Writing Revision Application

Writing Revision Application – WRITE UP. It’s something all students do, but often with little instruction on how to do it well. A good diary should be precise, structured and organized. This guide walks you through these areas and explains how and why you should use this method of note writing. You can download our free label templates at the bottom of this page.

While these guidelines are suitable for college students taking notes in class, we recommend that students begin to follow them as they prepare their review notes for high school. Note-taking is a skill that needs practice – so start early as you will need to rely more on your notes at A-level in university.

Writing Revision Application

Writing Revision Application

When you sit down to write review notes on a particular topic, you don’t intend to rewrite your study material. There are textbooks, workbooks or module guides with full details – so you don’t have to rewrite everything in detail.

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How many times have you started writing review notes only to spend so much time covering some topics in brilliant detail only to find that you simply couldn’t study that much detail before the exam. For those of you who have just completed a year of college, how do your lecture notes at the beginning of the course compare to your notes for the last week of the semester? (Did you get your grade in the last class? It was our fault…don’t worry.)

Let’s use the following example to show how to summarize a paragraph about pressure cookers and bullet points:

Before you get detailed texts from textbooks or workbooks. It doesn’t make sense to write all this in notes because it takes too much time and we don’t need all the information in the paragraphs.

Annotations are your best bet when trying to organize and rewrite original material in your own words. This is especially important when gathering information for a paper – you don’t want to plagiarize someone else’s work and forget that your notes are not written in your own words. To remain credible, you should always keep the original source in mind, and if you use notes as part of your work, you can cite the original source.

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We’re big fans of Cornell’s tagging system, which keeps our notes structured. Instead of writing tags across the entire width of the page, you divide the page into three sections:

The idea behind the Cornell note-taking method is to write notes in the body of the page during lectures. After the lecture, you can go back and organize your notes into bullet points or headings and write them in the instruction section next to the corresponding bullet points in the main section. At this point, you should try to summarize everything on the page in one short sentence, which you can write under the summary section.

We also recommend using such templates and notes and comments that you receive when searching for material. Following the same idea, we recommend important points or questions to ask yourself in the tips section. Then fill in the appropriate notes that expand on those points in the main section. The bottom section should summarize what the page is about – so if you’re looking for notes on a particular topic, you can look at the summary below each page to quickly find the page you’re looking for. .

Writing Revision Application

This format is especially useful if you want to test your knowledge. Just turn off the main page and see how many page notes or questions you can remember.

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After all, there’s no point in getting a good review or handout if you can’t find the time you need quickly. The way you organize your notes varies depending on how you get them.

Keep notes for each topic together – this means notes or notes for each topic in a separate folder with a file separator that separates the topics.

Even if you organize your notes in this way, we recommend that you keep copies of your notes in digital format. There are several easy-to-use apps that quickly convert pages written on your phone into digital PDF files that you can then save to a folder on your computer (such as Google Drive or Dropbox) or to a cloud-based Account.

For years we scanned our handwriting with a program called miniscanner. You can upload the PDF directly to Google Drive or email it to yourself from the app. So if you need to refer to your notes while on the go, you can access them right on your device.

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First, take a photo of the page – you can select “Multiple Pages” to scan multiple pages in a PDF document. Next, drag the corners to adjust the boxes to align with the edges of each side. If you take a photo on a plain background, the app will automatically find the edges. After doing this for each page, you can adjust the contrast and choose whether to keep the file in color or black and white. Finally, choose where you want to store your notes – it’s a good idea to keep all your notes in organized folders so you stay organized when you save them.

If you use your device for a lot of handwritten notes, we recommend getting a matte screen protector to maximize the feel of writing on paper – it makes a difference. Digital notes are best taken with a tablet and smartpen using a special note-taking application such as Good Notes 5 or Notability. Both programs have great systems for organizing your notes into subject folders.

If you use our templates, you can open the PDF file in these programs and use it as a page template to write notes directly. These apps have the added bonus of allowing you to search your notes with barcode recognition – a feature we found very handy (depending on how our notes were organized), as follows:

Writing Revision Application

As always, you should keep a copy of your notes on another cloud system, just to make sure you have a backup in case something happens to the app or device that stores your notes – you really can’t be too careful !

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Our markup template is a PDF file that you can print directly for handwritten markup, or open in a digital markup program to create a page template for your document.

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Writing Revision Application

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