Wifi Breaker Application

Wifi Breaker Application – In the age of 3G, 4G and 5G networks, smartphones are equipped with music players, cameras, email and internet connections, and you can even call friends and family.

But hey, why do we care about phones, because we should be discussing circuit breakers and protection. Well, if all these important tasks can be done via a smartphone, why can’t we use it to control our circuit breakers, because our spark is no less than that of these technicians? That’s why we must also embrace smart home automation.

Wifi Breaker Application

Wifi Breaker Application

So you know that it is a smart circuit breaker with WiFi remote control. Yes, there are. The intelligent WiFi circuit breaker can control the on/off position via ISC when connected to WiFi and the router is active to connect to the Internet.

Tongou Wifi Intelligent Circuit Breaker Wireless Remotes Control Switch Mobilephone App Remotes Viewing Intelligent Home Equipment Timing Countdown Loop Timing Modes Compatible With Home Voice C

We will discuss the ratings and specifications of the single pole (1P), double pole (2P), three pole (3P), and four pole (4P) WiFi smart circuit breakers.

Obviously, this intelligent circuit breaker can turn ordinary household wiring into an automated intelligent system. For example, with Scheduled Processes you can turn fans, heaters, washing machines, water pump motors, etc. on and off at specific times and turn them on/off automatically in Scheduled Processes. The time can also be set using a smartphone instead of manual operation.

A WiFi circuit breaker is identical to a regular circuit breaker except that it has an antenna for the WiFi signal and a special mechanical switching mechanism for auto on/off, as shown in the image below.

It’s the same as a regular circuit breaker (which you’ll find in home electrical panels) except that the smart circuit breaker has an antenna that can be remotely controlled over WiFi.

Xftopse Smart Wifi Circuit Breaker, Zjsb9 Series

The top part is the input (live and neutral) and the bottom part is the output. In some cases, the input line connects to the bottom of our house’s distribution wiring. In this case, you can reverse the intelligent circuit breaker and put it into the existing panel to make it work normally.

Once installed, simply scan the QR code on the product box to install the iOS or Android app. After installing the app, you can pair the device via your smartphone and set it to turn on automatically or on a schedule.

Note: If you are unsure how to fit an MCB into an existing panel please consult a licensed electrician as playing with electricity is dangerous and can cause serious damage and injury. For more details, refer to the user manual with step-by-step installation instructions.

Wifi Breaker Application

The intelligent WiFi circuit breaker can use the smartphone to remotely control and protect various electrical devices far away from the installation site, e.g. B. Water pump motors, electric heaters, electric water heaters, air conditioners/refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, fans, etc. light bulbs, etc. Provides over-current, short-circuit, overload and over-voltage protection.

A Wifi Smart Breaker 1p Circuit Breaker Energy Meter

Now you. Let us know your thoughts/experiences on the Smart WiFi Breaker in the comments box below. Will you decide to do that in the future or will you stick with regular CB?

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Looks like you are using an ad blocker. We rely on advertising to support our site, provide free information, and sustain our services. Please consider whitelisting our site to allow ads. An intelligent circuit breaker is an electronic device that remotely turns the circuit breaker on and off, monitors and senses the usage status of circuits and device loads. Intelligent circuit breakers can provide feedback over the Internet and record the status information of circuits and devices in real time.

We also call it IoT circuit breaker or remote controlled circuit breaker. Several protocols can be used for remote control, e.g. B. RS485, RJ45 (network connection), WLAN, Bluetooth, 4G/5G and other protocols.

Aulifants Smart Energy Monitor Switch Breaker Meter Timer Wifi Ac Power Electricity Usage Over Current Voltage Protection Recover Alex Google Home Data Manage Water Heater Pump Solar Inverter Rv Ev

The intelligent circuit breaker is an electronic device that remotely controls the breaking and opening of the circuit breaker, and detects and controls the usage status of the circuit and load equipment. Smart circuit breakers can be remotely controlled using various protocols including 4G/5G, RJ45 (network port), RS485, WiFi, Bluetooth and other protocols.

Smart circuit breakers are also known as IoT circuit breakers and remote control circuit breakers. You can feedback and record the status information of current circuit and equipment online.

Before making a decision, you can purchase a sample to test whether it suits your needs.

Wifi Breaker Application

To ensure the performance of the factory-produced intelligent circuit breakers, the production process is strictly controlled and tested.

China Customized 2p Wifi Circuit Breaker Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory

WiFi Breaker is the name of the WiFi connection method inside the intelligent circuit breaker. WLAN is a very popular means of communication, uniform global standards and easy to comply with. Unlike other methods, wiring or rewiring may be required. Equipped with an independent gateway, ordinary users prefer using a WiFi connection.

It contains the same four basic elements as the traditional circuit breaker, including over-current protection, short-circuit protection, leakage protection, and good cutting ability.

Circuit faults such as short circuit, leakage, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage can be monitored and measured in real time by the intelligent control part of the chip. Remotely control various communication protocols by mobile phone APP or PC software and monitor the data we need.

The WiFi circuit breaker is widely used in industrial production and daily life because of its convenient remote control power supply system.

Atqcb2 Tuya Smart Life Mcb Wifi Smart Switch Metering Circuit Breaker

There may be a button in the room that turns off various household appliances. Through the update algorithm, based on a specific model and habits, we can analyze whether it should open automatically or whether the high-voltage protection has a large breaking capacity.

The tripping current of the automatic reclosure can be up to 65 kA to ensure that the circuit breaker (protective circuit breaker) can withstand heavy loads in the event of a fault. When we’re not using electricity, we turn it off.

The wireless circuit breaker can be remotely locked to prevent failure. In the event of a power failure, it can turn off or on automatically depending on the situation.

Wifi Breaker Application

You can cycle the lights on and off, or use the remote control for manual control without having to manually turn them off or turn them on remotely.

Wifi Intelligent Circuit Breaker Wireless Remotes Control Mobilephone App Remotes Viewing Intelligent Home Equipment Timing Countdown Loop Timing Modes Compatible With Home Voice Control

It has many advantages, not the least of which is ensuring our energy security. You can specify parameters like time, delay, etc. to complete the remote control processing.

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