Why When Installing The Delayed Application

Why When Installing The Delayed Application – For smartphones that are repositories of personal data, it is important for safety to maintain the auto-lock function of the vehicle. But it is difficult to open every time, for example, it would be useful if you could set it so that it does not close automatically when used at home or when connecting a certain terminal. A similar function to configure the lock or not depending on the time/platform is “Smart Lock” Android 5.0 LollipopAlthough it is implemented, even if it is not a Lollipop terminal, the application “Late Lock With Smart Lock you can change the presence good .or lack of locks.

Android 4.4 KitKatGALAXY S5 ACTIVE Let’s try Locked Lock. First, in Google Play “locked rewards” and click “Install”.

Why When Installing The Delayed Application

Why When Installing The Delayed Application

When you turn on Delay Lock, the device management screen appears. If you checked “Delayed Lock Enabled” and found Delayed Lock Enabled, check “Permissions Manager”…

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Change the state to be put to sleep immediately. For GALAXY S5 ACTIVE, click “Auto Lock”.

If you get “verify permission” at the bottom of the OK screen. Swipe left on the screen…

The shutter delay setting screen will appear. In this touch screen, you can set the scene type, scene type, state you want to enable or disable auto lock when sleeping.

Click on “WiFi” to change the setting so that it is not automatically turned off when you connect to a Wi-Fi environment in a safe place where there is no fear of losing your phone at home.

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It is good if SSID Wi-Fi OK is written on the screen. If you are connected to a registered Wi-Fi network, the screen will not turn off even when you enter sleep mode.

If you connect to a certain terminal via Bluetooth, you can turn it on and off. Click on “Bluetooth”.

When you click “add all compatible devices”, simultaneous terminals are displayed on the screen. When you connect to a terminal registered with this Bluetooth, it will not be closed.

Why When Installing The Delayed Application

You can remove it from the registration list that unlocks by typing the name of the registered terminal in the right direction.

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Also, if you select “Turn off Bluetooth when disconnected”, you can turn on Bluetooth automatically when the Bluetooth connection is disconnected.

“Radius in meters” can specify the length of the zone in meters. If you don’t want to lock in this area, check “screen lock” if you want to lock immediately and “interval (immediate lock)” if you want to lock immediately when you enter the area and click “OK”.

Then a green circle with such a feeling appeared on the map. When it is in this range, the smartphone will not be closed.

Multiple locations can be registered. Otherwise, red indicates the locked position and green for unlocked.

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Enter the keywords. For example, if you enter “”, your device will be locked if you receive an SMS with the keyword.

In fact, when I used it, when I connected to the registered Wi-Fi, the key icon immediately appeared on the smartphone screen, and then it was closed. In addition, even if you register your home Wi-Fi environment as an OFF key, you only need to turn it on for the first time when you return from that place.

“Late Shutdown” which can enable/disable automatic sleep lock under different conditions is a paid app for 299 yen, but you can try a free trial period for 7 days. alarm time You might miss important emails, messages, or updates when your phone doesn’t send instant notifications. If you often experience this on your Samsung Galaxy phone, there are ways to fix the delay and get notifications on time.

Why When Installing The Delayed Application

If you don’t know what settings you’ve changed, you can’t pinpoint a specific reason for late notifications on your Samsung Galaxy phone. There can be many reasons behind the problem. Let’s discuss them in detail and solve the problem in no time.

Enabling Windows Update

Have you done DND (Do Not Disturb) automatically on your Samsung Galaxy phone? The system will allow and stop communication at the specified time. After some time, DND will open and send an alert. You need to go to Settings to check if the feature is enabled and if it is, disable it.

Step 1: Swipe up from the screen to open the App Drawer menu on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

A UI has a power saving mode that can be used to disable background tasks, uploads, downloads and other activities to save battery. When you enter battery saver mode, you may experience a delay in receiving real-time information on your Galaxy phone. After connecting your phone to the power adapter, follow the steps below to enable power saving mode.

By default, One UI limits battery usage for apps you don’t use often. This generally saves battery life, but the app may delay notifications because it can’t receive new data afterwards. You can check such sleep apps from Settings menu and disable the option completely.

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Step 1: Open “Battery & Device Care” in the Settings app on your Galaxy phone (see steps above).

Step 4: Turn on the “Sleep Unused Apps” switch. You can also go to sleep app and deep sleep apps to check the list of apps.

Disabling deep sleep for certain apps can affect battery usage, but it can also fix related notifications on your Galaxy phone.

Why When Installing The Delayed Application

While disabling Enhanced Remote Usage on your Samsung Galaxy phone provides a seamless communication experience, it can affect your device’s battery life. Instead of disabling the functionality, you should give unlimited battery usage to the affected apps.

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For example, if you frequently experience delays in Instagram notifications, use the following steps to give it unlimited access.

From now on, when power saving mode is activated, Instagram will work normally and the system will not sleep. You can repeat it in all the applications you need.

Your installed app requires permission to use background data to send real-time notifications. Besides running in the background, these apps also require mobile data to get new updates. Here’s how to enable it for each app.

Step 1: Long press on the affected app and open the app menu. For example, open the app’s notification menu for Instagram.

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Data saver mode prevents multiple apps from using data in the background and helps reduce data usage. If you are using your Galaxy phone in active data storage mode, you may experience notification issues. Here’s how to disable save data mode on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

For core apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Gmail, you can add an exception to allow them to function normally when data collection is active.

If you have frequent problems with Samsung phones, you may experience delays in notifications. You can reset your network settings so that your phone automatically downloads the latest and newest information.

Why When Installing The Delayed Application

Samsung has released new software updates to add new features and fix bugs. The delayed notification may be due to the outdated One UI build on your Samsung phone. It’s a good idea to pause an update and try again.

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When you connect your Samsung phone to the smartwatch, you may receive a notification on the receiver first and experience a slight delay on the phone. What strategies have worked for you? Share your experience in the comments below.

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