Xxi Cinema Ticket Order Application

Xxi Cinema Ticket Order Application – A common problem when going to the movies is that people hate standing in long lines to buy tickets. Not only is it a long wait, the seats are already full and you won’t get another table. This problem has been solved as the online ticketing application is available. But there are still new problems, such as applications that are not easy to use, and only the ticket booking process is a very complicated process and flow. Or the design of the interface confuses the user and does not provide the best experience.

So I researched many movie ticket booking software like CGV, TIX.id and Cinema XXI. I’m looking for reviews on the App Store to see what problems users are having, the problem is:

Xxi Cinema Ticket Order Application

Xxi Cinema Ticket Order Application

Since this is my first time doing a UI/UX case study, I have a lot to learn. I am confused about the steps I took. And I don’t do enough research to understand the user’s perspective. I need to focus on the user experience, not just the user interface, because they all have an important role to play.

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Conduct more user research, perhaps interviews or research with more respondents to humanize the user and understand the user’s goals and pain points. Then focus more on UI/UX design thinking process and methodology and follow step by step for better and more efficient work.

Thank you for reading the article, I hope this article is useful to those who read it. Find me on Dribbble and Instagram to see my other projects.

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Xxi Cinema Ticket Order Application

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16 UI Design Rules A UI design example uses logical rules or guidelines to greatly influence the redesign of a prototype interface. This research was conducted in collaboration with the Binary Bootcamp product management team.

Since July 2022, I have attended the Binar Academy UI/UX Research and Design Camp. Towards the end of the bootcamp session, I present my first UI/UX research, which was done in collaboration with my UI/UX classmates as well as colleagues from the management team product.

We were asked to redesign an app of our choice, where we decided, through discussions between 3 Product Managers (PMs) and 3 UI/UX designers, to redesign the M-Tix app, especially in flow tickets and payment. . M-Tix is ​​an online ticketing software developed by Cinema XXI, one of the largest cinema partners in Indonesia.

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We ran a 2-week design sprint focused on understanding our users through research and solution ideas based on the first week’s interview results. Then, we focused on implementing our ideas during the second week of prototypes and tests. During the internship, in addition to UI and UX design, I was asked to help formulate research questions and create Google Forms as well as master Miro’s thought process using Affiro diagrams.

Cinema is a major factor in today’s society with the rise of media and the Internet, especially in Indonesia. People have the best experience of watching a movie in a theater with loud speakers and a big screen. And with the proliferation of online ticketing apps like Tix-Id, M-Tix, and Go-Tix, booking tickets is also easy.

M-Tix, as an app created by the largest movie operator in Indonesia, lags behind its competitors, with a rating of 3.5 and 2.4 on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, respectively.

Xxi Cinema Ticket Order Application

Despite its low rating, people still use M-Tix as their main online ticketing app, especially in eastern Indonesia where Cinema XXI has a large market share. However, with the current rise and expansion of other cinema rivals such as CGV and Cinepolis, this could be an important step for Cinema XXI to rethink its online ticketing experience. development to compete and maintain the market. So with this research, we as a team at Cinema XXI were asked to redesign the online ticketing application M-Tix.

Orange Diffuse Gradient Online Cinema Ticket Purchase Ui Mobile Interface Ui

Before we start redesigning the M-Tix app, we first want to understand how M-Tix and Cinema XXI do business. We tried to understand the main activities, their income and what is the target customer group. We’ve gathered our findings on Kanai’s business model below.

Based on the BMC we have established, we can confirm the presence of the M-Tix program in Cinema XXI’s revenue stream and target customer group.

We read the lowest rated user reviews of M-Tix and decided to tag each reviewer with their main pain points.

Through this approach, we assumed that users had problems with the payment system when using M-Tix and had a bad experience when ordering tickets online (via the Bad UX Experience field). Since the data we have is still a guess, we decided to survey some M-Tix users to confirm their opinion.

Case Study: Xxi Cinema App Redesign

Research Objectives: To verify our assumptions regarding M-Tix Research Methodology Issues: Selected in the study (minority: 5 respondents) Participant criteria: 20- employees 30 years old (?). Research Date: 13th to 18 September 2022 (5 days: 3 days of research and 2 days of interview) Tools used: – Google Pages: Conducting the survey – Whatsapp and Discord: Continuous discussion with the respondents selected – Zoom : Access – Miro: Analyzing access results. Research questions

The research questions we developed focused on the user experience of using M-Tix, specifically the process of finding movie schedules, ordering tickets online, and paying for M-Tix. Tix.

We selected 5 interviews from the study to gain a deeper understanding of their issues using the M-Tix software. Criteria used to select respondents:

Xxi Cinema Ticket Order Application

The interview process will take place over two days (September 17-18, 2022) using Zoom as the interview platform. Each respondent was asked to run the current M-Tix program specifically for the three main functions of M-Tix (booking movies, booking tickets and paying). During this process, interviewers ask each user the main problems they face during each activity and identify their pain points, while marking their answers in the survey. We have approached this process this way to give users a better understanding of the process when running the M-Tix app.

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We collected 21 responses from the survey. Through our research, we found that many of our users (81%) prefer to book tickets online. 66%, 7% of respondents use Tix-id as their primary ticket application.

The only insight we got was that 14 of the 21 people interviewed had booked tickets through M-Tix, and we assumed that some users were skipping it other apps instead.

We then selected 5 respondents according to the criteria we had defined previously and their answers during the interview process were collected in a business record.

We have gathered all the feedback from all users and organized them into relevant categories to clarify some of the issues we encountered using the M-Tix app.

M.tix Apk For Android Download

Some of the early concepts include “bad UX” and “extra payment methods”. We found that there were two other main problems faced by users, which we did not get from the original concept, “Difficult to get purchase tickets” and “Long wait and payment”.

Once the key issues were identified, we created a diagram to understand our users’ problems by thinking from their point of view (POV). This will help us to better define our main problem and our future development

We also create a persona as a guide to define and define ourselves

Xxi Cinema Ticket Order Application

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