Sikasep Bank Btn Application

Sikasep Bank Btn Application – JAKARTA – PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk, (BTN) is integrating its digital system with the Housing Finance Fund Management Center (PPDP) of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR). BTN Bank has done this to optimize the digitization of banking services.

Bank BTN’s integrated system is eHitelsystem, which is Bank BTN’s internal loan processing system with PPDPP’s SiKasep platform, a big data system for availability of subsidized real estate, as well as the Low Income Community (MBR) authentication program. . Who are entitled to housing benefits.

Sikasep Bank Btn Application

Sikasep Bank Btn Application

“Bank BTN and PPDPP have launched an integrated system or host to host onboarding elon and SiKasep PPDPP. “Thus, MBRs applying for subsidized KPR use Bank BTN’s e-loan system to select their dream apartments, SiKasep with the assistance of bank officials. can register for,” said Hirwandi Ghafar, Bank BTN’s director of consumer and commercial lending. Statement in Jakarta on Thursday, 10 September 2020

Ini Ikhtiar Pemprov Jateng Sediakan Rumah Bagi Warganya

He said that before bank synchronization through BTN, the SiKasep MBR registration process could only be done on the mobile app on SiKasep mobile phones. However, many MBRs are plagued by device, network, and other issues that interfere with the registration process. Moreover, an additional hurdle was that bank officials had to re-enter the data previously entered by MBR in the CCACAP application into the BTN eHitel system, making the service process inefficient.

Hirwandi added that by creating an Elon host-to-host capability system with SiKasep, the benefit of synchronizing SiKasep and Elon is that it increases the number of MBR access channels to access the SiKasep PPDPP program, speeding up the process. Because potential borrowers applying for KPR subsidy do not have to re-enter the same data for both SiKasep and eHitel BTN programs, thus reducing process errors due to inconsistencies between SiKasep PPDPP program and eHitel BTN data.

“The process of applying for subsidized CPR is getting faster and the bottom line is that after registering using eCredit, future borrowers can immediately choose BTN as a bank that dispenses subsidized CPR, so with host to host, the market share bank BTN will increase . even bigger,” he said.

The registration process through eLoan BTN is directly connected to the SiKasep server, so verification results are displayed in real time.

Dengan Aplikasi Ini Anda Bisa Terhindar Dari Penipuan Properti

For your information: Since the introduction of the SiKasep system, the subsidized CPR distribution process at the referral bank must pass the initial testing phase of the SiKasep program for the first time. As of early September 2020, Bank BTN has processed more than 114,000 subsidized KPR applications that have passed the initial stage of CICASP testing.

“We hope that through host to host onboarding between the bank’s BTN e-loan system and SiKasep PPDPP, it will be able to support the government’s program to implement and improve people’s well-being through housing through subsidized housing loans, which must be in line with the million With Bank BTN’s continued commitment to make the Homes program a success,” Hirwandi asserted.

After several stages of system development, host to host onboarding between Bank BTN eLoan system and SiKasep PPDPP can be used in all Bank Indonesia BTN branches.

Sikasep Bank Btn Application

At the same event, PPDPP Operations Director Martanto Boedi Zoeono in his speech praised Bank BTN’s success in integrating Elon with Sicasep. “The development of SiKasep services has three benefits for future borrowers – easier registration, speeding up service and expansion of the subsidized KPR program, and finally – minimizing operations,” he explained.

Orang Miskin Makin Sulit Beli Rumah Murah Subsidi

Martanto hopes that host-to-host onboarding Elon BTN and Cicacep PPDPP can help achieve the goal of delivering subsidized KPR resources. (*)

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A house built by your hard work and sweat is truly a hope and dream that everyone dreams of, including young millennials who are still single, newly married, and have nowhere to live. This dream is consistent with the ideas and views still present in society, that owning a house in itself is a symbol of achievement and freedom.

Its position as a primary or basic human need means that the home is always an important consideration for many countries, especially during a pandemic like the current one. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic over the past few months has naturally affected people’s lives in various fields, thus forcing everyone, including the government, to reap positive benefits. Towards the explosion of this extraordinary event (KLB).

Beda Kpr Flpp Dengan Tapera? Yuk Simak Selengkapnya.

One of them is the use and maximization of the role of information technology as a form of decision-making, as well as the wisdom that has developed within the pandemic. Because it is implemented and developed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) through the implementation of CICASP. Yes Cicacep. The name comes from the Sudanese language. It is quite unique, catchy, and really intrigues anyone who listens to it.

