that it has been operating since 2014 and is regulated by the International Monetary Fund since 2018.

The company also holds a Trade Quality Certificate from Verify My Trade. In 2015, the site received the FE Award and in 2016, the IAIR Award. If you want to confirm whether the Binomo app is safe or a scam, you can check the internet for reviews on forums like LinkedIn.

Traders looking at how to play online should know that it is not about winning games or making money at Binomo. It is a property trading platform that requires experience, training and deep analysis.

The Android Phone With Binomo App On The Screen Editorial Stock Image

Additionally, if you need additional legal proof before making a payment to confirm that Binomo is a scam, you can visit the app to verify the office address and contact details.

The mobile app is available on Google Play and App Store. Additionally, it is available for Android users who have trouble installing it. So don’t hack, instead download free APK from https://www.binomo.com/en/ using QR code.

The Binomo app is designed for smartphone and tablet users only and cannot be downloaded to your computer as it does not have software for Windows or Mac OS. To access the platform from a computer, visit the web page through your desktop browser

Who Owns The Binomo Application

This program is suitable for starting a business and has many advantages including accessing the Binomo website platform and investing anytime anywhere with internet access.

Binomo Mobile App And Apk

In addition, it does not require high Internet speed and provides fast switching between screens, hence convenient market analysis. Last but not least, it has a lightweight version of the indicators, which means beginners are less likely to get “lost in the market”.

The site offers many educational tools. Traders can visit Wikipedia’s support centers (FAQ section) to learn the basics like how to withdraw money from Binomo.

Sorry! You can always click on the chatbot or contact a support agent to learn how to use Binomo.

Binomo demo account is a safe environment to start trading and practice with 1000 virtual dollars to improve your skills. After registration, every user has access to it.

Quick Guide To Download And Install Binomo App On Mobile

After logging into a demo account, tips are immediately available to help beginners understand how to trade with Phenomo. There are also video tutorials that answer questions about how to do it. To evaluate your progress, you can participate in “Daily Free” competitions, which are free for all users.

Sorry! If you are an existing customer, you should learn how to close your old Binomo account before logging in to a new account, as this is against the policy of having multiple accounts. Also, note that the selected currency cannot be changed.

Strategies should not be considered a guide to action. No single trading strategy can guarantee 100% success on its own. After learning to analyze market changes, every trader should develop his own strategy. Additionally, believing in fair trade, the site does not promote advertising.

Who Owns The Binomo Application

For Pakistani traders, the minimum deposit and withdrawal is only $10 and the maximum trade entry on Binomo is $1. Payment options may vary from country to country; Some of the most popular methods in Pakistan include Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, Cashmal and Perfect Money. PayPal is not available.

Binomo Demo Account (2023) ++ How To Use It

Note that the site may require verification after the first withdrawal. But don’t worry because account verification on Pinomo has become much faster than in the past and now only takes a few minutes (compared to the IQ option).

Traders can earn up to $3,000 per day, $10,000 per week and up to $40,000 per month. Some payment methods may also apply withdrawal limits.

Sorry! Some rewards may have a required trading cycle, which means you can only withdraw money after the payout is complete. All terms for using the bonus are defined in the Binomo Customer Agreement.

So, we have established that Binomo is a very useful program and now you know how it works. Thanks to the mobile version, you can start your business journey from anywhere in the world.

Is Binomo Really Safe Or Fake

Although Binomo is a safe and reliable broker, there is still a chance of losing your deposit. With practice, you can significantly reduce the risk of this happening. Invest your funds and trade on a real account only after demo training.

To get closer to your dreams, you can sign up for the BinPartner affiliate program and earn extra profits by recommending the Binomo site to other traders.

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Who Owns The Binomo Application

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The Android Phone With Binomo App On The Screen Editorial Stock Photo

Turn off your ad blocker. We pay advertisers instead of our audience. Add our site to the whitelist to show your support. Phenomo is the preferred broker for trading from India, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam and Turkey. It is an e-commerce platform serving consumers in 133 different countries.

Pinomo is owned by St. Vincent and the Grenadines-based Dolphin Corp., founded in 2014. Binomo is one of the largest brokers with more than 887,470 active traders every day and around 30,000,000 profitable transactions every week.

Is Binomo the right choice for you?? Can anyone trust them? In this Binomo review, I will give you all the information you need about this trading system.

Binomo offers similar assets to other platforms. More than 50 different assets can be traded in highly advanced trading. It is important to have a wide range of options to find an asset class that fits your business strategy. Binomo offers a wide range of resources, including:

Binomo Review: Is It Safe And Legal In India? [2022]

Availability of the mobile app is an important factor to consider. Using the mobile app, you can trade from anywhere.

It is true that there is a Binomo mobile trading app. The iOS software can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device.

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Who Owns The Binomo Application

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