Christian Daily Devotional Application

Christian Daily Devotional Application – Connecting faith with technology is a great way to have more faith-based resources at your fingertips (literally!). I’m sharing five apps that offer amazing daily devotionals for women. Open it at home, wherever and whenever you have just five minutes.

I think most of us would agree that smartphones help us manage many areas of life; communications, scheduling, emails, social media and more. And the good news is that our faith can be positively impacted by using technology that is literally within our reach. Think about the obstacles that might prevent you from having your daily devotions. I know for me maybe it’s time, or not bring thoughts, or even want something new to read.

Christian Daily Devotional Application

Christian Daily Devotional Application

Adding this daily devotional app for women can open up the opportunity to increase your talk time and access some amazing (and 4/5 FREE) faith-based resources. I’ve personally used a few of them, researched others, and surveyed my Instagram audience to bring you the top 5 that show up over and over again.

Surrendered To Christ Ebook By Harry Wise

Are you/I ready to take our faith to the next level with these accessible daily devotions for women? Let’s begin! The 5 best apps for your daily devotion to women

This app is one I’ve had on my phone for years, and of course, being a Bible, it’s perfect for passing time in Word. But it also has several commitment plans available. You can start a plan that focuses on prayer, marriage, hope, and a variety of other topics. The app will also send emails (after subscription) for richer and more relevant religious discussions.

Second, for YouVersion it is a love app (developed by Proverbs 31 Ministries) and I am very happy to download it on my phone. The premise is to put the Word before the world by spending the first few minutes with Him. It delves into the scriptures with specific plans and provides great practices for your day. Another cool feature? You can set daily reminders so you don’t miss a day in Word. I join!

This app developed by She Reads Truth offers a great daily devotional plan as well as the complete text of the Bible. Plus, it opens the door to connect with other women who are also spending time in the Word. Therefore, the opportunity to become part of a faith-based community is open to you. Also (and I love it!), you can download lock screens for your phone that will not only remind you of this holy book, but also help you remember the holy book!

What Are Devotions: 5 Devotional Examples To Grow Your Faith

You may have heard of or own a copy of this hardcover bestseller. Whether you have the book or not, this app has been a powerful tool for many friends I’ve heard about on Instagram. This is a one-year devotional plan that will allow you to go deeper into your relationship with Jesus. The app also has a prayer journal aspect, allowing you to record day by day as you read the Word. It’s the only one of the five that isn’t free, but I’ve heard and read time and time again that it’s worth less than $10 to spend.

When I first opened this app, I was immediately entertained by the peaceful music that was playing. I pulled back and instantly relaxed (you can choose to turn the music off if you want!). Like the others listed above, you have access to some very nice devotional plans and the full text of the Bible. I personally prefer to read the ESV version, and the default for this app is the King James Version. It’s easy to change it to any version you like. Lots of great sharing features in this app too!

Do you already have one or several of them on your phone that mean a lot to you? And what might be new that you can’t wait to download? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I encourage you to try religion-based apps! They are full of great resources, sharing tools, scripture memory tools, and of course the Bible. Blessings to you, friend, and your closeness to Him If you’re a busy mom, it can be hard to get into God’s Word regularly. Instead of being distracted by social media on your phone, you can choose to spend time in God’s Word with daily readings, audio Bibles, and daily reminders to access God’s Word and grow your faith!

Christian Daily Devotional Application

While there are many options to choose from, these are some of our favorite apps that are a great way to learn and develop wherever you have your phone.

A 5 Day Devotional Plan On The Youversion Bible App

Many of these apps are completely free! Some have paid features and upgrades, but overall you can get a very powerful Bible study app without spending a dime.

You can find all these apps for iphone or android in your app store. I’m trying to record prices for each app as they become available.

This is a great app with daily verses, Bible reading plans (thematic and expository or book by book), different Bible translations to read the original Bible, and a verse search or topic search feature. Youversion is the best Bible study app!

You can also add a personal prayer request to follow alone or share with your friends.

Daily Bible Inspirations

One of the first dating apps for women I ever used and for good reason! Creators use Scripture readings, devotional writing, and community interaction on Bible topics or book studies to help you in your quiet time with Jesus. They also provide printed materials for Lent and Christmas services.

While they have some free Bible studies, most studies cost a small fee of $1.99-$2.99 ​​and the sample pages are free. The app also has graphics and social media sharing options to spread the message of what you read.

This paid app ($5.99) has all the study notes like the John MacArthur Study Bible, which is great when you really want to dig deeper into a text in a quiet moment. It also has a bookmark feature and an audio Bible option so you can read the entire Bible in multiple ways.

Christian Daily Devotional Application

There are so many great podcasts to boost your confidence! Of course, you can listen in your favorite podcast app. My three favorites are…

The Jesus Bible Reading Plan

If you want more help building your confidence, check out my free Vibrant Mom Beginner’s Guide. In 10 minutes, you can get my best practical ways to create more joy and purpose in your everyday moments.

I use the Spotify app to create and listen to worship playlists. I like to finish my time in God’s Word by listening to music.

Or I use worship playlists to heal my heart (and my children’s hearts) and home when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, crazy, and panicked. Here are some of my favorite worship playlists and albums…

I love Bible Letter Bible because it teaches the original language of the Bible as I read.

The Book Of James

If you’re ready to dive into the original meanings of Hebrew and Greek words, cross-reference what you read with other parts of the Bible, and get sermon notes from around the world – this is the online deep-dive Bible study tool. for you! And it’s completely free!

My favorite way to use the Blue Letter Bible is to look up the original meanings of Hebrew and Greek words! Usually looking at these words can help clear up confusion and expand the meaning of so many passages.

I like Bible Gateway best for comparing different translations of the same Bible verse! Since we know that some words are difficult to translate from the original into English, seeing how different versions of the Bible interpret the verse helps us better understand what the original meant.

Christian Daily Devotional Application

This is a great way to look up actual Bible verses, like looking up Bible verses about hope, for example.

Learn To Shift Gears!

This is a great new app from The Bible Project. They already have a great podcast and website with stunning visual explanations of Bible books, word studies and topics.

This is a great tool to learn and expand your faith in a very easy to understand way! While they don’t have a lot of content for the daily holidays, they add more each day and it’s a great way to supplement what you read and learn.

This is one of the most powerful Bible study apps! It’s designed for both pastors and Bible students, but don’t let that scare you! There are many free resources as well as options to purchase and access Bible commentaries and resources, all online.

If you want a Bible study or even a short seminary equivalent in practical application – this is for you, Mother Theologian.

Daily Devotions Quotes Or Scripture. Quotesgram

When you can’t think of the verse you want

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