From the beginning of 2020, the government launched the CICASP (Housing Subsidy CPR Information System) application program to manage (MPH) housing financing funds through the Central Public Service Agency (BLU PPDPP) of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Area of ​​Housing Distribution. Financing Assistance Fund Low Income Community (MBR) Housing Financing Liquidity Tools (FLPP).

SiKasep app is an app that all Android smartphone users can download from Google Play or Play Store through which PPDPP must collect supply of houses or flats from FLPP housing developers, their availability, bank implementers and societies. Need (demand) positions the community as an entity on behalf of the community. Everything can be done with one hand.

Sikasep Bank Btn Application

Public Works and Housing Minister I.R. Moshamad Basoki Hadimoeljono, Master, Doctor of Science. He also said that the SiKasep app could be useful in meeting the needs of the millennial generation, who want quick and easy access to information on selecting and buying their dream home.

Cara Daftar Aplikasi Sikasep Yang Akan Digunakan Sebagai Platform Penyaluran Bantuan Pembiayaan Perumahan

“Through the Cikasep programme, they hope that MBRs (low income earners) will no longer be objects but entities to provide housing,” Minister Basuki said.

From the end of December 2019, when the Housing Subsidy KPR Information System (CISAP) was launched, it became easier for low-income communities (MBRs) to apply for subsidized housing under the Housing Financing Liquidity System (FLPP). The government has set the target for 2020 through the Housing Financing Fund Management Center (PPDPP) of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Disbursing IDR 11 trillion in FLPP housing financing subsidies, including IDR 9 trillion and IDR 2 trillion in DIPA 2020. From the main return. It is seen that FLPP distribution reached 8,550 flats worth 861.43 billion on 19 March 2020. IDR.

In order to improve and optimize the SiKasep application services, PPDPP has been continuously improving and evaluating itself so far to provide the best for the entire community. The SiKasep application, covering 4 or half pages, is expected to become an effective housing data application in the future. For the goodness and perfection of the application, we still need comments, suggestions and constructive criticism in the future.

In fact, it has been proven since June 25, 2020 that the PPDPP has extended the availability of SiKasep services to all levels of society who wish to access the SiKasep program, so that they can be registered and listed in PPDPP’s monitoring database. Those in need of accommodation.

Ppdpp Kementerian Pupr Rilis 10 Perumahan Subsidi Paling Digemari

In the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government is still trying to find solutions to reduce the housing shortage. Therefore, the existence of SiKasep (Housing Subsidized CPR Information System) and SiKumbang (Developer Group Information System) applications directly integrated into the SiKasep application really supports the new normal or “new normal” as the government also calls it.

With the SiKasep app, people do not need to travel outside the house to inspect and directly inspect the desired house plot or consult with PPDPP, development agency management, executing bank etc. Because all the information the community needs on housing availability and related matters can be provided from home and easily accessible at one hand.

Therefore, the presence of Cikasep program is truly a solution for the community. With the Sikasep app, people can directly access their favorite apartments provided by developers through the Sikasep Developer Information System (Sikumbang). Thus, with this system, everything becomes completely transparent and fraud by irresponsible developers can be reduced.

Sikasep Bank Btn Application

A new normal concept and at the same time WFH (work from home), one of the objectives of which is to reduce physical contact and transition to the concept of digitization, encourages the residential or housing sector to try to take advantage. . Adapting to the situation or maximizing the role of information technology. This was done to encourage residents to practice social distancing, which is still recommended by the government.

Ppdpp Sudah Salurkan Rp3,23 Triliun Kpr Subsidi

The implementation process of the health protocol of the COVID-19 pandemic and interaction restrictions are always communicated through PPDPP’s social media accounts, both Facebook and Instagram, as well as, which states that PPDPP continues to open access to interactions. Service. Public online. namely hotline 0-800-10-77377 and e-mail email address

Although we have been advised that if it appears that people are still coming to PPDPP for consultation, PPDPP will continue to provide video teleconferencing services to avoid face-to-face physical contact by providing tools to directly communicate and consult with officials. “Cicasep” program.

When deciding to buy a subsidized home, accuracy is still a priority It would be a real shame to miss out on the opportunity provided by the government through the FLPP KPR (Housing Financing Liquidity Facility) programme. Even for low income communities (MBRs) who are eligible for this subsidized home loan.

Housing prices in general

Panduan Singkat Sikasep

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